Kobo eReader App For Blackberry PlayBook To Be Pre-Loaded

The Blackberry PlayBook already appears to have attracted business users and heavy gamers into its fold. Now according to an announcement from Kobo, the device is also expected to cater to the book lovers. The company has revealed that the new Blackberry PlayBook device shall come pre-installed with Kobo’s eReader application that will instantly give users access to over 2.2 million books on the Kobo digital library. In addition to the access to the library, the Kobo app for Blackberry PlayBook will also feature a social eReading functionality that will let users interact with the Blackberry Messenger social platform while reading books from Kobo. I’m not sure how useful this “industry first” functionality is going to be, but nevertheless, it does sound interesting.

The Kobo application will come with sophisticated search functionalities that will let users search, buy and download books right from the PlayBook without the need to connect to a computer to do so. Can’t wait for the PlayBook to launch!

Wi-Fi Enabled Kobo eReader – Price And Availability Details Revealed

Kobo has announced the launch of a new version of their popular eReader that brings support to Wi-Fi connectivity. The new device is pretty similar to the model introduced a few months back and the support for wireless network is the one big addition. Another significant enhancement is in the processor performance, but in the absence of specifics, it is difficult to take this addition seriously.

The price of the new Kobo eReader is not very different from the old model. In fact, it is available at $10 lower than the older model and retails at $39.99. The eReader manufacturer has partnered with Borders and is available for pre-orders starting today. Expect the launch to happen by the end of October – by November 1 according to some reports.

Kobo Wireless

Ready for a pre-order? Hit the link here to make your purchase.

Sharp Galapagos Tablet Features Revealed During Launch

Sharp has announced their foray into the tablet business with the launch of two new Android-based devices at Tokyo today. The new Sharp Galapagos tablets will come in two sizes of 5.5″ and 10.8″. Sharp has notably positioned the device as a cloud-based ebook reading gadget.

The 5.5″ tablet comes with a 1024×600 pixels resolution LCD display and is optimized to display paperback books. The device has a trackball to enable page-scrolling and comes in two colors – red and black.

The 10.8″ tablet on the other hand is built with a 1366×768 pixel resolution LCD display and is more like the iPad when it comes to interacting with an ebook. Both the devices will support Wi-Fi connectivity and will come with the ability to surf the web, view documents, play games and a pre-installed social app that will let users share comments and recommendations regarding devices with one another.

Here’s an official promo of the upcoming media tablet. The launch date is not revealed as yet though we assume it to be available inside Japan to begin with. The Galapagos ebookstore shall open in Japan in December and will house close to 30,000 books, magazines and newspapers.

Sharper Image Literati eReader Review Of Features And Price

So here we have one more eReader coming to the the market soon. Sharper Image is launching their new ebook reader device, named Literati, that is expected to hit the retail shelves in October. The device is directly taking on competition from Amazon with specs that are pretty similar to the Kindle. The Literati will feature a 7-inches screen and is equipped with a physical QWERTY keyboard and integrated Wi-Fi. There is no 3G connectivity though and you can get access to Kobo’s online bookstore. Talking about the display, well, it is not going to be touchscreen and the navigation should happen using the keyboard and sideward buttons (to turn pages). The display itself is color-LCD and has a resolution of 800×480 pixels.

Literati eReader

Literati is available at a price of $159 – $20 more than Amazon Kindle’s Wi-Fi only edition – and should be available on Best Buy stores by October.

Wink eReader Price, Features & Video Demo Unveiled

EC Media in India is launching a new eReader device that looks pretty much like the Amazon Kindles of the yesteryears. It looks good, and supposedly carries decent specs. What’s not decent is the price. The eReader is expected to be priced around Rs. 11,500 – that’s close to $248. At that price, you can […]

EC Media in India is launching a new eReader device that looks pretty much like the Amazon Kindles of the yesteryears. It looks good, and supposedly carries decent specs. What’s not decent is the price. The eReader is expected to be priced around Rs. 11,500 – that’s close to $248. At that price, you can buy the best of eReaders from Amazon and its rivals. But do note that this price is for the Indian market where the Kindle is yet to launch and hence this could as well be a market skimming strategy.

So what’s on offer at the price? From what is reported, the device will carry a 6-inches e-ink display at a resolution of 800×600 pixels along with a 2GB internal storage, 3.5mm headphone jack and support for 802.11 b/g Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB 2.0 and GPRS connectivity. The battery is expected to last 10,000 page turns or 10 hours of music playback. Not bad. If only the price was a bit lesser.

Here is a video demo of the device.

PocketBook IQ eReader Featuring Android OS Launches Next Month

With so many tablets and eReaders in the works, the brand names can overlap quite a bit confusing the heck out of customers. Remember the Netronix PocketBook eReader that is being launched by the Taiwanese manufacturer. Now, yet another PocketBook eReader is making its launch. This time, it’s from the manufacturer named PocketBook.

The PocketBook IQ eReader is going to be an Android 2.0 device and will sport a 7-inches TFT color touchscreen display. Now the ebook reader will also come equipped with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi but frankly there is no word on other more important specs like the storage space and processor speed. And with the device not expected to come to the market before it takes off officially during the IFA show in Berlin next month, there is no word on the pricing as well.

PocketBook IQ eReader

If the looks here are anything to go by, count me out!

Sylvania eReader Price And Features Reviewed

CVS is reported to be getting some cheap netbooks and eReaders from Sylvania this fall. The Sylvania eReader is reported to be priced at $180 and is expected to feature a 7-inches color LCD screen, a 512MB memory that will hold close to 350 ebooks and contains an 8GB SD card expansion slot.

The eReader is also noted to come with a full keyboard and will come pre-loaded with 150 ebooks. Sounds nice, but considering this one offers internet access only via wireless, I am finding it hard to pick this over Amazon’s $149 wireless Kindle.

Also, the device is not launching now. The marketing material hints at an “Early Chrismas” season which would not mean anything before the onset of the holiday shopping season and that would make a $180 price point a really hard bargain.

What do you think?

Huawei T62W eReader Features Touchscreen Display, SIM Card Slot

So as you know, every manufacturer wants to jump in on the tablet and eReader craze that has seemed to have popped in all of a sudden. Huawei has just sent in its new T62W eReader for a checkup at FCC and you should see them become available on the American stores shortly.

So what’s in on the new eReader? Well, to begin with, this is a 6-inches e-ink display device that is touch-based. Of course, there are all the eReader features including Wi-Fi, 3G connectivity, Bluetooth, a microSDHC card slot and yes, a SIM card slot. The final part is obvious considering you also have 3G connectivity, but it is not clear if it is going to be an iPad-like micro SIM card or just the regular sized mini SIMs.

Other details, including the price, are notably missing at present. But just hang on as we get more information.

Augen GenTouch78 News – Google Apps Removed, New Features Added

You remember how the new Augen tablet – the GenTouch78 was accused by Google of resorting to piracy by offering its users access to the Android market app despite the fact that Google licenses that application only to its partners at the Open  Handset Alliance (which Augen is not part of)?

Now, the company has announced that the future shipments of its Augen  GenTouch78 will come without the Android market app as well as other Google apps. That means you will not be able to access Gmail, Calendar and Google Talk on your GenTouch78 if you are purchasing the device henceforth. Augen is reported to be in talks with Google to bring back these applications in future versions, though it is not clear why Google should budge.

Besides this, the company has also announced a few other updates. The new features introduced include a screen calibration tool and a USB charging feature. The calibration tool will enable better screen responsiveness while the other feature will let users charge their device using a USB cable.

Do you like your GenTouch78?

Asus eBook Reader Priced $600 Launching October?

Asus is planning to launch a new 8-inches ebook reader in October of this year – Taiwanese publication, DigiTimes has reported. According to the publication’s senior analyst Ming Chi Kuo, the eReader will feature a TFT-LCD panel without backlight from Chimei Innolux and could be priced at $599.

This rumor needs to be taken with a grain of salt on several counts. Firstly, an eReader with an LCD screen could impact the contrast ratio and may not be the ideal ebook reading platform. Secondly, a $600 price point looks atrociously high considering that we already have a few tablet computers with great specs priced well below $600. With Amazon Kindle now available at less than $150 a piece, a $600 looks too high to be true.

Nevertheless, DigiTimes has backed its claims and has published a photo of what they claim is the new Asus eReader.

Asus ebook reader

Will you buy an eReader at $600?