ASUS Eee Pad EP101TC Android Tablet Launch In 2011

Here is a last minute change in plans – Asus’ new Eee Pad EP101TC that was supposed to launch in early 2011 will launch as per planned. But the platform wouldn’t be the same. According to a fresh report, Asus is planning to replace the original Microsoft Windows Embedded Compact 7 with the currently trending Android operating system.

To be fair, this is not exactly a replacement. Asustek CEO Jerry Shen had revealed earlier this year that the new Eee Pad would come in two models carrying Android OS and Windows. The recent revelation simply means Asus – much like HP – could be planning to focus on one platform instead of working on cross-platform devices. You may remember that HP too has announced a move away from Microsoft Windows and Android to focus on WebOS-only Slate PC, tentatively called PalmPad.

Regarding the version of Android that Eee Pad will run, it is believed to be Froyo for now. But don’t be surprised if we end up with Gingerbread. The device is expected to go on sale soon after the new Eee Pad is unveiled at CES 2011.

Asus Eee Pad With Detachable Keyboard To Rival Apple iPad

According to Jerry Shen, the CEO at Asus, the success of Apple iPad has encouraged many developers to take the touchscreen route to build applications for customers. However, there are several limitations with a compeletely touch screen device that Asustek will like to address.

In an interview with Polish publication RP, Shen has noted that the company will be launching a new series of Eee Pads with detachable keyboard that will not only serve as netbooks when required but can also be converted to touchscreen tablet PCs when the user needs it.

Shen has also insisted that the company is not focused only at Microsoft Windows and that Asus will also take a look at other platforms in the market while building their future gadgets.

Asus Eee Pad OS Platforms : Windows 7 And Android

Asustek CEO Jerry Shen has revealed that the upcoming Eee Pad tablet PC from the company will be in two OS versions : One ARM processor powered tablet running either Google Android or Chrome OS and another Intel atom processor powered device running Microsoft 7. While he did not elaborate, the latter is expected to be the touch version of the OS.

The Windows 7 version is expected to show up first during the Comptex event in June of this year. There is no news about the possible launch dates for the Android version as yet.

You may recall that the price of the tablet was announced to be between $479 and $510 last week.

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Asustek Eee Pad Launch Date And Price

Asustek Chairman Jerry Shan has announced the launch date for the much awaited Eee Pad. At a conference in Taiwan, Shan has said that the Asus Eee Pad shall be unveiled during Computex 2010 which is scheduled for June 1-5. The tablet PC is expected to hit the stores in the third quarter that is tentatively in the latter part of July.

The Tegra based tablet device that has received a lot of rave reviews is expected to be priced at NT$15,000-16,000 which is between USD $479 to $510.

Asustek Eee Pad will run on the Android OS and is expected to also come with USB, integrated webcam and Adobe Flash that do not exist on Apple’s iPad.

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Asus Tablet PC Launch In June

A month after hinting at an upcoming Eee Book, Asus Chairman Jonney Shih has once again set the rumor mills in action. However, this time, he was more explicit.

In a recent interview to Forbes, Shih revealed that his company will be launching “at least two” tablet PCs in the next few months. When is the launch going to be? We do not know. But as speculated earlier, it could happen in June during the Computex trade show.

Shih’s revelation could also mean the Eee Pad and Eee Book could actually be two different products and not the same device as earlier speculated.

What do you think?

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ASUS Launching Eee Pad/Eee Book In June?

In a recent conversation regarding the completion of Pegatron’s spin-off from the company, Asustek chairman Jonney Shih dropped a bomb by hinting at an imminent launch of a “killer product” in June.

Not much information is available on what the device could be, but indications are that it could be the much touted Eee Pad that Jonney had hinted about earlier as well.

Interestingly, rumors are doing the rounds that another device called Eee Book could also be in the works though it is not clearly known if both the Eee Pad and Book refer to the same product or are entirely different.

Asustek has made its intentions clear on becoming the ‘Apple‘ of open source platform. Time will tell if the company can live up to their own expectations.

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