How To Play DVD On iPod Touch/iPhone/iPad

Everyone understands that DRM and copyrights are to be protected and adhered to. But every now and then, there arises a case when you already have purchased a movie in a particular format that wouldn’t play in another format. Converting them to another format may be illegal in some countries and I wouldn’t advocate users in these countries to follow these steps. Others may check the steps below.

Apple’s iPod Touch (or iPhone and iPad for that matter) obviously do not contain a DVD drive nor do they support the format. So, the basic job involves converting the media to an iPad compatible format and transferring them to your iDevice via iTunes to start playing the video files.

Step 1 : You will first need the appropriate software. HandBrake is an open source platform that works across multiple platforms. Perian is another that works on Mac.  Alternately, you may just search for DVD Ripper software on Google and may come across other alternatives for your platform

Step 2 : Once you have installed the software on your system, insert the DVD into the drive

Step 3 : Launch HandBrake (or any of the alternatives). Click on ‘Source’ to select the source file from your hard drive. You may also be asked for the destination folder and format depending on the software you are using.

Play DVD On iPad iPod touch iPhone

Step 4 : Once done, click on ‘Start‘ (or ‘Rip‘). There are other options to choose from, but you may not bother. This process may take a few minutes and will consume a lot of system resources. If need be, close other open applications for the process to continue.

Step 5 : Once converted, close the application and launch iTunes

Step 6 : Connect iPad or iPod Touch to your computer and transfer the converted file via iTunes.

You are done. You may now watch the movie from your favorite iDevice.