Disney Collaborative Work Platform To Work Like Google Wave?

It is not clear where Disney Enterprises intends to use such a platform but a recent patent application filed by the company appears strikingly close to the recently launched Google Wave collaborative development platform. There are of course a few functional variations in Disney’s ideas. Nevertheless, the objective appears to be the same. The patent application filed earlier this month reads,

“The present invention generally relates to a method for the collaborative creation of a work, and more particularly, to a method for creating a collaborative work one segment at a time by putting a multitude of segment candidates contributed by a multitude of segment creators to an automatically tabulated vote over a digital network in a series of rounds in which a single segment is selected per round for inclusion in the collaborative work until the work is completed.”

As noted earlier, the patent does not make Disney’s idea as comprehensive as Google’s. The main focus of the patent application makes it likely for gathering collaborative opinion and vote for particular issues and finding a consensus.

“The present invention provides a system that taps into the “collective genius” of a large group of individuals to select the best possible segments for inclusion in the final collaborative work, leveraging the judgement and creativity of each individual. The resulting collaborative work will have required minimal effort on the part of any single individual yet they will far exceed in scope and quality what would have been possible with a comparable individual effort, or the comparable collective effort of a group of individuals un-aided by the system.”

Disney Google Wave Competitor?Ok, one thing’s for sure – This is not meant to be a Google Wave competitor. If not, where do you think such an application will be used?

Disney Google Wave Competitor