Dell Studio XPS 9100 Review Of Features & Price

Yet another Studio desktop is out from the stables of Dell and it looks much better than the impressive device we had discussed just over a couple of months ago. Back in May, I had written about the new Dell Studio XPS 7100 that came with a Hexa-core/Quad-Core AMD Phenom II processor, up to 16GB RAM and 1,5TB of storage.

With the new Dell Studio XPS 9100, you will get a computer powered by Intel Core i7 processor, internal memory of up to 24GB of RAM, storage space of up to 4TB and a Radeon HD 5970 graphics card. The device is set to come installed with Windows 7 OS and will also feature Blu-Ray/DVD burner, ethernet, Wi-Fi and a built-in card reader.

One thing that you may be disappointed is the price. At $945, it is not exactly ultra-expensive. But if you were to compare this with the $499 price tag on the Dell Studio XPS 7100, you can’t help but think how long before this one drops to a price closer to the 7100.

Acer Predator AG7750-U2222 Technical Specifications Revealed

Acer Predator Gaming Desktop Acer has removed the wraps on an attractive new desktop computer built specifically for the hardcore gamers out in the wild. The Acer Predator AG7750-U2222 wears a menacing look not only from the outside, but from the inside as well. The new desktop sports a super-powerful 12GB DDR3 SDRAM and contains the latest graphics cards from Nvidia.

Here is a lowdown of the most important technical specifications

Processor : 2.8GHz Core i7 930 CPU
GPU : Nvidia GeForce GTX 470 graphics card
Memory : 12GB DDR3 SDRAM
Storage : 1.5TB 7200rpm HDD
Slots for two additional 3D cards on motherboard

It’s not cheap. The Acer Predator AG7750 gaming desktop is tagged at a price of $1,999. But if you are a hardcore gamer, this is one desktop device you just wouldn’t want to miss.

Dell Studio XPS 7100 Technical Specifications And Price Announced

Dell has announced the launch of its new line of desktop computers, the Dell Studio XPS 7100. It comes with an interesting set of hardware specs including a quad-core Phenom II X4 or hexa-core Phenom II X6 processor and a 1.5 terabyte storage space. Here is a list of tech specs you may want to know

Processor : AMD Hexa-Core Phenom II X6 or Quad-Core Phenom II X4
OS : Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit, Professional 64-bit or Ultimate 64-bit
Memory : 2GB RAM – Upgradable up to 16GB
GPU : Integrated ATI HD4200 graphics, or HD5450, 5770 or 5870 graphic cards
Storage : SATA HDD up to 1.5TB
Additional features
Optional Blu-ray drive
Optional Wi-Fi b/g/n
Optional Bluetooth

Pricing is set to begin at $499

[via Dell]