Android 2.1 Update For Dell Streak Causes Missing Features

Looks like the latest update released for Dell Streak users did not go well in the UK at least. ElectricPig is reporting that a number of users are apparently facing problems in enabling sync after their phone has updated to the latest update. According to reports, the Android 2.1 update for Dell Streak is causing the phones to wipe out a number of features on the phone leading to a major data-loss but also will make it impossible to sync with PCSuite. For the record, downgrading to Android 1.6 is not possible either.

At the Dell Forums, users are now complaining that the company has, instead of acknowledging the issues, is busy deleting threads from disgruntled users. One user writes,

“The whole thread has been deleted and my recent post there was deleted as well 🙂 Well, I want to make a point: update 2.1 was buggy; some functionality was removed without notifying us about this, so we could not make a choice by ourselves; the issues with update were handled in very bad manner: customer support team was not ready to answer the questions about update, problems were complete surprise for the support team and there is no way to escalate the issues. I keep saying: we all human beings, we make mistakes. The difference is how you handle these situations.”

Have you been facing similar issues? Write to us in the comments.

Dell Inspiron Mini 1018 Price And Specs Reviewed

Dell has launched a new model of their popular Inspiron Mini netbooks in the Europe market. The device comes with a 10.1-inches WSVGA TrueLife LCD display with a resolution of 1024×600 pixels.

The computer runs on a 1.66GHz Intel Atom N455 single core processor and comes equipped with a 1GB DDR3 memory and up to 160GB of hard drive storage space. So, there’s also a camera. But at 0.3-megapixel, that’s not something outside the ordinary. Other features include an Intel Graphics Media accelerator, a 3/6 cell battery and support for Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n and Bluetooth.

The device runs on a Windows 7 Starter edition and is priced at €279 for the European market. Those of you outside Europe queue in outside the Dell retail outlets in Fall of this year. The new Dell Inspiron Mini 1018 is coming then.

Dell Studio XPS 9100 Review Of Features & Price

Yet another Studio desktop is out from the stables of Dell and it looks much better than the impressive device we had discussed just over a couple of months ago. Back in May, I had written about the new Dell Studio XPS 7100 that came with a Hexa-core/Quad-Core AMD Phenom II processor, up to 16GB RAM and 1,5TB of storage.

With the new Dell Studio XPS 9100, you will get a computer powered by Intel Core i7 processor, internal memory of up to 24GB of RAM, storage space of up to 4TB and a Radeon HD 5970 graphics card. The device is set to come installed with Windows 7 OS and will also feature Blu-Ray/DVD burner, ethernet, Wi-Fi and a built-in card reader.

One thing that you may be disappointed is the price. At $945, it is not exactly ultra-expensive. But if you were to compare this with the $499 price tag on the Dell Studio XPS 7100, you can’t help but think how long before this one drops to a price closer to the 7100.

Dell Zino HD Specs Review

If you are a fan of these ultra-portables, then you must surely be drooling over this new Zino HD mini-laptop from Dell. The new computer is just about the size of a disc drive but comes equipped with some really nifty technical specifications and features. For starters, it comes with a dual core AMD Athlon II processor though triple core and quad core versions are available as well. Also, the Dell Zino HD is enhanced with graphics powered by an ATI Radeon HD 4250 card.

One of the most impressive aspects about the new Dell Zino HD mini-laptop is that the manufacturers have not compromised features for size. The device still sports an impressive 8GB DDR3 RAM. Other features include an SPDIF output for audio channel 7.1, Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, Blu-Ray and a 3.5-inches bay for a SATA hard drive.

The device measures 7.8? x 7.8? x 3.5? and there is no word as yet about the price. But how much do you think you will you pay for this one?

Price Of Dell Aero And Contract Subsidies Announced

The Streak is definitely one of the hottest gadgets to have come from the stables of Dell in quite some time. However, in the hype, do not forget the other big thing – the Dell Aero smarphone that comes equipped with a 3.5-inches display, a 624MHz Marvel processor, a Webkit browser with support for Flash Lite, etc. The device is expected to launch with Android 1.5 though you can expect an upgrade to Android 2.1 sometime after launch.

Now, news is in that the price and launch date of this beautiful thing from Dell is now announced. According to a Dell statement, the new Dell Aero shall become available on the 9th of August. And price? Okay, if you are a happy AT&T customer or would like to become one, you can pick up an Aero from their stores for $99.99. On the other hand, if you prefer to not be bound by the two year contract, feel free to shell out $299.99 for an Aero without contract.

Price Of Dell Streak In USA Announced – Sort Of

Someone at Dell should be feeling the heat today. After announcing that the much awaited Dell Streak is on sale in the USA, the Dell site pulled the message back claiming that those were part of some site-testing. Then, a blog post goes live claiming the price of Dell Streak and Dell Aero in the US which has since then been pulled down. Again.

Anyway, that should not bother the excited users who are eagerly looking for the price of the new smartphone/tablet device from Dell.  What the blog post did indicate was that the new Dell Streak shall be priced at $549.99 in the US market without a contract. Now if you find that too expensive, you can alternatively choose to go for a two year contract with AT&T that will fetch you the device at a subsidized cost of $299.99.

Incidentally, the pre-order lines for Dell Streak are no longer open. Now, that could mean that the official launch announcement should be here anytime soon. Just be on hold.

Dell Inspiron M101z Price And Technical Specification Review

We have not talked a lot about the Dell Inspiron series in the past few weeks. In May this year, there was talk about the new Dell Inspiron M301z laptop which was noted to run on AMD’s Nile line of processors. Now, here is another laptop from the Inspiron series which carries a lot of similar specifications.

The Dell Inspiron M101z has launched on the online stores now at a price of $584 – that’s in the UK market. At that price, customers can expect to get hold of a 11.6-inches TLF WLED display that renders at a 1366×768 pixel resolution. You may choose between two processors – AMD Athlon II Neo Single Core Processors or AMD Athlon II Neo Single Dual processors. Other specifications include a 8GB internal memory, 500GB hard disk storage, 1.3-megapixel camera and graphics powered by ATI integrated RS880M chip. The laptop shall come integrated with Windows 7 OS and will include all the other regular connectivity and networking features.

Does that sound interesting?

AT&T Dell Streak Pre-Orders Open – Launch In Late July

Oh well. Dell Streak was rumored to be launching on July 19th. Now that we are past that date, we can safely strike off that rumor as false. But Dell has just updated their product page that notes that the highly anticipated 5-inches smartphone could be launching by the end of this month.

The Dell website notes that the Dell Streak shall be available on the AT&T network from “Late July“. The website also points out that customers may sign up for pre-orders from the webpage. Customers signing up for pre-sale will be offered a 24-hour pre-sale purchase window apart from a chance to get a free upgrade to second business day shipping. These customers may also optionally purchase a Plantronics Bluetooth headset for $0.99.

With a 5-inches big screen, 1GHz Snapdragon processor and a 5-Megapixel camera, this phone is definitely going to be worth every penny. Question is, are you willing to shell it out?

Dell Precision M6500 Notebook Tech Specs Reviewed

If you thought a 4GB RAM was a good deal, how about 32GB? That is exactly what Dell’s latest Precision M6500 is offering. This is achieved by packing four different DIMM modules that offer a RAM capacity of 8GB each. Besides this, the Dell Precision M6500 also boasts a few other impressive hardware specs.

The machine runs on an Intel Core i7 Extreme Edition processor and contains NVIDIA’s Quadro FX 3800M graphics chips. The notebook is equipped with a 17-inches WUXGA LED display with a resolution of up to 1920×1200 pixels. Other standard connectivity features like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 2.1 and GPS are incorporated too. There are also optional features like a 3.2-Megapixel camera and a fingerprint reader for security.

There is no word on the price as yet. But for sure, this is obviously not aimed at the budget-conscious customer and be rest assured that this is going to take a heavy toll on your wallet.

AT&T Dell Streak Launch Date Revealed

AT&T, it seems, is gearing up to enhance its Android portfolio ahead of the speculated end of iPhone exclusivity. According to reports on the IntoMobile blog, Ma Bell may be launching two Android handsets in quick succession this month.

As you know, AT&T Samsung Captivate is all set to hit the stores on July 18th. If the rumors are anything to go by, the other high profile Android device this season, the Dell Streak may launch just a day later on AT&T stores.

Picking one of these two devices is going to be tough. Of course, if you are the kind who is enamored by larger screens, then Dell Streak is definitely the one for you. Michael Dell has even referred to his new product as a mini-Tablet of sorts. But expect both devices to be hot on the stands when they arrive next week.

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