Android 2.1 Update For Dell Streak Causes Missing Features

Looks like the latest update released for Dell Streak users did not go well in the UK at least. ElectricPig is reporting that a number of users are apparently facing problems in enabling sync after their phone has updated to the latest update. According to reports, the Android 2.1 update for Dell Streak is causing the phones to wipe out a number of features on the phone leading to a major data-loss but also will make it impossible to sync with PCSuite. For the record, downgrading to Android 1.6 is not possible either.

At the Dell Forums, users are now complaining that the company has, instead of acknowledging the issues, is busy deleting threads from disgruntled users. One user writes,

“The whole thread has been deleted and my recent post there was deleted as well 🙂 Well, I want to make a point: update 2.1 was buggy; some functionality was removed without notifying us about this, so we could not make a choice by ourselves; the issues with update were handled in very bad manner: customer support team was not ready to answer the questions about update, problems were complete surprise for the support team and there is no way to escalate the issues. I keep saying: we all human beings, we make mistakes. The difference is how you handle these situations.”

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Price Of Dell Streak In USA Announced – Sort Of

Someone at Dell should be feeling the heat today. After announcing that the much awaited Dell Streak is on sale in the USA, the Dell site pulled the message back claiming that those were part of some site-testing. Then, a blog post goes live claiming the price of Dell Streak and Dell Aero in the US which has since then been pulled down. Again.

Anyway, that should not bother the excited users who are eagerly looking for the price of the new smartphone/tablet device from Dell.  What the blog post did indicate was that the new Dell Streak shall be priced at $549.99 in the US market without a contract. Now if you find that too expensive, you can alternatively choose to go for a two year contract with AT&T that will fetch you the device at a subsidized cost of $299.99.

Incidentally, the pre-order lines for Dell Streak are no longer open. Now, that could mean that the official launch announcement should be here anytime soon. Just be on hold.

AT&T Dell Streak Pre-Orders Open – Launch In Late July

Oh well. Dell Streak was rumored to be launching on July 19th. Now that we are past that date, we can safely strike off that rumor as false. But Dell has just updated their product page that notes that the highly anticipated 5-inches smartphone could be launching by the end of this month.

The Dell website notes that the Dell Streak shall be available on the AT&T network from “Late July“. The website also points out that customers may sign up for pre-orders from the webpage. Customers signing up for pre-sale will be offered a 24-hour pre-sale purchase window apart from a chance to get a free upgrade to second business day shipping. These customers may also optionally purchase a Plantronics Bluetooth headset for $0.99.

With a 5-inches big screen, 1GHz Snapdragon processor and a 5-Megapixel camera, this phone is definitely going to be worth every penny. Question is, are you willing to shell it out?

AT&T Dell Streak Launch Date Revealed

AT&T, it seems, is gearing up to enhance its Android portfolio ahead of the speculated end of iPhone exclusivity. According to reports on the IntoMobile blog, Ma Bell may be launching two Android handsets in quick succession this month.

As you know, AT&T Samsung Captivate is all set to hit the stores on July 18th. If the rumors are anything to go by, the other high profile Android device this season, the Dell Streak may launch just a day later on AT&T stores.

Picking one of these two devices is going to be tough. Of course, if you are the kind who is enamored by larger screens, then Dell Streak is definitely the one for you. Michael Dell has even referred to his new product as a mini-Tablet of sorts. But expect both devices to be hot on the stands when they arrive next week.

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Dell Streak Vs. Huawei S7 – Android Tablet PC Compared

Chinese manufacturer, Huawei technology unveiled their Huawei S7 Android tablet during Computex earlier this year. The company has now announced that the 7″ tablet shall launch in the Western markets as well. Accordingly, UK retailer Expansys will now begin selling Huawei S7 to the British audience.

However, Huawei is likely to face some stiff competition from Dell. The American company had announced the 5″ smartphone-plus-tablet gadget, the Dell Streak last month and is now available in the UK market. So how do the two devices compare?

Dimensions wise, the choice is entirely yours. Dell Streak comes with a 5 inches screen while Huawei S7 comes with a 7″ display. So if you are the kind for whom portability is a factor, do go for Streak since it is only marginally bigger than a smartphone. However, Huawei S7 runs on Androd 2.1 compared to Android 1.6 on Dell Streak. We are not sure if an update to the Android OS on Dell Streak is likely at the moment. But if you do not want to compromise on the latest Android features, Huawei S7 is the gizmo to go for.

Huawei S7 has a few other advantages – while both these gadgets have a WVGA resolution screen, Wi-Fi and bluetooth, Huawei S7 also includes  support to 802.11n that is not available on Dell Streak. Also, it contains a USB Host port that is more useful than Dell’s proprietary ports.

But wait, Dell Streak is great on features too. The Streak runs on a 1GHz processor – compared to 768MHz on S7. The Streak has a better 5 megapixel camera compared to Huawei S7’s 2 megapixel. And there are missing details on the 3G modem bands and battery life.

So, it is now up to you. What do you think is more useful to your lifestyle? Put in your thoughts in the comments.

Dell Streak USA Launch Announced

Dell has confirmed that the new mini-sized tablet (or mega-sized smartphone, whichever way you want it) will be launching in the UK this week. This follows statements from the company last month that Dell Streak will be available in the UK market from the beginning of June.

The company has also confirmed that the US launch of the tablet PC will begin in late July. According to Ron Garriques, President of Dell’s Communication Solutions, Dell Streak will be available at an uncontracted price of $500. A&T is expected to carry the device though the subsidized price with an AT&T contract is still unknown at this stage.

[via AllThingsD]

Dell Streak Features And UK Launch Confirmed

Dell has officially announced that the company’s first ever smartphone – marketed as “ultimate portable tablet PC” – will launch exclusively on O2 in UK starting early next month. This follows verbal confirmations from Michael Dell earlier this month. Dell’s media release also notes that Dell Streak will be available in USA from “later this summer“.

This is Dell’s foray into the highly competitive smartphone segment and the company appears to be clearly testing the waters without diluting the Dell brand name that has become synonymous with portable computers. However, calling a smartphone an “ultimate portable tablet PC” may not help the company in its endeavor considering that the company may fail to communicate the message to its users that the tablet PC in this case can also actually make calls.

It will be interesting to see how the Dell Streak is received in the UK market. The features are too good for Dell to lose out. Here is a gist of what is on offer

Platform : Android 1.6 with OTA update of Froyo expected later this year
Display : 5-inch capacitive multi-touch WVGA display
Processor : 1GHz SnapDragon processor
Camera : 5 megapixel high resolution camera with an additional VGA camera on the front
Storage : 2GB expandable up to 32GB on microSD
Connectivity : 3G + WiFi + Bluetooth

Other features

  • Integrated Google Maps with turn-by-turn navigation
  • Full screen browsing experience
  • Social media integration
[via Engadget]

Dell Streak Launch Date Announced

In April last, Dell announced a line-up of smartphones like Thunder and Lightning. One of the other tablet devices unveiled, tentatively named Mini 5, was later revealed to be called Streak. In a conversation yesterday, Michael Dell spelt out the specifics of Dell Streak’s launch.

According to him, the new Android powered micro-tablet will launch in the European market on O2 Telefonica next month. This shall be followed by a launch on AT&T in USA later in the summer.

The Dell Streak will come with a 5 inch display and a 5 megapixel camera. Also, it will include a front-facing VGA camera. The device will have three capacitive Menu, Home and Back buttons on the side and can plug in via a 30 pin dock connector. Dell has struck a deal with Amazon which means you will also be able to access the Kindle e-Reader, Amazon MP3, videos and store apps from the Streak.

No details on the price, but just sit tight and wait.

[via eWeek]

Dell Partnering With Amazon To Take On iPad?

Is Dell partnering with Amazon to bring Kindle to its slate users? Folks at Android Community speculate if the upcoming Dell Mini 5, also known as Dell Streak could come pre-installed with Amazon Kindle. This comes after promo pictures of Dell Streak had “Kindle Book Reader Applications” listed among the apps supported.

Apart from the Kindle app, Dell Streak also inherently supports Amazon MP3, Amazon video streams and Amazon store. My view point is that while this can definitely help Amazon reach out to an extended user base, the mere presence of a Kindle Store on Dell Streak is alone not sufficient for the company to grab a higher market share. A Kindle application is not a unique offering as iPad’s iBookstore.

What do you think?

[Android Community via UberGizmo]