Buy Dell Streak On Best Buy Now For $99.99

Yet another attractive deal for the holiday season, if you are in the United States. Best Buy has announced that the massive 5″ Dell Streak will now be available on their stores at a discounted price of $99.99.

The Android smartphone, which recently got its FroYo update, has been selling at a price of $199.99 at the American Best Buy stores since October of this year. Specifications on the Streak include a 5″ Gorilla glass display, 1GHz SnapDragon processor, two cameras, integrated A-GPS,etc.

The latest promotion offer from Best Buy will be available on both the white and black colored variants. Do remember however that the $99.99 offer is with a new 2 year contract from AT&T. That’s not entirely surprising but if you would not like to tie yourself up with a two year contract, you may have to let this offer go.

You can also buy the Dell Streak online at the discounted price by clicking here.

Fix For FroYo Update On Dell Streak Causing Performance Lags Available

Earlier this month, Dell started rolling out the new Android 2.2 update to its Streak tablet customers. Apparently, the update has resulted in a number of users reporting slowness and performance lags. If you are one of the affected users, here is some good news – a fix for the performance lag is now available albeit unofficially.

Folks at the XDA developers forum have released a few files that could speed up the performance of the Dell Streak so that it performs at the speed it should. The process does not seem to involve overclocking the processors which means it is not exactly a hack but is just a fix to the reported problems.

This update installs custom kernel, custom build.prop and performance tweaking script.
It will not erase your system, userdata or anything else. It just replaces some files.

You can find the updates from the XDA forum thread here. Do check them out and let us know if it helped.

Now Buy Unlocked Dell Streak With FroYo Online

Dell has announced that American customers willing to purchase an unsubsidized Dell Streak directly from the manufacturer can now do so from the company’s website. The unlocked phone will come at a price of $549.99 and will include a 16GB microSD card slot.

Just like what we had noted in our article earlier this month, this unlocked Dell Streak phone will run on Android 2.2 straight out of the box. However, before you get all too excited, here are some pointers to note. Firstly, only 3G bands from the AT&T network seem to be recognized at the moment.

What this means is that while you can indeed buy a T-Mobile SIM for your Streak, you may have to make do with their 2G/EDGE network for wireless internet access. Not really a great option if you are quite particular about accessing high speed internet on the go.

Unlocked Dell Streak With Android 2.2 To Launch In USA

Those of you looking to get an unlocked SIM-free version of the Dell Streak in the United States may have to wait for just a few more weeks to get your prayers answered. Dell has announced that they shall soon be coming up with such unlocked units for US customers shortly. What more, these handsets are expected to run on Android 2.2 out of the box which is a relief considering that the early adopters of this mega-smartphone or mini-tablet – whatever pleases you better – had to contend with Android 1.6 until now.

You will remember an announcement from earlier this week that noted that Android 2.2 will be coming to Dell Streak starting in the UK by the end of this month followed shortly by its roll out to other parts of the world, including the United States. In all likelihood then, these unlocked Dell Streak handsets should be released just about the same time as Android 2.2 becomes available for the current users in the United States.

Official Android 2.2 Update For Dell Streak Coming This Month

Last month, we reported that a full-build FroYo Android 2.2 update was available for download on Dell Streak. That however was unofficial and required users to root their handsets. Now, if you have not hacked into your handset yet, you would rather wait for an official release now. Dell UK has announced that the Streak users in the United Kingdom will start receiving an OS update by the end of this month. The company wrote on the Facebook page,

“#DellStreak will begin a rollout of the 2.2 update OTA before the end of Nov. This is happening over a period of time and staggered by region, starting in the UK.You will receive notification of the update directly on your Streak. If you don’t see it before the end of Nov, please be patient as your build may be happening at a later stage.”

The rollout is initially planned for the UK market. But do expect the same to happen elsewhere like in the United States soon after.

Dell Streak Price In Canada Announced For Rogers

If you are in Canada, here is something coming your way. Rogers Canada has announced that the popular 5″ smartphone-tablet from Dell is now available for purchase on its stores.

Rogers has ensured that the device will be available for pretty much the same price as was anticipated. If you are willing to go with a contract, then a Streak can be yours for $149.99 – provided you sign up with the carrier for a three year period. Alternately, users looking for a contract-free offering can buy one at a price of $549.99. That’s not bad considering the specifications that are on offer.

Dell Streak is already available in countries like USA and UK. The company recently launched the device in India during the festive Diwali season. It will be interesting to see how the mini-tablet fares in the Canadian market.

Wi-Fi Connectivity Bug On Dell Venue Pro – Company Acknowledges Issue

Earlier this week, we had reported about a problem with the recently launched Windows Phone 7 handset – Dell Venue Pro – that made it difficult for users to connect to secure Wi-Fi networks. Back then, we had noted that some users got unofficial acknowledgements about the issue from Microsoft Store execs. Now, in a blog post on the company website, Dell has confirmed the problem. A company representative writes,

“We have confirmed that the Wi-Fi connectivity issue that was reported in blogs like Boy Genius Report and Ubergizmo resulted from a software glitch during Dell’s manufacturing process. The issue affected some of our initial phone shipments and was not a hardware issue or a Windows Phone 7 one. Customers who purchased Venue Pro smartphones on Monday or Tuesday (November 8 or 9) at a Microsoft Store and who are experiencing the protected Wi-Fi network connectivity issue also have the option of bringing your phone back to the Microsoft Store for an exchange, beginning at the end of next week. Your new phone will fix the Wi-Fi issue as well.”

Read the last line of the above paragraph? You can take your problematic phone to a Microsoft Store starting the end of next week for an exchange.

Dell Streak Price And Launch In India Announced

India is still not a market that is mature enough to take in a regular sized tablet computer, let alone an awkwardly sized Dell Streak. That however does not seem to have deterred the manufacturers as Dell India has announced the imminent launch of the much touted Dell Streak in the country. According to Mahesh […]

India is still not a market that is mature enough to take in a regular sized tablet computer, let alone an awkwardly sized Dell Streak. That however does not seem to have deterred the manufacturers as Dell India has announced the imminent launch of the much touted Dell Streak in the country.

According to Mahesh Bhalla, Executive Director and General Manager – Consumer, Dell India, the 5″ Dell Streak tablet device will launch in India during the Diwali season (early November) and shall be sold unlocked at a price of Rs 34,990.

Smaller Dell Streak In The Works

Mahesh Bhalla also confirmed another interesting bit of information about future product launches. He noted that the company shall be launching a new variant of Dell Streak that will have “a screen smaller than a five-inch“. This is interesting considering that we have already heard about the company working on 7″ and 10″ variants of Dell Streak in the American market. It is not clear when the new product is expected to hit the market.

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Seeing those distorted videos and blank screens on your MacBook Pro? It’s not your fault. Rather, it appears to be because of a problem with the NVIDIA GeForce 8600M graphics chip that is embedded on the notebook. Following a class action lawsuit filed against NVIDIA, the company has agreed to offer free repair to any user that has an 8600M embedded notebook and is facing these issues. The litigation website is here and you may check if your notebook model is covered on this website. Basically, the list includes the MacBook Pro, Inspiron, Latitude, Precision, XPS, Vostro, Presario and Pavilion notebooks.

Do note that the replacement does not start immediately. The website notes,

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New Dell Streak 7″ Tablet To Be Launched

The Dell Streak, Samsung Galaxy Tab and Apple iPad together constitute almost the entire tablet segment today. Interestingly though, each of these tablets differ in their sizes. While the Apple iPad is sized more or less like a netbook, the Dell Streak looks like an over-sized smartphone. Samsung Galaxy Tab then looks like the appropriate tablet size and now it looks like it is having competition.

After rumors about Apple launching newer mini-iPads with 7″ display, Michael Dell has confirmed that his company too is working on a 7″ Streak. He has indicated that this shall be Android-based and that “it’s nice to have a larger screen” though nothing else is known about this upcoming Dell Streak model. Well, it is not even known if the larger tablet will still be called Streak or if this will have a new brand name. Either way, it looks like Dell is ramping up its efforts to gain market share in this segment. Michael Dell has also announced that the current 5″ model will be available on Best Buy stores very soon.