Cydia iPhone Jailbreak App Store Gets Account Management Feature

Those of you who have jailbroken your iPhone or iPod Touch may have inevitably used the Cydia app store to browse and install one of those applications not available on the Apple App Store. Now Jay Freeman, the developer of Cydia has released a new version of his app store that will make it easy for users to easily reinstall previously purchased applications using the ‘Manage Account‘ feature.

The new feature is extremely useful for users who have upgraded their handset to a new iOS firmware or for users who have upgraded to a new handset altogether. Jay Freeman has also indicated that yet another Cydia update is on the cards and that this new version should come with features to rate and comment on apps besides backing up the installed jailbreak apps.

Untethered Jailbreak For iPhone Is A Cydia Package?

The untethered jailbreak for iOS 4.2.1 may no longer be available by Christmas. But that does not make its release any less exciting. If what we are hearing is true, this jailbreak solution could come with a lot more sophistication than earlier releases. According to Comex from the Dev team, the upcoming untethered iOS 4.2.1 jailbreak could come as a Cydia package. He is noted to have said on Twitter,

“it’s probably going to be a Cydia package. if I can get it to work.”

What does this mean to users? If things go right, you can simply download the jailbreak package like you would download and install any application from Cydia. Also, that would mean you will not require to perform a system restore.

Comex’s statement however does carry the disclaimer that the jailbreak tool will be offered in package form if he could “get it to work“. Nevertheless, we feel this is a great move forward and will definitely be worth the extra wait.

Cydia Mac App Store Launching “In Weeks”

Now this is something you may not have seen it coming. Jay Freeman, aka Saurik, the founder of the Cydia App Store – the application marketplace that several million iDevice owners use to install customizable apps, extensions and themes on their jailbroken iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad – has announced that a Cydia app store for Mac is launching in weeks.

This is unexpected considering that unlike the iOS platform, Mac is so much more customizable and open. So, it really may not need a third party app store. While Freeman has not elaborated on what users could expect from a Cydia store for Macs, the new marketplace is speculated to contain an easy way to install themes, system mods and tweaks.

Anyway, we will keep following news on this front and let you know when we hear an update.

Downgrading From iOS 4.2.1? New App To Save SHSH Blob Directly from iPhone

If you own a jailbroken iPhone or iPad, you may occasionally want to downgrade to an older firmware. Under such circumstances, you will require what is called the SHSH blob for the older firmware. SHSH blobs are like a unique ID for your device at a particular firmware that is used by Apple to authenticate your device when it is connected to iTunes.

Conventionally, applications like TinyUmbrella are used for this purpose. A new app called iSHSHit has now been released that enables this process to happen directly from the iDevice. iSHSHit is a free download from the BigBoss repository on Cydia and by launching the application, you can choose to save the blob over the Cydia servers with just a simple tap of a button.

Once done, users may also choose to send a backup copy of the SHSH blob to their email address with another tap. The application is extremely simple to use and is quite nifty if you have already jailbroken your iDevice.

Run iPhone Jailbreak Apps Without Cydia Using New Redsn0w

The iPhone Dev team has announced the release of a new update to the Redsn0w jailbreak software that is squarely aimed at developers. This new jailbreak application has been built to recognize the recently launched iOS 4.2.1 GM update and consequently to help jailbreak app developers get their applications ready for the next public release of iOS.

What this application can do is to let users who run this software to install jailbreak apps without having to run Cydia – the popular jailbreak app store. The Dev Team writes,

“We’ve made some updates to redsn0w to make it easier for jailbreak developers (and tinkerers) to get their programs ready for 4.2.1.  As noted above, the public version of Cydia (and MobileSubstrate too!) is not 4.2.1-compatible.  redsn0w will now let you install your own custom bundles independent of Cydia (the bundle can actually be Cydia if you’ve compiled it on your own).  These bundles can be up to 15MB in size, and should be in the form of a gzip-compressed tar file.”

Unfortunately, if you are looking at unlocking your iPhone as well, you should stay away from this for now. Otherwise, if you are curious to see how to go about it, click here to read all the instructions from the horse’s mouth.

Run Android On iPhone 3G/2G Using Jailbreak App

Bootlace is a new app on the Cydia store that will enable iPhone users to run their Apple devices on an Android operating system. The best part of this process is that it is simply tap-and-go and does not require you to connect to a computer. There are a few points to note though. Bootlace 2.1 app is compatible with only iPhone 2G and 3G devices and require these handsets to run one of iOS 3.1.2, 3.1.3, 4.0, 4.0.1, 4.0.2 and 4.1. It goes without saying that your iPhone also needs to be jailbroken but do ensure that they are done with either PwnageTool, Redsn0w or Blackra1n. Other jailbreak methods would not work.

So to get started, you need to add the repo at to your Cydia store and then search and install the Bootlace app. Once done, launch the Bootlace app, tap to install OpeniBoot and from the bottom of the screen, choose to run iDroid. You are almost done. Simply tap on the QuickBoot icon from the bottom of the screen and follow the instructions to complete the process of installing Android 2.2.1 on your iPhone.

This is quite a simple process to do. Do let me know how the process goes in the comments below.

[via Redmond Pie]

Find Out Who’s Spying/Stolen Your iPhone 4 With New App

One thing that is commonplace when an iPhone (or for that matter any gadget) gets stolen or spied upon is that the thief attempts to unlock your device by trial and error with a series of passcodes. iGotYa is a new iPhone application that makes use of this common user behavior to help owners find […]

One thing that is commonplace when an iPhone (or for that matter any gadget) gets stolen or spied upon is that the thief attempts to unlock your device by trial and error with a series of passcodes. iGotYa is a new iPhone application that makes use of this common user behavior to help owners find culprits.

iGotYa is set up in such a way that the application will take a picture as well as tag the location of the iPhone every time a user inputs a wrong passcode. This is assuming the person uses the trial and error method to break into the phone. This picture is taken with the front camera of the iPhone 4 and the picture and location details are sent down to an already specified email address of the owner.  The application also has other options like letting the thief in, but hiding sensitive details like messages, call history, mail,etc.

iGotya Cydia app

Now the sad part is that this application is not available for non-jailbroken iPhones. For those who have already jailbroken their device, you can check the app out on the ModMyi repository on Cydia and can purchase it for $4.99.

Cydia Jailbreak Store For iPhones Acquires Rock Your Phone

If you are the proud owner of a jailbroken iPhone, it is very unlikely for you to not know about either Cydia or Rock Your Phone since these two are the biggest app stores for jailbroken iPhone apps. We are now hearing that Jay Freeman, the owner of the Cydia Store has agreed to absorb the Rock app into his system to build one gigantic jailbreak app store. The announcement comes after “several months” of negotiations.

To begin with, Rock app users will be asked to create a Cydia store login to continue making their purchases and following this, all the apps on Rock You shall be consolidated into the Cydia system. currently has over 124 listed app developers and is installed on over 4.6 million iOS devices. There are over 2 million registered Rock users and close to 280,000 of these users have purchased at least once. is noted to have made over $3.3 million since its inception in March 12, 2009.