How To Customize Your iPad

Okay, a lot of people must have bought an iPad for the native looks and features. But quite a lot of people must also be looking at ways to personalize your iPad with your imagination. If you are one of those, read on.

There are two ways to pimp your iPad.


The company lets you choose between several different colors for your iPad’s back casing, logo and button. Pick the colors that you want from the website to get started. You may either ship your iPad to ColorWare for the work to get done or you may purchase a new device from them with the colors of your choice. This is how the GoRumors iPad may look like

ColorWare iPad

The cost of such customization can be prohibitive though. ColorWare charges $400 for customizing your iPad and new ones from their workshop can start at a price of $900.


If costly customizations are not your cup of tea, then check out Gelaskins. Gelaskins offers attractive scratch protection skins for your iPad that can also give your iPad a customized feel. Also, unlike the ColorWare offering, GelaSkins is way cheaper and can also be removed (in case you are embarassed to carry your iPad later).  GelaSkins covers only cost $29.95

So, are you going for one?