New EA NFL Blitz Game In The Works?

American Football fans will love to hear that Electronic Arts is rumored to have commenced work on a new version of the popular NFL Blitz game. However, according to the sources, the development of the game is in very early stages at this point and so it is not likely that we see a new release soon. The possible release of this new NFL Blitz is likely to be in 2012 and is expected to be made available across multiple consoles.

Another piece of the rumor that avid gamers might not necessarily care about is that the game is being developed at EA’s Tiburon Studios which is incidentally where most of the football-relating gaming development normally happens. This is also the place where Mark Turmell – one of the creators of the NFL Blitz series is currently serving as the Senior Creative Director.

So if this rumor is true, NFL fans have something exciting coming up in a year or two’s time.