Clevo B5100M Review Of Price And Features

AVADirect is launching the new Clevo B5100M laptop that is aimed solely at gamers. The device pretty much complements the Clevo W860CU laptop that I had written about the other day except that the latest one is a little watered down in order to make gaming laptops more affordable.

So here is a rundown on what you get to see. First and foremost, the Clevo B5100M is a 15.6″ LCD display device with options to go either HD (1366×768) or Full HD (1920×1080). The laptop has some terrific performance boosters in the form of an 8GB DDR3 RAM, Intel Core i5/i7 mobile processors and graphics card from either Intel (GMA HD) or NVIDIA (1GB GeForce GT 300M). The laptop is also incorporated with NVIDIA Optimus technology and is equipped with features like a 1.3-megapixel camera, built-in fingerprint reader, Bluetooth 2.1 and a super multi DVD burner drive.
Clevo B5100M

The Clevo B5100M gaming laptop will be available at a starting price of $941.66 that’s much less than the $1845 that you may have had to shell out for Clevo W860CU.