Google Chrome Web Store Launches In USA

The Google Chrome Web Store, the browser based application marketplace that we have been anticipating for quite some time has now launched and is available to all Chrome browser users. In a blog post yesterday Google VP of Product Development Sundar Pichai had noted that the Web Store is currently available only in the United States. However, that only appears to be the case with paid apps as free applications can be accessible from anywhere.

The Chrome Web Store can be accessed from this link on any browser although you will need to access it from the Chrome browser in order to be able to download and install themes, applications and extensions. Applications are organized under a number of categories like Communication, Education, Entertainment, Family,etc. while Extensions are available under headers like Blogging, Fun, Shopping, Sports, etc.

The Chrome Web Store brings another new avenue for developers to build and sell applications from. If you are a developer, you can check out this article to learn how to build and submit your own apps to the Web Store.

How To Upload An App To The Chrome Web Store

Last month, Google announced that developers creating applications for the Chrome web store may now start uploading their applications to their database. The Chrome Web Store is scheduled to open later this year and will allow users to access these applications from any web browser (and not necessarily Google Chrome).

Now if you are a developer and are looking to create apps, Google has published a clean video on the procedure to go about publishing your app on the web store. To begin with, users have to login to and click on the ‘Publish your extensions‘ link on the left sidebar. You may simply follow the directions to finally complete the upload. This includes specifying a pricing for your app. You may also indicate whether this shall be a one-time payment or a recurring subscription – a great way for media publications to monetize their free content. You may also choose to use your own payment gateway and offer free trials.┬áCheck out the video below for a complete walk-through.

Google Chrome Web Store : What Is It?

Apple is well credited for having revolutionized the mobile app market. Thanks to the terrific success of the App Store, we have every other platform owner conceiving an app store for their platform. Now Google Chrome Web Store may well be inspired by the Apple App Store. But the intentions are clearly different – Google wants to dominate the web app marketplace similar to the way Apple dominates the native mobile app space.

Clearly, the web app space is much bigger and with applications being web-driven have a lot more scope too. So in its I/O Conference yesterday, Google announced the Chrome Web Store – This will be a app marketplace that will built right into the Chrome web browser and later in the Chrome OS when it is launched.

Developers may use all of the available web technologies to create their apps (not quite restricting as iPhone apps!) and get paid. Users signed into their Google account may purchase their favorite apps in just one click, presumably via Google Checkout.

As you guessed it, the apps downloaded via the Chrome Web Store are not platform restrictive. They shall surely run in other browsers as well. Only that, while on Chrome, users may be offered a quick-access navigation to their apps – something that other browsers may not offer.

With this, Google may not only reach the user on the computer, but also those on the smartphones since all the apps are accessible via the browser. However, restrictions do apply. If the iPhone does not support Flash, you may not be able to access Flash based web applications.

Launch date is not known though Google has indicated that it shall be “later this year

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