Omnivision Camera Sensors On Next Generation iPhone And iPad

Here’s some rumor for the Apple-obsessed: The next gen iPhone and iPad could come with camera sensors from Omnivision. While this may not be entirely surprising considering that the two companies have already engaged in a partnership, a recent interview given by Omnivision executives to JP Morgan analyst Paul Coster gave further details on what to expect with the new launch of iPhone or iPad.

One very likely improvement is the provision of a 5 megapixel camera from the current 3MP. For this, Apple could be using Omnivision’s OV5650 sensor that not only brings upon the required megapixels, but also provides an improved picture quality even at higher resolutions as well as be capable of delivering video greater than 480p.

As always, these are merely indications and are not confirmed at the moment and so the news needs to be taken with a grain of salt. Nevertheless, I would like to know your opinion. Is a 5MP good enough? What other features do you want to see in the iPhone 4G camera?

[via Barrons Blog]