BT Tablet To Be “Telephone Of The Future”

British Telecom has announced its intentions to enter the Tablet game. But unlike the other iPad-wannabees, BT does not want to build an iPad killer. According to CEO Ian Livingston, the device is not focused at the market that intends to take its tablet outside on travel. Instead, this will be a device that will serve all communication needs from the kitchen or the lounge – a “telephone for the future“. You may use it when you do not want to turn your computer on, Livingstone says.

Here are some excerpts from his talk to Telegraph

“Some people have called it an ‘iPad killer’, but not us. We see it as is a new device that would be in the kitchen or the lounge, so that you have all your communications in one place – your email, your voicemail, your text messages…You can even have little applications that will tell you the weather, or have a rolling stream of news. It’s for when you don’t want to have to turn on the computer to look something up. We’ve talked to a lot of customers about it – it’s not just something we’ve dreamed up. We’ve designed something around what the customers have said rather than around what technologists have said.”

I’m not sure if I would go for a device possibly in the $500+ price range simply because I feel lazy to turn on my computer. I have a phone for that.

[via Telegraph]