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Motorola H17txt Text-To-Speech Conversion Technology

Motorola has announced the launch of H17txt, a bluetooth based headset for people on the go. An interesting aspect of this bluetooth headset is the deployment of MotoSpeak, a technology that will covert text to speech for users to “listen” to text messages while on the go. Motorola has insisted that the technology can also convert words and phrases in SMS lingo to actual words. For instance, LOL will be read out as ‘Laughing Out Loud‘ while L8r shall be read out as ‘Later‘.

H17txt comes with a few other interesting features. The headset can read out caller ID and names, let the user pick from a set of autoresponse messages, listen to podcasts or get directions from your phone’s turn-by-turn GPS navigator tools using the A2DP streaming technology, etc.

The price of Motorola H17txt is yet to be revealed.

[via CNET]