Price Of Sony Google TV & Blu-ray Player Dropped For Holiday Season

Black Friday kicked off the holiday shopping season in many countries including the United States and Sony has announced a massive discount on some of its attractive offerings just in time for the season.

Starting now and lasting until November 29, customers looking to buy a 40″ NSX-40GT1 HDTV from Sony can get one at $899.99 that is $100 less than the original price. Also, the 46″ NSX-46GT1 HDTV shall now be available at a price of $1,199.99 that is a huge $200 price-drop.

This is not all. Those of you looking for a NSZ-GT1 Google TV Blu-ray player too will see some nice offers. The player is now available for $299.99; a good 25% price drop from its original price. The price also pits the Google TV Blu ray player against the Logitech Revue that is available at the same price as well.

Sony PlayStation 3 With 3D Blu-Ray Support Coming On Sep 21

Sony has announced that a new firmware update for their game console is coming soon – on September 21 to be precise. The new 3.5 firmware update will bring with it the ability to render 3D Blu-ray content.

Speculations surrounding the new 3D Blu-ray support on Sony PS 3 have been doing the rounds for quite a while now though it is only now that Sony has officially confirmed the impending launch. The technology will require users to wear polarizing glasses.

This upcoming firmware update was recently showcased by Sony at the Tokyo Games Show. Folks at Engadget have caught hold of a pretty convincing video demo to showcase the 3D capabilities on the new Sony PlayStation 3 firmware 3.5 update. Do you like what you see? Tell us what you think in the comments below.

Sharp VR-100BR1 Blu-ray Disc Offers 100GB Storage

Japanese electronics manufacturer, Sharp, has announced the impending launch of their new VR-100BR1 blu-ray disc that will come with a staggering storage capacity of 100GB. What’s a 100GB? PCWorld explains that this is equivalent to 12 hours of regular digital TV broadcast or 9 hours satellite TV broadcasts.

The Sharp VR-100BR1 shall become available in Japan on July 30. The blu-ray disc is expected to subsequently be made available in USA and other markets though there is no word on the date at the moment. The company is also yet to make an announcement on the pricing. However, reports suggest that the high capacity blu-ray disc could be available at a price of $55 to $60.

The new Sharp VR-100BR1 conforms to the latest BDXL specifications that were instituted by the Blu-Ray Disc Association back in April this year. These new specifications allow storage of a maximum of 128GB. However these discs are non-writable and rewritable discs can only provide storage of up to 100GB.