Password Protect Blackberry Apps, Emails & Folders With AppLock

You can keep your Blackberry secure by locking down the entire device. But if that is alone not enough, the AppLock Blackberry app will come of help. This is not exactly a new application but is a pretty useful tool in order to let users set passwords for specific applications or even to password protect email messages and other folders on your Blackberry. The AppLock application also works with folders on your phone’s SD card. Here is a rundown on the features

  • Lock any number of applications you want.
  • Lock Native as well as 3rd Party applications.
  • Lock whole Messages app or Emails from specific persons only.
  • Protect selected media folders on your SD Card.
  • Intelligent Operation – Auto Lock on BackLight Off & Phone Lock.
  • Constant Protection for maximum security.
  • Supported on all OS 4.2.1 and above.

The AppLock application retails at a price of $2.99 from the Blackberry AppWorld though the app is presently available at a discounted price of $0.99. You can check out the app by clicking here.

Blackberry Oxford On Sprint – Price & Launch Details Revealed

Research In Motion appears to be getting ready for yet another Blackberry launch; this time with Sprint. A Blackberry clamshell, earlier termed Style, and now starting to be called the Oxford appears to be all set to launch on Sprint later this month. The new Blackberry Oxford will run on Blackberry OS 6, include a 5-Megapixel camera and will have a full QWERTY keyboard with a track-pad interface.

From what we hear, this new Blackberry Oxford should go on sale starting the 31st of October at a price of $99.99 – that’s after all those mail-in rebates and signing of two year contracts. If you are instead looking for an unsubsidized price, then you can go for it at a price of $399.99.

The device is expected to come in grey during launch though a purple variant is expected to be available later on.

Official ESPN Radio App For Blackberry Released

Research in Motion Blackberry scores really high on business users. But despite attempts made by the company to shrug off the business-user tag, the company has not come a long way in this direction so far. In this regard, I think the recent launch of the official ESPN Radio app for Blackberry is pretty significant. This is not only indicative of the growing usage of Blackberry phones by the not-so-business-savvy user, but also contributes towards making the Blackberry appealing to the general audience.

As you may have expected, the new ESPN Radio app is not free and costs $2.99 to purchase and download from the Blackberry AppWorld. But for this one-time charge, you should be able to access plenty of official ESPN radio content from

ESPN Radio Network Feed

ESPN Deportes Network Feed
KSPN – 710 AM Los Angeles, CA
KESN – 103.3 FM Dallas, TX
WMVP – 1000 AM Chicago, IL
WEPN – 1050 AM New York, NY
WTEM – 980 AM Washington, D.C.
WKNR – 850 AM Cleveland, OH
WWGK – 1540 AM Cleveland, OH
WEFL – 760 AM West Palm Beach, FL
WAUK – 540 AM Milwaukee, WI
WTLX – 100.5 FM Madison, WI
WHBO – 1040 AM Tampa, FL
WHOO – 1080 AM Orlando, FL
KIRO – 710 AM Seattle, WA
KKEA – 1420 AM Honolulu, HI
WENJ – 1450 AM Atlantic City, NJ
KLAA – 830 AM Anaheim, CA
WRGM – 1440 AM Mansfield, OH
KEPN – 1600 AM Denver, CA
WNXX – 104.5 FM Baton Rouge, LA
KKXS – 96.1 FM Redding, CA

Interested? Hit the link here to go ahead and purchase.

Firefox Home App For Blackberry And Symbian Coming Soon

Firefox loyalists owning an iPhone were in for disappointment yesterday when the company announced that a full fledged Firefox browser for the iPhone was not coming anytime now. But their situation is still better if one were to be reminded of the fact that other platforms like Blackberry do not have any Firefox integration in place. That might soon change since it is now learned that the Mozilla foundation may be working on bringing the Firefox Home app for Blackberry and Symbian platforms. As you may already know, Firefox Home is unlike a typical mobile browser and instead offers tight integration with the Firefox browser on a desktop with the help of Firefox Sync. The app will help in seamless transition of platforms as the user switches from a computer to their mobile platform.

Now, if you are wondering about what’s cooking on the Android front, it may be worth noting that Mozilla should soon be launching a full-fledged mobile browser on this platform soon. Android and Maemo/MeeGo users should be late to the party, but it is going to be well worth it.

Kobo eReader App For Blackberry PlayBook To Be Pre-Loaded

The Blackberry PlayBook already appears to have attracted business users and heavy gamers into its fold. Now according to an announcement from Kobo, the device is also expected to cater to the book lovers. The company has revealed that the new Blackberry PlayBook device shall come pre-installed with Kobo’s eReader application that will instantly give users access to over 2.2 million books on the Kobo digital library. In addition to the access to the library, the Kobo app for Blackberry PlayBook will also feature a social eReading functionality that will let users interact with the Blackberry Messenger social platform while reading books from Kobo. I’m not sure how useful this “industry first” functionality is going to be, but nevertheless, it does sound interesting.

The Kobo application will come with sophisticated search functionalities that will let users search, buy and download books right from the PlayBook without the need to connect to a computer to do so. Can’t wait for the PlayBook to launch!

RIM BlackPad Release Next Week – No Blackberry OS?

The Wall Street Journal has an interesting piece of article that claims that Research In Motion could be unveiling its upcoming tablet computer – known as BlackPad to some and Surf Book to others – as early as next week. The newspaper’s sources have claimed that the actual launch could happen in the fourth quarter of this year; a no-brainer considering that the quarter begins in just over a week from now.

What’s interesting is that RIM could actually do away with the Blackberry OS on the tablet computer and could instead go with a completely revamped operating system built by QNX. QNX is a maker of operating system software that is used in a wide array of industries and the company was acquired by RIM not so long ago. Indications are that Waterloo could move towards incorporating this new OS – touted to be a worthy competitor to iOS and Android – on the upcoming Blackberry handsets as well.

As of now, the company has not given any hint about the upcoming release. Let’s wait for an announcement then.

Surf Book – New Name For Blackberry Tablet?

Waterloo based Research in Motion is reported to have filed a new trademark with the Canadian Intellectual Property office for “Surf Book“. The application is pretty generic in that it does not specifically state that this could be tablet computer but from the looks of it, it is possible that RIM might name their upcoming tablet computer SurfBook.

This comes a couple of months after reports suggested that RIM had registered the domain name giving rise to speculations about the name for the new tablet. For what it’s worth, currently does not resolve to anything and doesn’t seem to be owned by the same people that own

It is also worth noting that RIM has not filed the application for SurfBook with the USPTO as yet though it is always possible for them to file one at a later date. Which of the two names is better in your opinion? BlackPad is sure to help RIM gain a brand identity that Surf Book may not offer.

RIM Q2 Results Beat Analyst Expectations

Research In Motion (NASDAQ : RIMM) has had a fantastic second quarter that beats Wall Street expectations. The company has reported earnings growth of 68% for the quarter ending August 28. The net income generated in the period was $796.7 million that is significantly above the $475.6 million made during the same period last year. […]

Research In Motion (NASDAQ : RIMM) has had a fantastic second quarter that beats Wall Street expectations. The company has reported earnings growth of 68% for the quarter ending August 28. The net income generated in the period was $796.7 million that is significantly above the $475.6 million made during the same period last year. In terms of revenue, the company made $4.62 billion that is a 31% jump over Q2 2009.

In comparison, analysts expected revenues to stay close to $4.49 billion which equates to earnings of $1.36 per share. The current earnings per share is $1.46 per share.

Apparently, the strong performance has come despite the moderate reception to RIM’s latest Blackberry Torch smartphone. The touchscreen phone was launched in early August and has only been available on the AT&T network and so has not had great bearing on the results. Consequently, the performance of RIM underlines the overall growth of the company and not something that has been influenced by the fluke success of any particular model.

Blackberry Torch 9800 Car Charging Dock

Looking for a nice way to mount your Blackberry Torch for a quick view even as you get your device charged on the move? The new iGrip charging dock is pretty, and useful. Made specifically for the new Blackberry Torch, users may mount their phone on to the dock (that needs to be plugged to the vehicle charger for power) and clamp it to begin charging the device. The mount also comes with a useful swivel top so that the phone display can be adjusted to a convenient user angle. Additionally, the swivel also helps the Torch to be rotated for landscape and portrait view. Thanks to the suction-holder model, you can pretty much mount the unit anywhere on your car.

The iGrip charging dock for Blackberry Torch is manufactured in Germany and is available at a price of $37.95.

iGrip Blackberry Torch Car Mount

Credit Card Processing App For Android, Blackberry & iOS

We have already seen a few credit card processing applications for smartphone platforms – most notably for iPhone. Last month, Intuit and Mophie partnered together to launch a Complete Credit Card Solution for iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS.

Now, if you are the owner of Android or Blackberry phones, here is an alternative that you could look at. QuickPay Merchant Services have launched a new credit card processing application called ROAMpay that is compatible with all the three mobile platforms. In addition to transacting credit cards, ROAMpay can also generate receipts allowing for a comprehensively portable payment gateway solution.

The transaction system presently supports a variety of credit cards like MasterCard, Visa, Discover and American Express. The adapter is available for free and payments are subjected to a 1.09% processing fee. Check out the video below to see how it works

[via UberGizmo]