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Now Buy Blackberry Torch For $99 At AT&T Stores

Blackberry Torch is a good piece of gadget. The phone comes with a 3.2″ WVGA touchscreen with 480×360 pixel resolution, a 512MB internal flash memory with 4GB storage, a 5-Megapixel camera and runs on the new Blackberry OS 6. However, Research in Motion does not seem to have sold too many handsets. You will remember that in mid-August this year, Amazon announced a major drop in prices selling the phone at $99 instead of the regular $199 price point. Now, three months later, network carrier AT&T too has announced a similar price drop.

Starting now, Blackberry Torch will be available for $99.99 at the AT&T stores. While this is indicative of the lackluster performance of the Blackberry model, this is in no way an indication of the model being a flop. It is worth noting that the holiday shopping season is just around the corner and AT&T would be pretty keen to stock the best of gadgets during this period to maximize their sales. It is then logical that the company is looking at emptying its stocks of Blackberry Torch well on time to begin the sale of these new gadgets

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Blackberry Torch 9800 Car Charging Dock

Looking for a nice way to mount your Blackberry Torch for a quick view even as you get your device charged on the move? The new iGrip charging dock is pretty, and useful. Made specifically for the new Blackberry Torch, users may mount their phone on to the dock (that needs to be plugged to the vehicle charger for power) and clamp it to begin charging the device. The mount also comes with a useful swivel top so that the phone display can be adjusted to a convenient user angle. Additionally, the swivel also helps the Torch to be rotated for landscape and portrait view. Thanks to the suction-holder model, you can pretty much mount the unit anywhere on your car.

The iGrip charging dock for Blackberry Torch is manufactured in Germany and is available at a price of $37.95.

iGrip Blackberry Torch Car Mount

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Blackberry Torch Users Noticing Random Freezing And Lags

The Blackberry Torch comes with a 624MHz processor and quite evidently, this is not in the same league as the 1GB and above processor speeds that you find on many other modern day smartphones from HTC and Samsung. However, users are noticing performance levels on the Blackberry Torch is much worse than what you can expect. Several users on the Blackberry Support forums are noticing lags, random hanging and freezing on their handset.

One user writes,

“I’m also experiencing this. I have made sure to close every application that could be closed on the phone, and I have seen that opening things like the options, or trying to hit the end button the exit messages is very slow. Also just trying to open an application like test messages takes forever sometimes. Not all the time, but it’s very sporadic. My BB Bold 9700 was super fast all the time. I’m a little frustrated with this lag all the time. I even did a battery pull to try and fix it, but that didn’t do anything.”

No words of acknowledgement from Blackberry so far, but the issue does not seem to be occuring on all the Torch handsets either. So, we are assuming this to be an isolated glitch, for now.

Are you facing this issue?

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Does Your Blackberry Torch Drop BIS Connection When Leaving Wi-Fi?

No? Then you must be one very lucky soul. Several hundreds of users on Blackberry forums have been complaining for quite a while now about an issue with loss in connectivity to BIS when they leave a Wi-Fi network. To quote a user who’s facing the issue,

“I’ve been without BIS for over 3 hours now since i’ve left my house this morning.  It happens everyday and is getting worse.  Sometimes I lose it for 5 minutes, but 3 hours is ridiculous!  I’m still connected to 3G.  I can talk on the phone and I can use the browser for internet.  But i can’t get my work emails and my apps don’t work.  I tried resending my service books…nothing.  I turned on and off all my services on the phone…nothing.  I run the connection diagnostics and it says Blackberry Registration: No.  I updated to the latest leak .161 and that didn’t help.  This is so frustrating!!!!”

The issue is with a lot of Blackberry Torch 9800 handsets and so simply exchanging your handset for a new device will not help. Now while AT&T and RIM have apparently acknowledged the issue, there is still no official resolution on offer.

But from what users have noticed, the issue appears to be specific to those users who have upgraded from an older 9700 handset to the new 9800 Torch. The bug is apparently a compatibility issue between Blackberry OS 5 and OS 6.


If you are facing a similar issue, one workaround will be to initiate a master reset. Even if you are doing this, remember that while you restore your content, DO NOT restore any permissions and instead only copy your text and email messages. The idea is basically to set up your Wi-Fi networks anew and not import them from your older device.

It appears to be working for some users. Do try it out and let us know in the comments about your experience.

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Is Your Blackberry Torch Having Notification Bar Update Problems?

Research In Motion’s Blackberry Torch may not have made the kind of ripples that the company may have wanted to in terms of the sale numbers. But when we were just being happy about the fact that users at least did not have to go through the kind of agony iPhone 4 users had to, we are getting to hear about an issue with the notification bar. But yes, this is a pretty minor bug that RIM should be fixing in their next OS upgrade.

There are several related issues. Some users have been noticing that their notification bar has suddenly stopped updating altogether. Others have noticed that the notification bar continues to show email and other notifications as unread even though the user has already gone through them. But the more common problem appears to be with the Facebook calendar event notification. Users have been seeing a deluge of calendar events clogging up their notification bar all of a sudden.

It appears to be a common bug that is behind all these petty issues. If you are facing a similar issue, what you must be doing is shutting off your Facebook and calendar notification feature. Once done, switch off the Torch and remove the battery and hold it out for a minute or so before reinserting it. Turning on the Blackberry Torch should ideally resolve the issues.

But do let me know if it actually works or not.

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Hot Deals! Price Of Blackberry Torch Now Just $99

Looks like the planetary positions for Research In Motion have all gone awry. Nothing seems to be going their way and if the recent announcement from Amazon is any indication, their latest gadget is not selling all that well. Amazon has announced that Blackberry Torch – the new slider phone that comes installed with the exciting Blackberry OS 6 can now be got for half the earlier price – at $99. That’s a $100 drop from the earlier price of $199.

Of course, you will still have to sign up for a two year contract with AT&T and Ma Bell is still selling it at the orginal price in her stores, but now with Amazon blinking, expect the prices to come down elsewhere as well.

We have already reviewed the features of this unit and also have got some pretty nice accessories for you. Now if you will only head over to Amazon and get hold of the Torch.

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Hands-Free Bluetooth Headset For Blackberry Torch 9800 From Motorola

Considering that a good chunk of Blackberry owners are businessmen who might be always on the move, the regular low-cost bluetooth headsets might not be helpful to these users for two reasons – Firstly, these headsets cannot endure the wear and tear that you can expect with regular outdoor use and secondly, the noise-cancellation on these devices is pretty poor making them unusable outdoors.

Motorola has announced that their new H790 bluetooth headset is now compatible with the recently launched Blackberry Torch 9800 smartphone. The device makes use of a CrystalTalk technology that not only cancels noise but also suppresses wind that can hinder conversation while you are traveling at high speeds.

Motorola Bluetooth headset

Additional feaures on the Motorola H790 headset include “voice prompts“. This feature will audibly tell the user how to pair up the device and also make other notifications like when mute is activated or to let the user know which phone is ringing (supposing you have paired up more than one phone – which is possible with the device).

The Motorola headset retails at a price of $89.99 though it is available online at a much cheaper price of $49.99. You can check out for further discounts and purchasing instructions on the product page here.

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Blackberry Torch 9800 Leather Pouch Cases Unveiled

With less than two days to go for RIM to launch the new Blackberry Torch 9800, case manufacturers are busy churning out pouches and cases for the berry.  The latest is from the folks at CellphoneAccents who are launching a swivel-clip leather pouch that comes with some really appealing look.

Quite clearly, the leather pouch is designed for the more style conscious (do BB owners fit in that?) owners and comes with a locking swivel belt clip – twist the clip to open the pouch and retwist it to lock.

Swivel belt leather pouch for Blackberry Torch 9800

According to the manufacturer, the swivel-clip leather pouch for Blackberry Torch 9800 retails at $29.99 though it is presently available for sale at $14.99. The case is already shipping and is reported to be shipped within a business day. Getting a Blackberry Torch and interested in this pouch? Head over to the manufacturer’s website to have your own Torch leather pouch.