Blackberry PlayBook Price Starting At $399?

We have heard rumors about the price of Blackberry PlayBook more than once in the past. Back in September this year, John Jackson; an analyst at CCS Insight made an observation that the starting price of this RIM tablet could be between $300 and $350. This speculation gathered more steam when RIM co-founder Jim Balsillie noted in an interview earlier this month that the tablet shall be priced under $500.

Now here are more rumors. According to some insiders, the Blackberry PlayBook shall be priced at $399, $499 and $599 for the three iterative variants of 8GB, 16GB and 32GB respectively. There is some clarification needed here though. There has been word previously that the tablet shall come in three variants between 16GB and 64GB storage. So, it is likely that the starting model is 16GB and not 8GB as mentioned here.

Anyway, all of this is a rumor and unless Research In Motion does not come forward with its official announcement, we will have to take this with the clichéd pinch of salt.

Blackberry Playbook Video Demo

Research In Motion’s Blackberry PlayBook is the next big launch in the tablet space and could definitely be a hot commodity at least among users who already flaunt a Blackberry. At the Web 2.0 summit yesterday, RIM Co-CEO Jim Balsillie noted about a new module cavity in the device that could be used to pack additional features for WWAN and NFC in the near future. In fact, Balsillie went so far to suggest that “we’d be fools not to have it in the near-term, and we are not fools.

So while the anticipation stays high for this upcoming tablet computer, folks at Engadget have managed to get hold of a nice and short video demonstration of the PlayBook in action. The tablet comes across as pretty responsive and seamless which is a great platform to watch videos or surf the web. Check out the video below and let us know what you think.


Blackberry PlayBook Price Confirmed – Under $500

Research In Motion’s venture into the tablet segment must happen sometime in early 2011. While we have all the details with respect to the features (click here to check out all our earlier PlayBook articles), one thing that is not known as yet is the price. In September, analyst John Jackson from CCS Insight speculated the price of PlayBook to be in the range of $300-$350. While it was merely his own speculation, the general consensus was that RIM might play aggressive and could be offering the device at a low cost.

That is confirmed now. In an interview to a Korean newspaper, RIM co-CEO Jim Balsillie has assured that the device will be available in the US market at a price of below $500. Now that may be too broad a price range. But at least, we now know that the PlayBook might not launch at exorbitant prices a la Galaxy Tab.

Download Blackberry PlayBook SDK For Adobe AIR & Simulators Now

Last month Research In Motion unveiled their new tablet computer, named the PlayBook. Now though the device has not been launched as yet, there is a pretty high anticipation for the device that is expected to be priced under $350.

Now as RIM gets ready for the final launch, we are seeing minor progress on all the other aspects that go with the launch. The company has now released a beta version SDK of the Blackberry PlayBook that will let developers build applications using Adobe AIR. The release also includes a simulator for the developers to build the application from the Windows and Mac platforms.

On the product download page, RIM has also indicated that the support for app development using Adobe Flash and HTML 5 are on their way. Eager to check it out. Hit this link to download a copy to your computer.

Kobo eReader App For Blackberry PlayBook To Be Pre-Loaded

The Blackberry PlayBook already appears to have attracted business users and heavy gamers into its fold. Now according to an announcement from Kobo, the device is also expected to cater to the book lovers. The company has revealed that the new Blackberry PlayBook device shall come pre-installed with Kobo’s eReader application that will instantly give users access to over 2.2 million books on the Kobo digital library. In addition to the access to the library, the Kobo app for Blackberry PlayBook will also feature a social eReading functionality that will let users interact with the Blackberry Messenger social platform while reading books from Kobo. I’m not sure how useful this “industry first” functionality is going to be, but nevertheless, it does sound interesting.

The Kobo application will come with sophisticated search functionalities that will let users search, buy and download books right from the PlayBook without the need to connect to a computer to do so. Can’t wait for the PlayBook to launch!

Price Of Blackberry PlayBook To Be Under $350?

Research in Motion unveiled their new PlayBook tablet computer earlier this week. The tablet is reported to come with twin 1GHz processors, a 1GB RAM, a 7″ display with 1024×600 pixel resolution, 5MP and 3MP camera on the rear-side and front, a QNX mobile OS and HDMI output features. With these splendid features on board, the price is definitely going to seal or break the deal.

According to John Jackson, an analyst at CCS Insight, the new Blackberry PlayBook could be priced between $300 and $350. Now let’s be fair; this is his personal speculation. But if Jackson’s statements turn out to be true, then the device could find itself to be aggressively positioned between the Samsung Galaxy Tab and the iPad. While the Wi-Fi only versions of the iPad are priced close to the $500 mark, the 3G-enabled Samsung Galaxy Tab is expected to be available at $300 after a carrier subsidy. With the PlayBook though, it could end up being all the more attractive considering that the device does not come with an independent data plan and is supposed to come paired with the user’s Blackberry plan. From that viewpoint, a $300-$350 price range is very attractive.

Video Calling On Blackberry Messenger With New PlayBook?

Research In Motion finally unveiled their long rumored tablet computer yesterday. It turned out to be neither a BlackPad or a SurfBook. Instead, the new tablet shall be known as PlayBook and in RIM co-CEO Mike Lazaridis’ words, is the “first professional tablet“. So what is known about the PlayBook? For starters, it can run Adobe Flash, play games, display content from a paired Blackberry phone and will run on the QNX platform instead of the regular Blackberry OS. That last part is very much in alignment with earlier speculations.

But most importantly, it is rumored that RIM could be taking on Apple by launching a FaceTime alternative. The new PlayBook tablet will feature a front-facing in addition to a rear-facing camera. The presence of this camera is speculated to help in introducing a video chat functionality in the hugely popular Blackberry Messenger. With close to 35 million active users on BBM already, RIM should not have a tough job convincing people to use the new functionality.

The only contentious issue is that in the absence of an independent cellular plan, the PlayBook really cannot be offered at a subsidy by the carriers. How will RIM manage to increase the proliferation of this device without an independent contract? That should be interesting to watch.

RIM BlackPad Release Next Week – No Blackberry OS?

The Wall Street Journal has an interesting piece of article that claims that Research In Motion could be unveiling its upcoming tablet computer – known as BlackPad to some and Surf Book to others – as early as next week. The newspaper’s sources have claimed that the actual launch could happen in the fourth quarter of this year; a no-brainer considering that the quarter begins in just over a week from now.

What’s interesting is that RIM could actually do away with the Blackberry OS on the tablet computer and could instead go with a completely revamped operating system built by QNX. QNX is a maker of operating system software that is used in a wide array of industries and the company was acquired by RIM not so long ago. Indications are that Waterloo could move towards incorporating this new OS – touted to be a worthy competitor to iOS and Android – on the upcoming Blackberry handsets as well.

As of now, the company has not given any hint about the upcoming release. Let’s wait for an announcement then.

Surf Book – New Name For Blackberry Tablet?

Waterloo based Research in Motion is reported to have filed a new trademark with the Canadian Intellectual Property office for “Surf Book“. The application is pretty generic in that it does not specifically state that this could be tablet computer but from the looks of it, it is possible that RIM might name their upcoming tablet computer SurfBook.

This comes a couple of months after reports suggested that RIM had registered the domain name giving rise to speculations about the name for the new tablet. For what it’s worth, currently does not resolve to anything and doesn’t seem to be owned by the same people that own

It is also worth noting that RIM has not filed the application for SurfBook with the USPTO as yet though it is always possible for them to file one at a later date. Which of the two names is better in your opinion? BlackPad is sure to help RIM gain a brand identity that Surf Book may not offer.

Name Of Blackberry Tablet – BlackPad?

We all know that the Canadian smartphone maker, RIM is working on a tablet device. We have also heard that the new Blackberry tablet will come with a 7-inch touchscreen screen, 1GHz Marvell Processor and two cameras – one on the front and another on the rear.

Now, there are fresh indications that the tablet PC from RIM could be named BlackPad. This comes from a recent revelation that the Blackberry makers have recently purchased the domain name from its earlier owner. The website itself does not resolve to anything at the moment, though the WhoIs data for the domain name seems to confirm the current owner.

BlackPad in my opinion is a pretty pointless name. Not only does it fail to exploit the brand recall that “Berry” has to offer, but by taking the “pad” route, the company seems to be confiding the fact that they are in the market solely because Apple is here.

What do you think of the name, BlackPad?