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Buy Sprint Blackberry Style Now – Price & Specs Details

Blackberry Style, the new flip from the folks at Research In Motion is now available for sale in the American market. The phone is carried by Sprint and shall be available at an attractive price of $99 along with a 2 year contract. There are two colors to pick from – one royal purple and another steel grey. There are a good number of women owning a Blackberry. So the royal purple is probably targeted at them.

Talking about specs, this is a flip phone and so if you are a fan of this model, read on. It comes with the usual 624MHz processor but with a larger 512MB RAM and a 5-Megapixel camera. The phone has the characteristic QWERTY keyboard and runs on Blackberry OS 6. Storage is not huge with only an 8GB memory card. Other features include GPS, Wi-Fi and support for Open GL for 3D graphics.

Here is a small video demo of this new phone.

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BlackBerry Style 9670 Price And Launch Details Announced

If you have been waiting for a new flip phone from Research In Motion, then get ready for the new Blackberry Style. This is a Sprint only phone (for the US customers, obviously) that will come with a 2.7″ QVGA display, 5-megapixel camera, 8GB microSD card, Blackberry 6 OS, a full QWERTY physical keyboard and is integrated to the Blackberry App World.

According to the press release from Sprint, the phone will be priced at $99.99 after a mail-in rebate and along with a 2 year contract. Blackberry Style 9670 shall be available in just two colors – Steel Gray and Royal Purple to begin with.

And the launch? The statement notes that the new Blackberry Style 9670 should be available starting October 31st. Of course you can reserve a unit right away at the Sprint website. In that case, hit this link to go ahead and make your pre-order.