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Blackberry VLC Remote Control App Turns Blackberry Into Remote Control

Are you the kind who connects your computer to a telly while watching a movie? Then if you are a Blackberry user, this app is definitely worth checking out. The Blackberry VLC Remote Control app lets users to turn their Blackberry phones into a remote control to access VLC media files on the computer. VLC, as you know, is an open standard media application that virtually runs all media formats and is thus one of the most popular softwares to play videos.

The VLC Remote Control app is capable of performing a number of functions including browsing the hard drive for media files, play, navigate using play/next/RW-FW controls,etc. All of this is achieved over the wireless network and so the entire process is quite efficient.

The Blackberry VLC Remote Control app is now available for purchase at a price of $0.99 at the App Word. You can check the app by clicking here.

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Blackberry PlayBook App For Fantasy Football- Video Demo

After years of being known as the business phone guys, Research In Motion has been desperately trying to get mainstream. The launch of PlayBook, the recently unveiled tablet computer, is in this very direction and the company has tried to marry business with entertainment with this new launch.

Now folks at Universal Mind have given us a sneak into what the new Blackberry SDK can offer. The company has released a video demo of their upcoming Fantasy Football app for Blackberry Playbook that, from the preview, looks pretty neat. According to a post on the company’s blog, the new Blackberry SDK is integrated with Adobe Flash Builder which makes it easy for a developer of Flash based games to easily make a Playbook-compatible version of their applications.

“It was entirely built using Adobe Flash Builder and the BlackBerry SDK. The workflow allowed us to deploy a working tablet application in days with full touch and gesture interactions that you would expect in a tablet device.

The framework SDK is integrated into Flash Builder which made for a very familiar dev environment. Compiling the application and deploying it to the PlayBook Simulator is quick and easy with multiple ways to see your application in a working environment. Without a actual device in hand we relied on the Simulator to test all the interactions, so it was a key piece of the workflow.”

If not for anything else, the video demo is a wonderful advertisement for the capabilities of the Blackberry SDK that should really get a lot of developers interested in this platform. Check out the demo embedded below.

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Password Protect Blackberry Apps, Emails & Folders With AppLock

You can keep your Blackberry secure by locking down the entire device. But if that is alone not enough, the AppLock Blackberry app will come of help. This is not exactly a new application but is a pretty useful tool in order to let users set passwords for specific applications or even to password protect email messages and other folders on your Blackberry. The AppLock application also works with folders on your phone’s SD card. Here is a rundown on the features

  • Lock any number of applications you want.
  • Lock Native as well as 3rd Party applications.
  • Lock whole Messages app or Emails from specific persons only.
  • Protect selected media folders on your SD Card.
  • Intelligent Operation – Auto Lock on BackLight Off & Phone Lock.
  • Constant Protection for maximum security.
  • Supported on all OS 4.2.1 and above.

The AppLock application retails at a price of $2.99 from the Blackberry AppWorld though the app is presently available at a discounted price of $0.99. You can check out the app by clicking here.

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Official ESPN Radio App For Blackberry Released

Research in Motion Blackberry scores really high on business users. But despite attempts made by the company to shrug off the business-user tag, the company has not come a long way in this direction so far. In this regard, I think the recent launch of the official ESPN Radio app for Blackberry is pretty significant. This is not only indicative of the growing usage of Blackberry phones by the not-so-business-savvy user, but also contributes towards making the Blackberry appealing to the general audience.

As you may have expected, the new ESPN Radio app is not free and costs $2.99 to purchase and download from the Blackberry AppWorld. But for this one-time charge, you should be able to access plenty of official ESPN radio content from

ESPN Radio Network Feed

ESPN Deportes Network Feed
KSPN – 710 AM Los Angeles, CA
KESN – 103.3 FM Dallas, TX
WMVP – 1000 AM Chicago, IL
WEPN – 1050 AM New York, NY
WTEM – 980 AM Washington, D.C.
WKNR – 850 AM Cleveland, OH
WWGK – 1540 AM Cleveland, OH
WEFL – 760 AM West Palm Beach, FL
WAUK – 540 AM Milwaukee, WI
WTLX – 100.5 FM Madison, WI
WHBO – 1040 AM Tampa, FL
WHOO – 1080 AM Orlando, FL
KIRO – 710 AM Seattle, WA
KKEA – 1420 AM Honolulu, HI
WENJ – 1450 AM Atlantic City, NJ
KLAA – 830 AM Anaheim, CA
WRGM – 1440 AM Mansfield, OH
KEPN – 1600 AM Denver, CA
WNXX – 104.5 FM Baton Rouge, LA
KKXS – 96.1 FM Redding, CA

Interested? Hit the link here to go ahead and purchase.

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StarBucks App For Blackberry Released

StarBucks, the Seattle based coffeehouse has announced the release of its new StarBucks Card application for Blackberry phones. This is the second mobile platform for which a mobile app is released by the company. Last September, the company announced its first iPhone app by the same name.

The app works similar to a pre-paid card and can be downloaded free of cost. While it does not cost anything to download, users will however need to refill their app with money in order to begin using the app as an alternative to paper money while visiting a StarBucks joint. Besides offering an alternate payment channel, the StarBucks Card app also lets users locate nearby StarBucks joints, check for rewards, etc.

The app may be downloaded on your Bold, Curve, Tour or Storm by texting GO to 70845. Download the app offer your feedback in the comments section below.


TringMe VoIP App For Blackberry Released

TringMe, the popular VoIP calling service provider is now available on Blackberry. The new Blackberry app will let users make VoIP calls over a Wi-Fi network to contacts around the world. To download the application, Blackberry users may visit and install the application.

TringMe Blackberry VoIP app

To make calls, users may simply surf through their contacts list as they would do with a regular call and choose to call through TringMe using the options. Unlike a few other VoIP clients that require users to call a local number for the call to be connected to the destination, TringMe claims to save on those cellular minutes by routing it through a Wi-Fi network. Of course, if you are not in a Wi-Fi area, you may choose to instead use local minutes to call your contacts from across the globe. Additionally, if both the caller and receiver are TringMe users, the service becomes free to use. Besides calling, Blackberry users may also send text messages using the TringMe VoIP client.

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A Blackberry App To Check Traffic Conditions

Research in Motion has released a new Blackberry App that is now available in the Blackberry App World that will allow users to check on local traffic conditions, locate road closures, determine an estimate time of arrival as well as share these details to colleagues in case of unexpected traffic rush.

In the application description, RIM explains the app as follows,

“Thanks to BlackBerry Traffic, you can easily plan to be where you need to be—on time.1 Get your estimated time of arrival (ETA), find out if a road is closed, or decide to take an alternate route, all ahead of time. Heading to a friend’s place? Simply grab their address from your BlackBerry contact list, get your ETA, then email or text it along with a preset message to avoid keeping them waiting and wondering when you’re going to arrive. Making – and keeping – plans just got a whole lot easier.”

The app is presently in its beta version and so do not expect it to be flawless. Nevertheless, if you are game, just go ahead and download the app to your handset.