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BIS 3.0 : Blackberry Internet Service New Version Launching Next Week

After all the rumors over the past few weeks, RIM’s new upgrade to its Blackberry Internet Service, the BIS 3.0 is expected to arrive next week. This speculation has been revealed by one of BerryReview’s sources.

Early this month, we had reported leaks of an internal document that revealed the specs of BIS 3.0. Accordingly, plugins for Gmail syncing and support for WMA and OpenOffice are likely.

While the specs are most likely to be genuine, we will still hold off on the launch date for the moment. We hope it is true though!

[via BerryReview]

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Leaked Blackberry Document Reveals BIS 3.0 Specs

A confidential internal document purporting to be from “Research In Motion” seems to have been leaked. This document holds detailed information about the soon to be launched version of Blackberry Internet Service (BIS) 3.0.

This document apparently confirms many of the earlier speculations that we had made regarding the feature set of this new BIS version. An article on Go Rumors late last month reported speculations that BIS 3.0 might offer among other things, a Gmail plugin for easier syncing as well as support for WMA and OpenOffice.

While the document does looks genuine, it still needs to be noted that this is a rumor and is not a confirmed word. We will update you on any response from RIM on this as and when it happens.

Meanwhile, don’t forget to check out the document by clicking here (PDF)

[via BBLeaks]

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BIS 3.0 To Support WMA, OpenOffice?

The next update to the Blackberry Internet Service (BIS), BIS 3.0 is expected to launch in March of this year and the next version, BIS 3.1 is rumored to launch soon after. While we had earlier heard about BIS 3.0 coming with a Gmail plugin to make message syncing easier, now we are hearing about additional support for WMA and OpenOffice.

Folks at BBLeaks quote their sources as saying that the next version of BIS, the 3.0 version will support both these extensions. Also, BIS 3.1 which is expected to launch soon after will also bring Yahoo, Hotmail syncing, Yahoo messenger download and Google Calendar syncing.

[via BBleaks, BlackberryCool]