Get Free Smartphone On Best Buy Mobile Through December

If you are contemplating a smartphone purchase this holiday season, don’t forget to check out this new offer from Best Buy Mobile. The mobile specialty store division of Best Buy has announced a new offer that will let you get hold of a new smartphone for free from one of the Best Buy Stores or online from the company website.

According to a media statement, Best Buy will feature a minimum of four different smartphones in this offer all through December that users can pick up for $0. Of course, this will still require you to sign up for a contract period. But if you are looking at saving those $200 odd bucks, this is definitely a good option.

Most of the devices on offer at the moment are Android phones. Best Buy makes special mention of Droid Incredible, Sony Ericsson Xperia X10, LG Optimus S and LG Optimus T in their release. If you want to check out the deal for today, you can also check out their website here.

Buy Facebook Credits From Wal-Mart & Best Buy Soon

Want to invest in your virtual farm but do not have sufficient Facebook credits? You can soon buy them during your weekly groceries shopping at Wal-Mart. The Facebook Credits card will soon be available in the impulse section of both Wal-Mart and Best Buy that will let consumers in the United States to buy credits to replenish their virtual cash on Facebook – something that can come of use in over 200 games and applications.

This is however not something new. Another popular American retailer, Target has been stocking such cards since September of this year and it has apparently been a successful experiment. Customers looking for such cards will be able to buy them at denominations of between $5 and $50. This is definitely an interesting move and something that could push more people to spend money on Facebook apps.

Price Of Wi-Fi Only Samsung Galaxy Tab On Best Buy Revealed

Who knew a Wi-Fi only version of the Samsung Galaxy Tab was on the way. Best Buy, it appears, is prepping up for the launch of one such device starting next month when the new Android tablet from Samsung will launch in the United States. From what we hear, this Wi-Fi only version of the Galaxy Tab will be available at a price of $499 – that very same starting price that the iPad is available at. This device will include storage of up to 32GB using expandable memory.

Besides the Wi-Fi only version, Best Buy is also learned to be offering 3G enabled versions of the tablet that the users may sign up with Verizon and Sprint. While it is still unconfirmed, it is likely that the AT&T and T-Mobile variants of the Tab will also be available for purchase.

Logitech Revue With Google TV Launches On Best Buy

Logitech, along with companies like Sony and Intel was among the companies that Google partnered with in the launch of their Google TV. Now after Sony started selling their new Internet television earlier this week, Logitech too has announced that their new Logitech Revue – complete with Google TV integration – is now available for purchase at Best Buy.

Initial response from the customers looks pretty impressive. The device is already reported to be sold out and current sale of new Logitech Revue units are being backordered. The base unit sells for $299.99. Now if you cannot wait some more time to get hold of these units, then you can go for one of those more expensive offers. The $349.98 unit that includes two HDMI cables and the other $599.96 model that includes cables, camera and a controller. Check these units at Best Buy by clicking here.

Sony Internet TV On Best Buy Goes On Sale

Sony Internet TV; the company’s version of Google TV was launched this week and like what we had earlier heard, Best Buy is not holding back for a week before launch. The popular electronics retailer has already put up their stocks of Google TV from Sony for sale. But given the new concept, the product is sure to invite several inquisitive visitors. Best Buy is reported to have been giving away a pretty neat product guide that will give customers a walkthrough of all that is on offer.

Logitech, another Google partner in the making of Google TV too is reported to be getting all set to bring their new Logitech Revue to the Best Buy stores. Just hold on for an official word.

Sony’s Google TV offering is made of four HD TV models along with one Blu-Ray player.

Buy Dell Streak On Best Buy Starting October 24

Dell Streak is getting more shelf space. This time from the popular American electronics retailer, Best Buy. According to an announcement on the Best Buy website, Dell Streak, along with HTC Surround and the white colored variants of Samsung Fascinate and Sony Xperia X10 will go on sale at the retailer’s mobile division starting October 24.

The retailer has also announced that pre-ordering of these devices are already open. The Dell Streak will be available on shelves at a price of $299.99 after signing a two year contract. Dell Streak as you know is a tablet PC with a small 5″ display and includes specs such as a Gorilla glass display, a 1GHz SnapDragon processor, two cameras, integrated A-GPS and Location-Based-Services apps.

Scott Anderson from Best Buy Mobile has said,

“Each one of these devices offers something new and unique to the market and we are excited and honored to bring them to our customers. Best Buy knows consumers expect the hottest products, but also great prices along with a level of service and support that simply makes life easier – that’s what we’re delivering.”

White Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 & Samsung Fascinate On Best Buy From Oct 24

The white iPhone 4 may well turn out to be a vaporware. But if you are one who is excited about owning a white colored variant of popular mobile phones like the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 or Samsung Fascinate, news is in that the white colored versions of these handsets will be available starting October 24 on Best Buy. If you are interested, you could go ahead and reserve a piece rightaway for a price of $50.

Samsung Fascinate is the Verizon bound variant of the popular Android smartphone, Samsung Galaxy S. On the other hand, Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 is on AT&T. Of course, you will have to remember that these phones will come locked to these carriers upon purchase.

From what we hear, the white versions of these two phone models shall be exclusive to Best Buy to start with and so if you want those bragging rights, go ahead and make the purchase now.

Buy Sony PlayStation 3 With Latest Firmware For $30 Premium At Best Buy

This is how you update your Sony PS3 to the latest firmware – Ensure you are connected to the internet, go to Systems Menu -> System Updates and download the latest firmware. It is not a big deal anyway. But if you are one of those users who is not tech-savvy enough and wishes for someone who will get it done for you, you may have to pay a $30 premium.

That’s exactly what Best Buy has recently been caught charging. According to some reports, the Geek Squad at a Best Buy store in New York has been selling a 120GB PS3 with the latest 3.50 firmware update at an additional cost of $30. Of course, there are units with the older firmware that do not come with this additional price premium and so the buyer is not entirely obliged to cough up this additional cost. But in any case, this is a pretty huge cost for something as simple as a firmware update which does not show the retail store in positive light.

Google TV On Best Buy – Launch On October 17?

Pardon me for the number of fake alarms with respect to the official launch date for Google TV. Remember the original rumors about the set top box launching in May? Well, that never happened. But there was an interesting rumor earlier this month when Intel CEO, Paul Otellini suggested that the Google TV could launch “this month.

Now if more recent speculations are to be believed, Intel could be wrong. This is because a leaked internal document from Best Buy has revealed that the Google TV could actually be making it to the stores only by October 17th. This is after the document notes that the original launch date of October 3 had to be deferred due to unspecified issues. Considering that Best Buy is an official Google partner in the sale of Google TV, this looks like a pretty reasonable speculation. But wouldn’t it be great if G gave us an official launch date?

Price Of T-Mobile G2 On Radio Shack Cheaper Than Best Buy’s

A couple of days back, Best Buy announced that they are opening their stores for T-Mobile G2 pre-orders. The device, that is expected to hit the American market on October 6, was priced at $199 in the Best Buy announcement.

Now Best Buy’s rival in the United States – Radio Shack – has gone on the offensive and has opened their preorder for a much discounted price of $150. A tweet from the retailer reads,

The T-Mobile G2 with Google is coming to @RadioShack. Only $149.99 with 2-yr agreement (instant rebate!). Stay tuned for info.

The difference in pricing is pretty wide and this would mean Best Buy too would be forced to give in and announce a discounted pre-order price to customers. But since not much information is available from the Shack’s end, we would assume that this is only going to be a limited time offer and the price of G2 shall move up to $199 as soon as the company gets the necessary mileage. In that case, it will be interesting to see how Best Buy will respond.