Blackberry 4G Phone Launch Delayed Because Of Battery Issues?

There have been rumors in the past that Research In Motion could be working on a 4G LTE variant of their Blackberry models in order to gain greater foothold in the American market. However, those plans seem to have suffered some setback according to sources.

We hear that RIM has been having trouble keeping the cost of producing such a device under check. The high cost is being attributed particularly to LTE chips. However, that is just one concern.

There is word that regardless of the costs, the phone could still see delay because of the company’s trouble with developing a reliable battery that can work long enough. The company is expected to take some more time to sort out these issues which means a 4G LTE capable Blackberry handset is still a long time away.

iPhone Turning Off Randomly? Battery To Blame

A long running thread on the Apple support forums has had a number of iPhone users complain over the months that their iPhone, primarily the 3GS, has been turning off randomly despite the fact that their battery is sufficiently powered. Some users seemed to have experienced this issue even when the battery was loaded by more than 90%.

The initial suspects for the problem was the iOS. Users complained that they started seeing the problem soon after upgrading to one of the several recently released versions. However, as some of them are now beginning to conclude, the issue could be due to a batch of bad batteries that may be causing the problem. Users who have got the batteries on their iPhone replaced have noticed immediate improvement.

If you are one of the affected users, you may approach your nearest Apple Store for a battery replacement. Of course, if you don’t care much about warranties and want to replace the batteries yourself, you can click here and here to purchase replacement batteries for iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 respectively.

Does iOS 4.2 Upgrade Improve Battery Life Of iPhone, iPad Or iPod Touch?

A question to iOS device users – has the battery life on your iPhone or iPad improved after you upgraded to the latest iOS? We had recently written about a persisting problem faced by iPod Touch owners since the iOS 4.0 update that caused the battery on their devices to drain out rapidly. The issue does not seem to have gone away with the latest iOS update either.

However according to a recent note by Nokia Siemens, the latest iOS update brings a new technology that was developed by Apple in partnership with the company that could improve the battery life of the iDevice to a great extent. Called the Network Controlled Fast Dormancy (NFCD), this technology creates an optimal interface between awake and sleep modes that will help in minimizing battery spent during network reconnectivity while also idling during user inactivity. The note reads,

All this disconnecting and reconnecting takes time and can cause a frustratingly slow network response. On the other hand, leaving the smartphone in an active mode all the time drains the battery very quickly. To overcome the problem Nokia Siemens Networks introduced a method that, instead of putting the handset into idle or keeping it always active, keeps the handset in an intermediate state. From here, a smartphone can wake up much more quickly and needs to send far fewer signals to and from the network to start a data connection. You get a fast network response and a longer battery life.”

We wonder how much NFCD has improved battery performance in reality. Comment on your experiences.

Poor Battery Life On iPod Touch After iOS 4 Upgrade – Issue Persists

Looks like it has been a long time since we talked about the battery issue with the recent iOS updates on iPod Touch. Back in September this year, we had written about an issue experienced by many iPod Touch users who had upgraded their device to the then latest iOS update.

The common complaint was that updating the iPod Touch to iOS 4.0 resulted in an overnight drop in the average battery life of the iPod. We had also suggested a temporary fix to the issue back then.

Now with Apple having released iOS 4.2.1, one may have assumed that such issues may have become a thing of the past. However, it looks like the battery drain issue continues to affect a significant number of iPod Touch users.

One common observation is that the Wi-Fi on the affected phones do not seem to be deactivated when the phone goes to sleep. Normally, the iPod Touch would only reconnect to Wi-Fi everytime it is “woken up“. But the Wi-Fi on the affected phones continue to stay active even when the device is in idle mode thereby draining battery life. The root cause for this could be an application – native or third party. But that is yet to be ascertained.

Have you been able to decipher it on your end? Let us know in the comments or join other folks in the deliberation on the Apple support forum here.

iOS 4 Draining Battery On iPod Touch – Here Are Some Fixes

A massive thread up on the Apple support forum has been up and running since June this year and presently has close to a thousand posts from people who have been noticing severe battery drain on their iPod Touch since it was upgraded to the iOS 4 operating system. Since then, Apple has released newer versions with a major iOS 4.1 release expected this week. However, the problems that these users have been facing are unlikely to be resolved anytime soon.

There are some observations that the problem could stem from the fact that Apple has chosen to keep power guzzling features like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth on while the iPod is asleep.  If you are facing the same issue, you could use one of the following resolution procedures.

  • Navigate to Settings and turn on Airplane mode before retiring for the night. This feature will automatically disable features like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth so that you may save battery while the iPod Touch is not in use.
  • Deactivate Push notifications and alerts. Some users have seen results with just this
  • Navigate to Settings -> Mail,Contacts,Calendar -> Fetch New Data. Set the feature to ‘Manually
  • Attempt a system restore

Many users have seen an improvement in battery performance using one of the above fixes. Do try them and let us know if they work.

Is Your HTC EVO Battery Draining Too Quickly?

The HTC EVO 4G is a great phone with some of the most amazing specifications on smartphones. But even the biggest fans will concede, the battery life on the EVO is nothing to write home about and is pretty poor that it cannot last a day. Wait, many users have complained that the HTC EVO cannot last even a work-day and that its battery dies down pretty fast even if you have power-guzzlers like GPS, Wi-Fi and 4G turned off.

Of course, there are not too many things you can do except carrying a battery charger along with you wherever you go. If that sounds infeasible, do the next best thing – carry a second battery.

Seidio Innocell is selling replacement batteries for HTC EVO that the manufacturers claim will offer a longer battery life than the original. This battery comes with a power capacity of 1750mAh – significantly higher than the 1500mAh capacity on the original EVO battery. Seidio is selling the battery at a price of $43.99 and note that the original retail price is close to $70. Well, whatever. Here’s the product page.

Universal Battery Charger For Your Electronic Gadgets

Getting annoyed by the several dangling cables and chargers on your work table? iHome is here to replace all of this with just one hub that will provide you with ports to charge nearly all of your electronic gadgets.

The iHome iB969 comes with a built-in dock for the iPad. Besides this, the hub also contains a couple of universal docks for your iPhone and iPod along with a rubberized “rest area” where you can fit in several other gadgets at home.
iHome universal electronic battery charger
This is pretty awesome if you own a smartphone, tablet, eReader, iPod since it would really declutter the place. But at $129, it is definitely not on the inexpensive side. Nevertheless, if you are really feeling excited about it and want to own one for yourself, click away to the iHome website and order one for youself.

USB Solar Charger For Mobile Phone – Review

A few days back, I had written about the new Monaco Solar Charger that is a great accessory for those of you are keen on using eco-friendly products. Today, I have an opportunity to fiddle with the product and offer my view of the solar charger.

First of all, here is some background on the product. The Monaco Solar Powered battery charger comes with a light-weight solar cell. At 93.5 grams, this is pretty portable and offers a capacity of 1800mAh. The charger has two ports – an input port and an output port. The solar cell comes with a large face that may be kept facing the sun in order to power the solar battery. My room receives a lot of sunlight in the morning and I found the solar cell to be quite sufficiently receptive.
Solar Cell

The cell is illuminated with a red light whenever it is in charging mode, so you know if there is sufficient sunlight around or not. Charging solely via solar power can take quite some time and so if you are also looking for a power line to complement, you can always use the regular adapter that comes in the box.

The Monaco Solar Powered battery charger is compatible with several brands of mobile phones. Though the manufacturers – WirelessGround – have only mentioned Apple, Blackberry, LG, Motorola, HTC, Nokia, Palm, Samsung handsets to be compatible, I guess the Monaco solar powered battery charger can be used with any handset that comes equipped with a USB-based dock connector.

The mobile phone solar charger is available at a regular price of $79.95 though it is now tagged at $39.95 on the WirelessGround website. You can check out the specs and purchase details on their website by clicking here.

Here are a few pictures and demonstration video of Monaco mobile phone solar charger
Monaco Solar charger
Monaco iPhone solar charger

Monaco Solar Powered Charger For iPhone, iPod Touch And iPad Launched

Folks at WirelessGround have announced the launch of a new solar powered mobile phone charger that will be of great help to those of you who are always on the move or live in areas with intermittent  power cuts.

The solar charger comes with a capacity of 1800mAh and at 93.5 grams, is pretty much portable. However, the Monaco solar phone charger is not just limited to iPhones. The charger is compatible with most models of Blackberry, LG, Motorola, HTC, Nokia, Palm and Nokia phones as well. Users of iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch will however require the Apple dock connector to USB cable.

In addition to solar power, the charger may also be charged via AC power or using a computer. Charging time is noted to be anywhere between 6 and 8 hours.

[via WirelessGround]

Battery Life : Motorola Droid X Vs. HTC EVO 4G

Smartphones have been getting increasingly feature rich. Motorola Droid X has been touted to be the next big thing in Android smartphones and with the fiercest rival battling fundamental call reception issues, this is the best time for Motorola to go for the kill.

However, Android handsets of late have not featured too prominently on the battery-life scale. This is especially after the Apple iPhone 4 was featured by prominent tech experts as a device that can last for 38 hours – Realistically though it has been noted to last not more than 4 hours of hard core usage. Nevertheless, the point is Android handsets have a huge benchmark to breach.

According to a recent article on PC World, Motorola may have finally created a device that will appeal to those looking for a high battery life device. While the publication does  not have a scientific study to prove this, initial tests on the device show that the battery life on Droid-X is at least twice as powerful as the recently launched HTC EVO 4G.

“Using both phones the way average folks do–Web browsing, a few calls and texts, and some audio (Pandora) and video (YouTube) streaming–I found that the EVO seldom lasted longer than a day. And if I streamed a lot of video or activated the phone’s built-in mobile hotspot, the EVO might die within three or so hours.

The Droid X, by comparison, could run a solid two days between charges, based on normal use. Pushed to the limit (e.g., non-stop video streaming), it still might last an entire workday. (I tested both phones over a 3G connection, as Sprint’s 4G service isn’t available yet in my area.)”

There you go. My assumption is that this should then probably better the battery offered on the iPhone 4. What do you think?