Augen Genbook 74 Netbook Features And Price Announced

Augen has been churning out some nifty products lately. Earlier this month, the company had announced ‘The Book’ ereader that comes with an LCD display, a 400MHz ARM CPU, Linux platform and an SD slot with storage capacity of up to 8GB. Also, last week saw the announcement regarding the new Augen tablet that will bring a 7-inches display along with a 256MB RAM and 2GB internal memory for $149.99 on KMart.

Now, the company has announced yet another new product; this time in the netbook space. The new Augen Genbook 74 should be among the cheapest netbooks out in the wild. At $99, the latest from Augen features a 7-inches display, a 400MHz processor, a 128MB RAM on an Android 1.6 powered machine to offer something that’s value for money. Of course, the specs are not the best out there, but for the price, I can tell you, we will see a lot of people excited. Are you one? Then, head over to Kmart. The retailer is now stocking this latest netbook from Augen.