Six New Augen GenTouch Tablets Unveiled

Following upon the not-so-successful launch of the Augen GenTouch 78 Android tablet, the company has unveiled six new models of GenTouch. The new models that are expected to launch by the end of this year will be available at a wide price-range of between $200 and $600. The newly announced models include three new brand names – Latte, Espresso and Firma. Augen GenTouch Latte is a 7″ resistive touchscreen device with 2GB storage and priced at $199.99 while Augen GenTouch Latte Grande is a device with more powerful features priced at $249.99.

Augen GenTouch Espresso is available in three models. The basic variant is a 7″ capacitive touchscreen device with 8GB storage and 1GHz A9 processor while Espresso Dolce and Espresso Doppio come with larger displays of 10.1″ and dual booting (in case of Doppio). These two devices are priced at $429.99 and $599.99 respectively.

The sixth model, the Augen GenTouch Firma is a 7″  resistive touchscreen device with a dual core processor running on Android 2.2 platform. The price of this model is not known yet.

Augen GenTouch78 News – Google Apps Removed, New Features Added

You remember how the new Augen tablet – the GenTouch78 was accused by Google of resorting to piracy by offering its users access to the Android market app despite the fact that Google licenses that application only to its partners at the Open  Handset Alliance (which Augen is not part of)?

Now, the company has announced that the future shipments of its Augen  GenTouch78 will come without the Android market app as well as other Google apps. That means you will not be able to access Gmail, Calendar and Google Talk on your GenTouch78 if you are purchasing the device henceforth. Augen is reported to be in talks with Google to bring back these applications in future versions, though it is not clear why Google should budge.

Besides this, the company has also announced a few other updates. The new features introduced include a screen calibration tool and a USB charging feature. The calibration tool will enable better screen responsiveness while the other feature will let users charge their device using a USB cable.

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Is Augen GenTouch78 Tablet Using Pirated Android App?

I recently wrote about the new Augen GenTouch78 Android tablet that the company was releasing on KMart at a price of $149.99. One of the interesting features about the 7-inches display tablet running Android 2.1 is the availability of the Android market app. Interesting because, this is an application that is yet to be publicly announced for any Android tablet computer.

It now appears that the company may have obtained the Android market app via an unauthorized vendor. In a statement made to LaptopMag, a Google spokesperson has indicated that their company has not licensed the Android market app to Augen and hence this could be technically illegal. The spokesperson has said,

“Augen included proprietary Google software in their product via an unauthorized vendor. Google only licenses its software to partners and OHA [Open Handset Alliance] members directly.”

It is worth noting that while the Android operating system is itself an open source software, the Android market app is not and only licensed partners are allowed to offer this application on their devices. LaptopMag points out that the fact that this is illegal could then explain an issue noticed with the use of the application on GenTouch78. The website points out that the Android market app only lets users search for apps though downloading was not possible.

It will be interesting to see how Augen’s retail partner KMart decides to proceed in this regard. Considering that incorporation of unlicensed software amounts to piracy, it is likely that KMart may choose to stop selling Augen GenTouch78. There is no statement from the company in that effect so far, though.

Augen Genbook 74 Netbook Features And Price Announced

Augen has been churning out some nifty products lately. Earlier this month, the company had announced ‘The Book’ ereader that comes with an LCD display, a 400MHz ARM CPU, Linux platform and an SD slot with storage capacity of up to 8GB. Also, last week saw the announcement regarding the new Augen tablet that will bring a 7-inches display along with a 256MB RAM and 2GB internal memory for $149.99 on KMart.

Now, the company has announced yet another new product; this time in the netbook space. The new Augen Genbook 74 should be among the cheapest netbooks out in the wild. At $99, the latest from Augen features a 7-inches display, a 400MHz processor, a 128MB RAM on an Android 1.6 powered machine to offer something that’s value for money. Of course, the specs are not the best out there, but for the price, I can tell you, we will see a lot of people excited. Are you one? Then, head over to Kmart. The retailer is now stocking this latest netbook from Augen.

Augen Tablet Price, Tech Specs Announced

The new Android tablet from Augen – the Augen tablet will be available at a price of $149.99 from KMart beginning this weekend.The tablet computer will come with a 7-inches display screen that will be powered by Android 2.1 enhanced by a 256MB RAM and a good 2GB of internal memory.

With the tablet being based out of the open sourced Android OS platform, users can also claim access to the third party applications available on the Android App Store. However, do remember that this tablet does not come integrated with a 3G network. So you are reliant on Wi-Fi connections. This also means, you may not get automatic OTA updates and have to rely on Wi-Fi networks to get your software updates.

This has been a busy month for Augen. The company recently released their eReader aptly named ‘The Book‘. The eReader is priced at $89 and offers a cost effective alternative to the pricey eReaders out in the market.

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