AT&T To Buy Stake In Reliance Communications India?

AT&T may be in talks to acquire a stake in one of India’s leading mobile service providers, Reliance Communications. The talks are said to be in early stage at the moment and there are no breakthroughs as yet. In fact, there are rumored to be some disagreements with respect to the stock-holding pattern. AT&T is noted to be intent on acquiring a majority stake though it is said that Anil Ambani, the head at Reliance is keen on retaining the majority stake in the company.

Nevertheless, the companies are said to be in deep negotiations over the sale. Reliance Communications is the second largest mobile carrier in India with over 105 million subscribers. The next few years are expected to be extremely profitable considering the imminent launch of 3G services in the country. AT&T is hence noted to be eyeing a comeback to the country after it sold off its stake in Idea Cellular back in 2005 owing to low margins.

[via WSJ]

HTC Aria On AT&T Launch And Features

HTC Aria – a new Android 2.1 based device running Sense UI may be coming to AT&T soon. According to sources PhoneDog spoke to, the new smartphone shall launch on June 7 – incidentally the day when the iPhone 4G is also expected to be unveiled, or better, sold.

Details about the device are sparse at the moment, and except for the platform, nothing else is known at the moment. Nevertheless, the timing is quite interesting. HTC EVO 4G is expected to launch on June 4 – just days before the iPhone 4G launches. Motorola Droid 2 is expected soon after – in July. With HTC Aria launching on June 7, is this going to be the famous “three pronged strategy” that Google Android is going to take to combat the iPhone menace? Looks silly to me – the timing of the launch, that is.

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Samsung Rugby II Specs, Price And Launch Date Announced

AT&T has announced the new Samsung Rugby II which is targeted at customers who live a rugged lifestyle. The new casing features a clamshell that is built according to military specifications. Here are some notable features on Samsung Rugby II

Display : 2.2 inches TFT (Internal); 1.3 inches CSTN display (External)
Dimensions : 4.01 x 2.05 x 0.86 inches
Camera : 2 megapixel and video recorder
Storage : microSD support for up to 16GB
Push to talk
Support for dual-band HSDPA 7.2
AT&T Navigator, Social Net support

The new Samsung handset is expected to launch on June 6 at a price of $130 after a $50 mail-in rebate and a two year contract.

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LG Vu Plus Mobile TV Tech Specs And Price Announced

The latest Mobile TV-enabled device from AT&T is here. The new LG Vu Plus comes integrated with the ability to watch full length broadcast shows from AT&T’s Mobile TV service. Besides, this the service also includes web browsing and GPS functionalities. Here is what is available


  • 4-line QWERTY keyboard
  • Large touchscreen display
  • HSPA 7.2Mbps technology
  • AT&T Mobile TV
  • AT&T Mobile Browser
  • AT&T Navigator
  • AT&T Social Net

AT&T LG Vu Plus is available at a price of $149.99 after a $50 mail-in rebate and a 2 year contract. However, you may also need to pay an additional $9.99 per month for Mobile TV though there is a 7 day free access.

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Dell Streak Launch Date Announced

In April last, Dell announced a line-up of smartphones like Thunder and Lightning. One of the other tablet devices unveiled, tentatively named Mini 5, was later revealed to be called Streak. In a conversation yesterday, Michael Dell spelt out the specifics of Dell Streak’s launch.

According to him, the new Android powered micro-tablet will launch in the European market on O2 Telefonica next month. This shall be followed by a launch on AT&T in USA later in the summer.

The Dell Streak will come with a 5 inch display and a 5 megapixel camera. Also, it will include a front-facing VGA camera. The device will have three capacitive Menu, Home and Back buttons on the side and can plug in via a 30 pin dock connector. Dell has struck a deal with Amazon which means you will also be able to access the Kindle e-Reader, Amazon MP3, videos and store apps from the Streak.

No details on the price, but just sit tight and wait.

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AT&T Palm Pre Plus Launch On May 16

An internal memo circulated among AT&T employees has revealed that the Palm Pre Plus could be launching on Ma Bell’s network as early as May 16th. According to a copy of the memo published on Engadget, the device shall be made available across all the sales channels of AT&T and will allow users to access internet via the 20,000 AT&T Wi-Fi hotspots spread across USA.

This is the latest bit in the stream of rumors we have heard about the upcoming launch. Earlier this week, there were reports that the Palm Pre Plus for AT&T could in fact be a superior model to the one available on Verizon thanks to WebOS 1.4.2. Also, you may remember Palm’s announcement that the device shall be available for $150 after a $100 mail-in rebate and two year contract. It is not clear how HP’s acquisition of Palm may affect these prices.

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Palm Pre Plus For Verizon Vs. AT&T

Verizon has abused, insulted and humiliated AT&T in its ads over the past few months and it is time for some unexpected rebuttal. An anonymous tipster who has gotten hold of a yet-to-be-released Palm Pre Plus for AT&T has revealed that the new handset is comparitively much faster than what was seen on Verizon.

But wait, the credit does not go to AT&T though. The new Palm Pre Plus on AT&T runs WebOS 1.4.2 which accounts for some of the speed increase. Also, considering that the new device does not have much of preloaded information at the moment, the device may appear faster. The tipster has however noted that the QWERTY keyboard is super responsive.

AT&T should still be a happy network though.

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iPad International Data Plan Prices Announced

AT&T has announced the international data plan prices for the newly launched 3G enabled version of iPad. The service is expected to be available in over 90 countries and will start at $25 per month for 20 MB data usage.

However, it shoots up from thereon and users might end up shelling out as much as $200 for streaming 30 minutes of YouTube video. Here is the official pricing plan

  • $24.99/month: 20 MB Data Global Add-On gives you 20 MB of usage within more than 90 countries
  • $59.99/month: 50 MB Data Global Add-On gives you 50 MB of usage within more than 90 countries
  • $119.99/month: 100 MB Data Global Add-On gives you 100 MB of usage within more than 90 countries
  • $199.99/month: 200 MB Data Global Add-On gives you 200 MB of usage within more than 90 countries

As Steve Jobs told you, the iPad may help you watch movies through the entire duration of flight. But using the device thereon may not simply be affordable

[via Apple Insider]

Palm Pre Plus On AT&T Show Up

Dummy units of Palm Pre Plus are reported to be making it to the stores of AT&T. This could possibly be an indication of the upcoming launch of  a GSM version of the popular smartphone handset from Palm.

No reports over the launch date, price at the moment, but according to folks at Engadget, the only thing we know for now is that the launch is happening anytime now.

Another smartphone on AT&T. Can Ma Bell handle it?

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Tweaked iPhone Puts Less Strain On AT&T

Till a few months back, voices of dissent against AT&T’s clogged network were so deafening that it was speculated that Apple may move away from exclusivity with the launch of the iPad. However that was not to be and though there are now speculations over a second Verizon powered iPhone launching in the market soon, complaints over AT&T are no longer as vociferous as they once were.

The reason is evidently the improved network. A study conducted last month concluded that the AT&T network had improved by close to 84% in the past one year. However, it is not just the additional capacity that did the trick. One of the important reasons behind the improved network, it is said, is AT&T’s “crash course” to Apple on the way the iPhone needed to be tweaked in order to put less strain on the network.

In a report on this, the WSJ writes

“Apple rejiggered how its phones communicate with AT&T’s towers. As a result, the phones now put less of a load on the network for such simple tasks as finding the closest tower or checking for available text messages.”

Ok, so it was Apple that had been the network killer all the while!

[via Apple Insider]