iTunes 10.1.1 Update Crashing – “iTunes cannot be opened because of a problem” Error

As we had reported earlier in the day, Apple has released an update to their  iTunes media organization software that is aimed at fixing a number of bugs in the earlier version. Ironically though, the installation process itself seems to have been affected by another bug.

A number of users have taken to the Apple support forums complaining that installation the new version via a software update seems to be crashing the application. Users have noted that launching iTunes subsequently shows them an error message that reads, “iTunes cannot be opened because of a problem“.

Here is an excerpt of the problem faced by some users

“I had the same problem as all of you mentioned. I let automatic updates install the new version of iTunes 10.1.1 and iTunes would not open afterward.”

“I had this problem on one of my two machines. One of them installed and updated fine from Software Update – I think that on the machine where it worked, I hadn’t run iTunes between turning it on and running Software Update. On the machine where it failed, I had run iTunes.

The crash report indicated that it was looking for a shared library named:
which should be present in /Applications/, but wasn’t there after the update. The shared library (and some others) were present in my Time Machine backup, but restoring the pre-update versions didn’t fix the problem – iTunes would now launch without flying a crash reporter panel immediately, but reports that it’s corrupt and wants to be reinstalled.”

So do we have a fix here? Users note that reinstalling iTunes directly from the website seems to be fixing the issue.

“I installed this via Software Update, and iTunes immediately crashed after launching. The error detail indicated that some dynamic library could not be found.
After a reboot didn’t fix it, I downloaded the standalone installer from here:
Ran it, all’s well now.”

So if you are one who is affected by the issue, try downloading the new iTunes version directly from the Apple website here and let us know how it works in the comments section.

iTunes 10.1.1 Available For Download

Apple has released an update to their media organization software, iTunes. The latest version of  iTunes comes with a number of bug fixes and is available for download on both Mac OS X as well as Windows OS. You can download the new iTunes 10.1.1 software from Apple’s website here. The application is compatible with Mac OS X 10.5 and higher as well as the 32-bit and 64-bit variants of Windows XP and higher.

So what does this new version come with? Well, as noted, a lot of bug fixes – One issue that the update fixes is of iTunes quitting unexpectedly while deleting a playlist. Another similar issue that occurs while connecting an iPod to a Mac equipped with a PowerPC processor has also been fixed. Apple has revealed one another fix to an issue many users have previously complained about – that of iTunes not syncing some video files with an iDevice.

We are told that this new version of iTunes is safe for jailbroken devices as well. So, go ahead and download the latest version of iTunes from the Apple website and let us know how it goes in the comments below.

Download Free Movies & Music From iTunes With Special Giveaway

If you are in Europe, then you are in for some luck this holiday season. Apple has announced a special Christmas giveaway that will begin on December 26th and will run for twelve days until January 6, 2011. During this period, European iTunes users shall be eligible for one free download every single day. The downloads may be one of movies, songs, apps, books, TV episodes or music videos.

Announcing the “12 Days. 12 Free Downloads“, Apple UK has noted that each of these free giveaways will be offered strictly for a 24 hour period. Apple is also expected to launch an iPhone app for the giveaway season that will presumably prompt users with the free giveaway everyday. Interested users can also sign up for email  alerts at this website.

There is no word whether this offer will extend outside Europe to North America or Asia.

Next Generation iPhone To Feature Enhanced Image Processing Features?

Apple is learned to have filed a number of patent applications that are targeted at enhancing the functionalities available on the iPhone camera. The United States Patent office makes filed patents public on a weekly basis and this week alone, we have seven camera related patent applications being made available in the public database.

The patent applications primarily focus on enhanced image processing capabilities of the iPhone camera. These enhancements include the ability to correct blurry photos, masking skin tones and a patent to reduce radially-based chroma noise.

Check out : Slideshow of iPhone Camera Patents

This development is significant considering the enhancements that Apple has incorporated in its latest version of iPhone as well. You would remember that iPhone 4 comes with a 5-Megapixel camera and supports the capture of High Dynamic Range photos. With new features as those mentioned in the patent, Apple could be looking at not only taking on rivals in the smartphone segment, but also digital camera manufacturers.

Users Notice MobileMe Login Problems Due To New Password Policy

It was only recently that we had written about a bug on the iOS 4.2 platform that resulted in a number of mobileme users noticing a “password error” message while trying to access mobileme. You can check out the possible resolution methods for the bug by clicking here.

Now we are hearing about yet another login related trouble with mobileme. Apparently, this time the problem is not with iOS 4.2, but a new password policy from Apple that targets users with short and easy passwords. According to the new policy, mobileme accounts should now have passwords that are at least 8 characters long and need to contain at least one number and letter.

Users who have short passwords not fulfilling the criteria are thus seeing a message from Apple prompting them to change passwords. However, a section of users are also complaining that the change is invisible and simply displays login failure messages to users whose passwords do not meet the criteria.

If you are one  of those users seeing such errors, simply reset your password to fulfil the new criteria and that should do.

Next Generation iPad Screen Size Half Of Current Model?

Yesterday we had published a few pictures of the casings purportedly made for the next generation iPad. While those pictures do not reveal a form factor vastly different from the iPad currently in the market, we are now hearing that Apple is in fact working on an alternative version of iPad that could come with a screen size that is nearly half of the existing model’s.

The report comes from Reuters and the source does not clarify if this is in fact iPad 2 or is another variant that could be released somewhere down the line.

“A separate supply chain source said Apple was preparing a significantly smaller iPad that is almost half the size of the current model. The current iPad has a 9.7-inch screen.”

Now this does not totally align with what Steve Jobs had said earlier this year. In October, the Apple CEO rubbished reports of a 7″ iPad saying that the screen size was too small. But then, you never know. Steve Jobs has pulled this trick many times in the past – most recently with multitasking which was earlier dissed off as something mobile phones didn’t need. So expect a smaller iPad to launch when The Jobs feels the time is right.

Verizon iPhone Rumors – Apple Hiring CDMA Engineers

Apple has long been rumored to be working on a CDMA iPhone that is rumored to launch early next year. This purported launch is also possibly one reason why AT&T has slowly moved away from the iPhone to marketing other smartphones. While all of this still remain speculations with no official word, a number of recent hirings from Apple make an imminent CDMA iPhone quite likely.

According to reports, Apple has hired a number of engineers recently who have experience in GSM, GPRS, EDGE, WCDMA, HSDPA, HSUPA, and CDMA technologies. Of course, this in itself does not mean a Verizon iPhone is launching. It is also possible that Apple may be looking at bringing the CDMA technology solely to the iPad. You may recall that Verizon has already opened up its stores to sell Wi-Fi only variants of the iPad. Nevertheless, this news should keep the hopefuls among you interested.

iTunes HD Movies Purchase In UK Now Available

Apple has announced that iTunes customers in UK are now eligible to purchase high definition movies directly from the iTunes store. Until now, these customers were only allowed to rent HD movies. Of course, regular titles that were non-HD have already been available for rent and sales since 2008.

At the moment though, it appears that there are not too many HD titles to go with. Apart from The Twilight Saga : Eclipse, there are not too many popular titles available for purchase in the HD format. This portfolio should expand soon though.

The launch comes after a long wait considering that the sale of HD movies in the United States was made available as early as March 2009. Nevertheless, Apple has been typically slow to bring their products to customers outside the United States and this is not very unusual.

Free iPhone App Promo Codes Now Available Worldwide

Every time an iPhone app gets submitted or updated on the App Store, Apple lets developers generate up to 50 promo codes. These promo codes can be offered by developers to reviewers and friends so that they may download these applications for free.

Until now, these promo codes could only be redeemed by Apple customers in the United States. No longer. Apple has changed its terms to now let promo codes be redeemed by customers across the world. In a statement to app developers, Apple has noted,

“Your promo code distribution is no longer limited to U.S. customers. Promo codes in iTunes Connect can now be redeemed by all App Store customers worldwide. Your Team Agent can request 50 codes per version of your app in iTunes Connect and your customers can redeem these codes in any App Store. To learn more about requesting promo codes in iTunes Connect, see the iTunes Connect Developer Guide.”

Next Generation iPad Display May Not Feature AMOLED

There is no rumor to quash here. We knew all along that the iPad 2 display may not be too different from what we see in the current version. More optimistically, we had people speculating a retina display on the new iPad.

However, if you were one of those hoping for an AMOLED display on the new iPad, there is confirmation that Apple shall not be having them on the next generation tablet. Why? Because the company is learned to have placed orders for back light units that will be used with LCD panels on the iPad 2. AMOLED displays typically work without back lights and the latest news would put to rest all speculations that the displays could be AMOLED.

If you are a fan of AMOLED, or rather Super AMOLED displays, then hold back for the next generation Galaxy Tab from Samsung. It should be coming with a 1200×600 pixel Super AMOLED display.