Apple iPad Commercial Strips Flash-Bits From NYTimes Website

Remember how Apple liberally displayed Flash on the New York Times website in their initial promo video for the iPad? Cupertino was forced to modify the video after it came to light that the promo video gave the false impression that the iPad supported Flash when it actually didn’t.

Now, the device is launching next month and Apple just aired their first iPad commercial. And I was intently looking for the bit on NYTimes to see if Apple plays it fair this time. Oh well, they did. Quite.

The iPad commercial shows the homepage of as well as one interior page.  Both these pages have Flash content on them. On the NYTimes homepage, you have a Video section below the main fold which displays Flash content.

New York Times Home page

To be fair, the ad shows a blank space here; though it is not made very obvious on the screen.

New York Times Homepage ad

However, things are interesting on the second page where there is a prominent Flash based leaderboard ad on the website (click to enlarge)

iPad Commercial Flash portion missing

See the ad? Now check out the commercial

iPad Commercial Without Flash

Obviously, Apple has learnt from its past mistakes!

Sony Tablet To Take On Apple iPad?

Realizing that the iPhone and iPad have been implicitly chomping away at Sony’s market share in the portable game console market, the Japanese manufacturer is believed to be working on a smartphone and tablet device that will take on competition from Apple head on.

A recently published article on the Wall Street Journal claims that these new devices expected to launch later this year will be based on Sony’s new online media platform.  Incidentally, this new media platform, tentatively named Sony Online Service will be taking on Apple’s iTunes platform to distribute music, movies, TV shows and other forms of digital content.

The specifications and price of the smartphone and tablet devices are not known as yet, though it is believed to be taking off from where the Sony eReader left; selling close to one million units since launch.

[via WSJ]

China iPhone Users To Get Wi-Fi Soon?

When the iPhone launched in China last year, one of the most talked about issues was the device’s lack of Wi-Fi. Apple had released an iPhone model without Wi-Fi in order to comply with local laws that outlawed Wi-Fi and instead insisted on a local standard called WAPI.

While the Chinese government has since then softened its ‘No WiFi’ stand, it now appears that Apple could be launching a conventional Wi-Fi supported iPhone later this summer in the country. Earlier this week,  Chang Xiaobin, Chairman of China Unicom, the company that sells the iPhone in China had said

“I know that in the market there is hope we will offer an iPhone with Wi-Fi … We have been holding talks with Apple in this area.”

It is however not clear if these iPhones will also support the local WAPI standard.

[via iPhonAsia]

iPad Launch Date : March 26?

The much awaited Apple iPad might finally hit the stores on March 26. According to sources quoted on MacRumors, the sale of Apple’s tablet device will begin at 6 PM on Friday, March 26th. If true, this could be pretty similar to the way the iPhone was first launched.

Wait, there is more. Daryl Deino from Examiner notes that Apple’s store employees would begin their training on the iPad starting March 10, the iPad commercials shall launch starting March 15 and customers who camp out for the iPad could be receiving a special gift.

If all this is true, expect some exciting month ahead for Apple aficionados.

[via MacRumors, Examiner]

Apple TV To Become A Gaming Console?

Apple has always maintained that its foray into TV is nothing but a “hobby” and their ambitions have always stayed on innovations in the mobile device front. But that could change in a couple of years, says Michael Patcher from Webush Morgan Securities in a note to investors.

According to him, the iPhone OS with its vast array of gaming applications may help Apple graduate to a level where the company’s relationship with third party gaming providers will be leveraged to provide a comprehensive gaming console system on Apple TV. He says

“I think Apple’s going to be a serious gaming company, the difference between Apple and Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft is, Apple is not known for internal software development. So I don’t think you’re going to get an Apple Games Group like you have Microsoft Games Studios making games you’re certainly never going to approach the quality of games you get out of Nintendo. So Apple’s going to be solely dependent on third parties to support their console in the future.”

Sounds very plausible. What do you think? Do you see it coming?

[via Distorted Loop]

Mac Mini With HDMI Port To Be Launched Next

Has Apple given the boot to DVI port in favor of HDMI? If rumors are to be believed that could in fact be true. Apple Insider has apparently learned that Apple shall be launching the next generation of Mac Mini desktop computer with HDMI ports instead of the usual DVI port.

HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) is a technology built on top of the DVI (Digital Video Interface) that also supports home theater systems unlike the latter which is best suited for personal computer systems.

It is not clear if the introduction is intended to merely move to an updated technology or to extend the user base of Mac Mini to include a larger target audience.

[via Apple Insider]

Mac OS X 10.6.3 Public Release Soon?

Mac OS X 10.6.3 may be headed for public release soon. Sources close to Apple have revealed that the company has recently seeded a new version of 10.6.3 to developers.

What can you expect in the new version of Mac OS X? Well, it basically seems to fix a lot of inherent bugs in the earlier version. MacRumors tells us what the major enhancements and bug fixes will be in the following areas

  • QuickTime X
  • 64 bit Logic
  • OpenGL
  • Printing

The article also claims that Apple has not detected any new bugs in the version which means that a public release is expected soon.

[via Mac Rumors]

Apple Working On Second Tablet Device

The iPad is touted as a bigger version of the iPhone. Now it looks like a smaller version of the Mac could also be in the works. TechCrunch reports second hand sources as revealing that Apple could possibly be working on a second tablet device which, unlike the iPad, would tend to serve as a laptop substitute.

While not much information is available regarding this device, it is speculated that this new tablet will have a much bigger screen; around 15.4″ and could run on Mac OS X. TechCrunch further writes in that the device is likely to be demoed during the WWDC event in June of this year and could be launched before the end of the year.

We still have our doubts regarding this – Primarily, Apple is a kind of company that would like to get more things under the company’s control. With a Mac OS X powered tablet, the company could be losing out on vital revenues that the company could otherwise be making from app sales. However, this could also be a contingency device that could be launched if any of Apple’s competitors launch rival tablets that are much more open compared to the iPad and hence rake in market share.

What are your thoughts on this?

iPad Originally Priced At $399?

When Steve Jobs unveiled the iPad on Wednesday, everyone expected the price to touch $999. But to everyone’s astonishment, the price was nearly halved and the starting price was announced as $499 – something that got the world applauding.

However, it now appears that the original price of the iPad was supposed to only be $399. ValleyWag reports that people close to the product were caught offguard when an additional $100 were added to the final price. It is not clear if this rumor is true and if it is, why Apple chose to increase the price at the last moment.

ValleyWag proceeds to reveal that the initial rumor of $999 was also spread by Apple’s marketing team to keep the competitors guessing. What do you think? Do you see any truth in these rumors?

[via ValleyWag]

Apple Developing Own GPS Based Parking Information Service?

Apple is working on a technology that will couple real-time parking availability information with other parameters to offer users an intelligent parking availability information.

In a patent titled “PARKING & LOCATION MANAGEMENT PROCESSES & ALERTS ” filed with the US Patent and Trademark Office, the company talks of a technology that will consolidate information from a variety of sources  – like the current location of the different buses in your route, the location of the nearest available taxi, streets where a sweeping schedule is on, parking lot availability, Parking cost at different areas, etc. to deliver information to the user that will help them decide where to park their cars.

This is an  “intelligent” technology where the system will deliver the information based on user preferences (like how much they are willing to walk from the parking lot), current weather information (so that a parking space that is more expensive, but closer to office may chosen during bad weather days). The inventors write

“a general profile may indicate a user would be willing to walk 0.5 miles to save $5.00 in parking. However, an inclement weather profile for the user may prioritize avoidance of walking, even if parking was more expensive. A higher security profile may indicate less walking. A profile itself can be selected based on defined user parameters, as well as information retrieved from databases, such as weather-related information from Destination interface, which may access destination weather information stored in destination database.”

It is interesting that a lot of companies are working on GPS-based  Parking Information technology. You might remember the patent filed by Yahoo recently where the company had talked of a similar technology.

What do you make of such a system? Exciting? Let us know in the comments.