Microsoft Software and Apps

Bug Allowing App Source Code Download On WP7 Marketplace Revealed

App pirates just need a reason to crack into proprietary applications for a free download. And that is now child’s play thanks to a significant glitch in the Microsoft App Hub system that lets any user check out the source code link for the apps and download them. The bug here is apparently in the way the Zune software pulls information about the WP7 apps using an ATOM XML feed. Consequently, it is just a matter of checking out the feed for the XAP Package address and downloading the source.

Microsoft is apparently aware of the issue and had in fact advised app developers to encrypt details before app submission. But this advice was offered only earlier this month and has not been viewed by several developers who submitted their applications earlier.

Nevertheless, the chances of pirated apps being distributed elsewhere is slim considering that such pirated apps can only be viewed over emulators and cannot be made to run on WP7 devices. That’s the sole consolation for now.

Google Mobile

Google Search App For Windows Phone 7 Releases

Windows Phone 7 is a great OS. But you know what’s bad? The Bing search results that are displayed when you use the dedicated search button. That should no longer be a problem though given that Google has now released their search application for the WP7 platform. The Google Search app is wonderfully built and uses the phone’s location to deliver local results. Also, users have the ability to easily access search history to repeat their search queries.

The application can now be downloaded from the Windows Phone 7 marketplace and while Google cannot be replaced as the default search engine that is accessed from the search button, users may always bookmark the search app to the Start screen in order to access the application easily.

It will be interesting to see if Google on Windows Phone 7 turns out to be a much more popular application than Bing app on Android. Has to be, right?

Microsoft Software and Apps

App Submissions To The Windows Phone 7 App Hub Now Open

Microsoft has now opened up the App Hub  – the app market for Windows Phone 7 handsets – for all developers. Until now, only the select early registrants were eligible to submit apps to the App Hub. Considering that this is a brand new application market, there are still a lot of glitches and overdrawn processes that the developer needs to be aware of. Adam Nathan, one of the early registrant app developer, has posted a pretty comprehensive article on what’s in store for developers at the App Hub. You can check his article out here.

Meanwhile, the App Hub website itself is now replete with all the how-tos and guides to make the app submission process easy and simple. If you are a developer looking for information, you can head over to the App Hub to read all of this.