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Play Angry Birds On PlayStation, XBox & Wii Soon

Angry Birds, the simple game where the user launches a flock of birds to hit out at pigs that have stolen their eggs has become hugely popular on each of the platforms they have launched until now – iOS, Android, Symbian,etc. Now, this application that has a passionate following among its users could soon be making its way into the game consoles.

This revelation was made by Rovio CEO Peter Vesterbacka at the Social Gaming Summit held in London recently. Rovio is the gaming company behind the successful application and according to Vesterbacka the company could also be launching a sequel to the game but with a twist – the story could be told from a pig’s point of view. Vesterbacka did not elaborate much over these upcoming releases.

Nevertheless, a gaming console version could come as exciting news for the thousands of followers and we look forward to an announcement regarding the release dates.