PSP On Android – Sony Building PlayStation-Branded Games For Android?

Is Sony bringing its PlayStation games to the Android platform? There have been mild rumors about this in the past as well but these speculations have now received a boost thanks to a job posting on Sony’s website that calls out for applications from developers with “experience in mobile development, especially Android” and with “knowledge/experience in online gaming“.

The move makes sense considering that both Apple and Google have been sprucing up their mobile OS offering that makes them attractive platforms for gamers. Of course, a device like PSPGo is much more tuned to the requirements of gamers but by bringing up PlayStation branded games to the Android platform, Sony could be opening up their gaming applications to a whole new world of casual gamers. I wonder though whether Sony would let existing PSPGo customers port their games to their Android phones. Sounds unlikely at the moment, but let’s see how it pans out.

Compare Android Phone Features And Price With DroidThing

Are you looking to buy a new Android phone but are overwhelmed by the number of features and specifications on offer on the various handsets in the market? Then you should look at a new website called DroidThing. The website is a simple web application that lets you pick the features that you want on your handset – like the availability of Camera, GPS, etc. and then the application rounds in on the list of Android phones that satisfy your criteria.

Do remember not to take the information on the website as gospel truth though since the prices displayed are not entirely accurate all the time. Also, several newly launched handsets appear to have been not included as yet. Nevertheless, if you want a simple application to tell you what phone you should go for, you must check out this website.

Compare Android phones

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Samsung Galaxy Tab In USA Announced – No Phone Calling

Samsung has officially announced the launch of their new Galaxy Tab Android tablet for the American market. The launch will happen in partnership with all the four major network carriers in the country – AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint. But the specs do not sound as attractive if you are an American. Firstly, the tablet is not going to support phone calling as it would in Europe and perhaps in a lot of other countries where Samsung is planning to launch the tablet. Secondly, the launch on Sprint should not however bring 4G to the Tab. Users will have access to 3G and Wi-Fi on the Tab, but will not be able to access the WiMAX version of Sprint.

Nevertheless, the 7″ Android tablet is still a pretty strong competitor to the iPad and is likely to offer good competition to Apple’s tablet. The prices are not revealed as yet since this has to come from the carriers. But the launch is supposed to happen during the holiday season.

EA Madden NFL 11 For Android Is Coming Soon

Electronic Arts may have already own a few titles in the Android marketplace. But sure, they are not as conspicuous on the Android platform as they are on the iOS App Store. With Android gaining a lot of marketshare lately, it looks like EA may have finally woken up to Android. We hear that the popular Madden NFL 11 gaming application shall soon be making its way to the Android market. This comes directly from the company in a tweet posted recently.

Eric Brown, the CFO at Electronic Arts has also indicated that Android shall be the company’s new priority. In a talk at the Deutsche Bank Tech Conference held recently, Brown said,

“So I think there’s a lot to happen in the future in Android, and we’re trying to position our mobile business to take advantage of that trend. I think the next big positive wave to push better growth in mobile will be the deployment of an App Store equivalent for the Android operating system. We think long term … the Android market is going to take its share.”

I think it’s just a matter of time before all the other popular titles from EA make it to the Android marketplace.

Motorola Droid Tablet Launch Only Next Year

Earlier this month, there were rumors that the new Motorola Droid Android tablet computer – codenamed StingRay – could be launching as early as October of this year. The speculations came about following leaked screenshots from a Verizon inventory system that contained references to the new Droid tablet. However, it now looks like that rumor was false. In a recent chat, Motorola CEO Sanjay Jha has indicated that a Droid tablet may not make it at least until next year till the company was done perfecting all the features. Jha said,

“I will only develop a tablet if it is sufficiently compelling. Hopefully, that is early next year.”

What Jha could be referring to is the fact that the current version of Android OS does not seem to be customized for tablets. Google director of mobile products, Hugo Barra had exclaimed this recently and it is possible that Motorola is waiting for Android 3.0 aka Gingerbread to release before making the new Droid Tablet available in the hands of the public.

Android Users’ Text Messages Delivered To Wrong Recipients

This is an issue that has been affecting a lot of Android users over a long period of time and we are yet to see any great fix from Google. Many Android phone users have complained that the system fails to recognize the correct recipient when the user is engaged in text message conversation with more than one contact at any time.

“You will think that you are typing a response to contact A and then suddenly the contact name at the top switches to contact B. Sometimes you can see it happen, sometimes not. It seems to be affected by a situation where you’re typing to contact A and receive a message from contact B. Even if you don’t switch, the software things you do.”

This is not a recent phenomena and the bug was discovered back in March this year though it was only around June that the issue seemed to hit mainstream. Soon after, Google issued an update that claimed to fix the issue. However, as we see, users continue to be affected by this wrong-recipient-bug.

Do you see it happening on your phone? What version Android do you run? Write in the comments.

Android Users Noticing Google Talk Notification Issue On Their Handset

If your phone is on Android 2.2, you can check out if you have this issue at your end. Several Android handset owners seem to be facing an issue with their handsets whereby they do not seem to be receiving notifications for new messages sent to them by their friends on GTalk when they are signed in from their Android phone. This is despite being shown online on the chat lists. This however seems to be only part of the problem. Users on the Google Support forum have been complaining that users who are signed in on both the desktop and mobile phone see a more erratic behavior where the user’s activity from the mobile phone seems to go unnoticed. A user writes,

“If I’m logged in both Desktop and Phone, the behaviour is erratic. Usually when someone messages me I get the message on my Desktop. If I answer from my Desktop everything is fine, but it doesn’t show on my Phone. If I start answering on my Phone the other person will get my messages, but I don’t get any in either platform. Messages still show in the Gmail log of the chat. If I answer from the Desktop the conversation starts to flow again on this platform, while the Phone will still only show the messages I send from it and none of the other person’s messages or my own messages sent from Desktop like it used to do it before.”

Google has acknowledged the issue and is presently learned to be reproducing the bug at their end to find out the root cause. Expect a fix for the same in the next couple of days.

New TweetDeck App For Android Released

Popular third party Twitter client, TweetDeck has released a new version of their Android app that brings widgetized views to the Android phones. The first version of the app was released last month and one issue that was pointed out by many was the unavailability of widgets on the Android app. The updated version of the application now brings three widgets – bar view, column view and post view. With this latest update, it is possible for users to tweet without leaving the homepage of the application. Also, users may view all the recent tweets from the column view.

Do note that the app is still not free from bugs and there are quite a few issues that need to be sorted out in the latest version. However, these are expected to be ironed out soon and so if you are ready to check this new version out, hit the app marketplace and download the latest version of TweetDeck.

Google Maps For Android Update Brings Turn-By-Turn Sidewalk Navigation

You can now use the Google Maps app on your Android phone for a long walk in an unfamiliar neighborhood. The latest app brings the turn-by-turn navigation feature, hitherto available only for vehicular navigation, to users who travel by foot. This Android application had until now offered walking directions to its users though turn-by-turn navigation was not possible.

However, here is some caveat for the short term. The app is still in its beta. This means that the app can make the mistake of including directions that do not contain sidewalks. Besides this, the new update also includes a omnipresent search window along with one-tap solutions to launch Places and Layar screens to explore your neighborhood better.

If you are eager to check this new update out, hop over to the Android marketplace and download this application.
Google Maps for Android OS

Credit Card Processing App For Android, Blackberry & iOS

We have already seen a few credit card processing applications for smartphone platforms – most notably for iPhone. Last month, Intuit and Mophie partnered together to launch a Complete Credit Card Solution for iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS.

Now, if you are the owner of Android or Blackberry phones, here is an alternative that you could look at. QuickPay Merchant Services have launched a new credit card processing application called ROAMpay that is compatible with all the three mobile platforms. In addition to transacting credit cards, ROAMpay can also generate receipts allowing for a comprehensively portable payment gateway solution.

The transaction system presently supports a variety of credit cards like MasterCard, Visa, Discover and American Express. The adapter is available for free and payments are subjected to a 1.09% processing fee. Check out the video below to see how it works

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