Android Apps Purchase Using Paypal Could Be Coming Soon

eBay and Google are reported to be in talks over a possible integration of the Android app marketplace with Paypal’s payment processing system. The rumor, which both companies have not confirmed so far, will allow Android phone users to make app purchases using Paypal. At present, this is only possible over a credit card or Google’s payment processing system – Google Checkout.

Paypal is one of the leading online payment gateway systems that is however often criticized for its extraordinarily high charges on transaction fee. While many users would any day prefer a Paypal payment over possible direct credit card checkout (which can lead to possible wireless thefts), it is not clear how customers will view Paypal vis-a-vis Checkout in a Google-controlled environment. Also, it is not clear if Google stands to make a commission on every transaction made via Paypal over the Android marketplace.

New TV And Movie Streaming & Download App For Android For 3G & Wi-Fi

Movie and television streaming apps are aplenty. But many of them do not work over 3G or may only allow live streaming without the ability to download content to your local storage for later viewing. BitBop – a new Android app that is presently in beta allows you to do all of this and more. The application is being developed by the Fox Mobile team and is not yet available for public download though that should become available soon.

So what the app basically does is let you to stream TV shows or movies on to your mobile connection over 3G or Wi-Fi so that you could entertain yourself from anywhere and anytime. Of course, if you are not on an unlimited data connection, this may not be ideal for you. And now if you are looking to backup some content for viewing while you have access to neither Wi-Fi nor 3G – on a flight perhaps – then you can also choose to download content on your memory card for later viewing. The app automatically adjusts the video quality depending on the cellular signal and so you do not have to worry about load times. Also, if you are at anytime forced to disconnect abruptly, you can always relaunch the app and start off from where you left.

There is no word about the pricing as yet. We will get you information on the same when the app launches.

Microsoft Bing Android App Launching Soon?

The World’s biggest decision engine could be coming to Android soon. Microsoft is rumored to be working on Android app for their year old Bing search engine. Of course, Android smartphone users already have access to the Bing website from their mobile internet browsers. But considering that an app-based product will make searching via mobile phone easy, there is little wonder that Microsoft is working on such a product.

These speculations have come from Microsoft’s Bing Search Engine summit at San Francisco. Apart from the Bing Android app, Microsoft is also learned to be developing new mapping features and a TV listings application as well. No elaborate information was available on any of these products.

However, the word is that these products are already in the testing phase and an official launch is just around the corner.

Create Photo Slideshows From Facebook Or iPhone With MediaStory App

Want to create slideshows of your Facebook photo albums? MediaStory is a nifty application that will help you with that. The app will allow users to upload pictures either from their Facebook album or upload them directly to the application while creating the slideshow.

MediaStory is available as both a web application on Facebook or as an iPhone app. Android users fret not. There is also an Android app to achieve the same. All you need to do is give the application the necessary permissions, upload the pics, style them and publish.

There is one step before you publish the pictures that is contentious. The app requires you to become a fan of the application. That’s understandable and if you are not the kind who is bothered by these, you can try out this application by visiting the app’s Facebook page or iPhone app ($1.99).

Quickly Discover New Android Apps And Install Using Fast Web Installer

Fast Web Installer QR
Presently, there is no easy click-and-install method to discover and install new apps to your Android phone. Android app AppBrain claims to solve this problem with its new Fast Web Installer utility.

Fast Web Installer is a web interface where users can surf through the thousands of Android apps at one place. The site works in conjunction with the AppBrain app market application that users need to install to their Android handset. Once done, users may simply click ‘Install’ against any of the apps that they come across on the Fast Web Installer interface and these apps are automatically installed on your handset.

This process is simple and does not require you to even pick your phone once. Of course, app removal is not equally intuitive and users may have to individually select these apps for removal.

While this is a pretty useful way to install apps, it needs to be noted that Google is working on a pretty similar web utility which is expected to launch soon. Nevertheless, until that happens, Android users may rejoice with Fast Web Installer.

How To Make Apps For Android

Android is a great platform for programmers to develop free or paid apps. The entire tutorial for coders to create Android apps is not within the scope of this article. So, here is a step by step guide on going about it with links to specific articles that will help you in each of those specific areas

Step 1 : Android apps are written in Java. The first prerequisite is definitely the knowledge of the language

Step 2 : You’ll need to set up and run a custom virtual machine called Dalvik. Here is a link to the official site where you will get all information on using Dalvik :

Step 3 : Install Android SDK. Here is a step by step guide to help you in this regard :

Step 4 : Google has some interesting resources that will help you to

Step 5 : This will give you most of the information that you will need to get started. Start writing your own apps!

Google To Slow Down Android Development

Google has been working at such a frenetic pace on its operating system that it has started to hurt rather than help. Most Android users have been hit by the need to delay purchases anticipating a better upgrade, so much so that manufacturers are seeing slower than anticipated sale for their devices.

While shifting the upgrades to the market rather than pushing it through the carriers seems to be a logical move, we are also hearing that Google has been contemplating a move to break the pace of upgrades. This move apparently though is not just forced from a business perspective. We also hear that it is because the platform itself shall be reaching a maturity stage by the time Froyo and GingerBread launch.

With this, Google will be focusing more on the API and components part of Android rather than the operating system itself. I think it is a very clever move to make customers, partners and the company happy. What do you think?

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