New TweetDeck App For Android Released

Popular third party Twitter client, TweetDeck has released a new version of their Android app that brings widgetized views to the Android phones. The first version of the app was released last month and one issue that was pointed out by many was the unavailability of widgets on the Android app. The updated version of the application now brings three widgets – bar view, column view and post view. With this latest update, it is possible for users to tweet without leaving the homepage of the application. Also, users may view all the recent tweets from the column view.

Do note that the app is still not free from bugs and there are quite a few issues that need to be sorted out in the latest version. However, these are expected to be ironed out soon and so if you are ready to check this new version out, hit the app marketplace and download the latest version of TweetDeck.

Google Maps For Android Update Brings Turn-By-Turn Sidewalk Navigation

You can now use the Google Maps app on your Android phone for a long walk in an unfamiliar neighborhood. The latest app brings the turn-by-turn navigation feature, hitherto available only for vehicular navigation, to users who travel by foot. This Android application had until now offered walking directions to its users though turn-by-turn navigation was not possible.

However, here is some caveat for the short term. The app is still in its beta. This means that the app can make the mistake of including directions that do not contain sidewalks. Besides this, the new update also includes a omnipresent search window along with one-tap solutions to launch Places and Layar screens to explore your neighborhood better.

If you are eager to check this new update out, hop over to the Android marketplace and download this application.
Google Maps for Android OS

Listen To Free Internet Radio On Android With TuneIn Radio App

If you are an Android phone user who is crazy about internet radio, chances are that you are already aware of the $1.99 RadioTime app that is available on the Android marketplace. Now, if you think spending two bucks for an Internet radio Android app is not worth it, then RadioTime has launched an alternative service that will offer a free version of the same.

The new TuneIn Radio Android app will let you search for internet radio stations by location or genre and tap away to start listening. The app does not require users to create a RadioTime app. However, since this is a free version, the app is supported by ads and so do not expect the same clutter-free interface of the original RadioTime app.

The app has some interesting pointers to note. Firstly, if you have a RadioTime login, you can use it to sync up your presets so that they can managed from the RadioTime website instead of from the app. Secondly, the app can also pull your location to suggest you locally relevant radio stations. There are over 40,000 streams from different genre available and hence expect a good assortment of listings.

Curious to check out. Use the QR code below to get started.

TuneIn Radio App For Android

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PhoneUsage – Android App To Track Data, Call And Messages Volumes

Most carriers and mobile phone handsets these days come with native applications that will let you study your data and call usage information. However, professional third party apps always bring more user-friendly graphs and charts to drive home the same point. PhoneUsage, an Android app that lets you track usage of call minutes, text messages and data is one such application.

The app is free to download from the Android marketplace and comes with beautiful charts and figures to track your phone usage. Of course, since this app primarily tracks your history, you will need to use the app for a while before you can get insightful statistics. The app however doesn’t appear to be differentiating between in-network and out-of-network calls which means this alone cannot be your guide to check if you are crossing the usage limits.

PhoneUsage Android App

Nevertheless, the free app is otherwise pretty useful and you should check it out. And in case you also want the app to notify you when you are about to breach defined call or messaging limits, you can always go for the Pro version that costs £1.49 ($2.29). Use the QR Code below to download the free version.
PhoneUsage QR

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Justin.TV Android App For Mobile Video Broadcasting Now Live

Justin.TV, the popular live streaming service has released a new Android app that will let users stream video live from Android phones. The application joins the ranks of other apps like Qik and UStream that have similar services already in place for the Android platform. Justin.TV CEO Michael Seibel has indicated that a similar service for the iPhone will be launched shortly. At present, iPhone users can only watch videos streamed from elsewhere.

The app is free to download and primarily contains three buttons that let you to record, share and chat. Videos can be captured on landscape or portrait mode and the app will take advantage of hardware video encoding so that the battery does not drain too much. Also, the bitrate of the video will be adjusted depending on the quality of wireless network the user is on.

Use the QR code below to download the app and let us know how it works.

Justin.TV Android App

BuzzVoice Android App To Convert Text-To-Speech For Websites Released

BuzzVoice is a pretty cool application that you may have already heard of, if you have used the iPhone in the past. The app calls itself the “Pandora for news” allowing users to playlist their favorite websites so that the app shall ‘read out’ the top stories from these news sources. The Next Web reports that this interesting app has now been released for the Android platform.

The app comes with some nice features – Firstly, you can enable audio streaming in the background so that you may run other Android apps while listening to news stories from BuzzVoice. Additionally, the app also offers an Android widget if you are looking for a remote-control feature to quickly launch the app. Also, if you are an Android fanboy, the app also comes with an Android radio that will break out the latest Android news stories to you.

The app unfortunately is not free. It costs $4.99 at the Android marketplace. Of course, you may choose to uninstall the app if you are not happy.

On The Move – SMS Autoresponder App For Android

Do you have one of those pesky friends who get hyperactive if you do not respond to their text messages or calls and follow their messages with more calls or messages? State Farm has a solution – an Auto SMS responder app for Android. The app will respond to text messages automatically with a custom message that you may set. The app also has options to only respond to messages that are from your phone book contacts. One problem though is that the user has to manually set the mode to driving which means that the app does not automatically trigger the auto-reply mode. The developers however note that a new version of the app is being developed that will detect user movement via GPS and automatically trigger the auto-reply feature.

Check out the video above and if you like it, download the app by using the QR code below. It’s free.

On The Move Android App

Android App To Easily Reboot Rooted Phone To Recovery/Bootloader Screen

Have you ever gone through those ‘how to root tutorials‘? There is this one part where you are required to reboot your phone and bring them into recovery mode by carrying out some incomprehensible steps. They basically go like this –

  • Shut down phone by pressing the Power button and select ‘Power Off
  • Press the Volume Down button and the Camera button together and while at this, press the Power button
  • Alternately, press and hold the Up button on the D-Pad and now press the Power button until the screen lights up.

Now, this is only for entering the bootloader screen. There are equally confusing steps when you have to go to the recovery mode as well. Now, if you are not really keen on doing this stuff, you can choose to download the Root Booter app from the Android marketplace. This app costs £0.60 and lets you go to the recovery mode or bootloader mode by a simple tap on the screen.

Root Booter Android App

Check out the app by using the QR code below and let’s know how it works

Root Booter QR

Easy Way To Organize Apps On Android

Dragging and dropping apps into folders is considered simple. What more do you want? Actually, while drag and drop functionalities are ideal for a computer environment, it can actually get messy on the limited screen space on your Android phone since you may sometimes be required to drag apps across multiple Home Screens to get to the folder page.

Apps Organizer is an Android app that makes this process extremely simple. The app borrows the idea of labels from Google’s Gmail platform and brings it to the Androd platform. So, with this app installed, you don’t have to create folders and drag and drop apps into them. Instead, you can view a list of all apps inside the Apps Organizer window and assign ‘labels’ to them. So, all gaming apps can be labelled ‘Games’. Also, it is possible to specify more than one label for any given app.

Additionally, the app also lets you create custom icons for each of the labels for easy access. These icons can be placed in any form on the Shortcuts or Widgets menu for quick access. Pretty simple, isn’t it?

Android app to organize apps

Apps Organizer is free to download. Check out the QR code below to download the latest version of the app.

Apps Organizer Android App

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TweetDeck Android App Draining Battery, Consuming Heavy Data

TweetDeck, one of the most popular third party Twitter clients had last week launched a new beta version of their Android app that was available for download to interested users who had to request for access via a web form. Several media publications had reviewed the new app and had made note of several raving features including its squeaky clean interface and easy navigation tools.

However, several early bird users who have downloaded the beta version of the TweetDeck app have been complaining that the application consumes an inordinately high amount of data and consequently also drains the battery a lot quicker. A user on the TweetDeck support forum writes,

“Aside from the fact that it seems to be using a larger amount of battery why on earth is the program using so much data? Mine used 74mb in a day and a half. My colleagues used 100mb in the same time!!”

The updates from the support thread shows that the TweetDeck team has already worked on the data consumption part. It is however not clear if the developers have been successful in reducing battery consumption though. Considering that battery backup is not really great in many of the Android handsets out there, such a drawback could hugely pull down the popularity of this new app.