New Opera Mobile Browser For Android Released

A few weeks back, we had written about the imminent launch of the Opera Mobile browser for Android – a full fledged mobile browser for the Android platform that would be a much more comprehensive web browser offering from Opera compared to Opera Mini that has been in the marketplace for close to six months.

This application has now been released for download. The new Opera Mobile 10.1 beta application comes with features like

  • Speedy page loading thanks to Opera Turbo
  • Smooth navigation controls – scrolling, zooming and panning
  • Speed dial
  • Visual tabs for easy tab management
  • geolocation support
  • Bookmark-syncing across devices
  • SVG support

This is not the first time Opera Mobile for Android is releasing though. The product was already available for the Norwegian OEM partners until now. The browser supports a number of languages including Chinese, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Swedish. You can check out the application by clicking here.

Websites To Find And Install Android Apps Online

Google is yet to launch an online Android store that will let you find and install Android apps from your computer without having to launch the market from your phone. That is coming soon though with some nice features like “Chrome to Phone” that will let you download apps directly from a Chrome browser already having been demoed by Google.

But till that happens, you can check out one of these four websites to help you in your Android app discovery efforts.

Androlib : This is one of the oldest online Android marketplaces. Every listed app also contains other details like ratings, download statistics and reviews. You can also directly point your Android phone at the QR code to start the download. Visit

AppBrain : This is yet another popular Android marketplaces on the internet. Apps are neatly categorized and also ranked based on their popularity over the past day, week or lifetime. There is also an Android app for AppBrain that is synced to the website. This way, you can bookmark the apps you need to download online and launch the AppBrain app to begin the download process. Visit

Cyrket : Cyrket is a more broad online marketplace in that you can find apps for both the Android as well as Palm platforms. The user interface is really simple and easy to use. Visit

AndroidZoom : This is one of the more recent launches and is pretty similar to the other marketplaces. In addition, the website will also mail the download link for the app to your email address so that you may click and install from your phone. Visit

Are there more online Android markets that you are aware of?

How To Run All Apps On Samsung Galaxy Tab In Full Screen Mode

Not all apps on the Android market are capable of running on devices with a resolution higher than 800×480 pixels. This means a number of popular applications do not appear full screen on a device like Samsung Galaxy Tab that has a resolution of 1024×600 pixels.

All is not lost though as a Galaxy Tab user has discovered a simple way to get all applications to run in full screen mode. The procedure makes use of a free Android app called Spare Parts and will require a couple of reboots. You can check out this video embedded below for the complete how-to instructions.

The trick lets all applications to scale beyond the 800×480 pixel barrier and removes one of the most prominent disadvantages that the Galaxy Tab had vis-a-vis the iPad. Did you try the method? Do remember to let us know how it went in the comments below. You can use the QR code below to download Spare Parts to your Tab.

Spare parts Android app

StumbleUpon App Helps You Find The Best Android Apps

StumbleUpon has been a great service for casual surfers to discover new and interesting pages on the web. Now the service has turned its focus on the Android app marketplace as the company has launched a new feature on their Android app that will offer personalized app recommendations to users based on their preferences.

Of course, being a crowdsourced tool, you cannot expect the application to be very accurate at the moment, but that should improve though as more and more people use the service. If you are too touchy about issues such as privacy, you should probably give this a skip. That’s because the StumbleUpon app, with your permission, collects information about apps on your Android phone in order to make the recommendations.

You can download the latest version of the app by clicking here. Do you think the app does a good job in recommending applications?

Android Paypal Payment Support To Roll Out Today?

Google and Paypal have long known to be working on something. Late last month, we discovered that an ‘Enable Paypal Payments‘ option would soon be made available on the Android platform making it easy for Android phone users to pay for apps from their Paypal account. It was widely expected that an announcement in this regard would be made at the Paypal X Developer Conference last week but nothing happened.

Now according to a fresh rumor, Google could be making an announcement today – November 2 – about its roll out plans. If you are lucky enough, the roll out can happen as the announcement happens. But do note that the veracity of the source is not known and hence you may have to take this with a bit of guarded skepticism. We will update you when the announcement actually happens.

Angry Birds App For iPhone & iPad Downloaded 10 Million Times

If you own an Apple or Android phone, chances are that you have definitely heard of this game called Angry Birds. Though I personally find nothing addictive about this, apparently so many people actually are, and the application – since its release in December 2009 – has now been downloaded 10 million times from the App Store. That number is inclusive of the original Angry Birds series, then a Lite version that was added in February 2010, the HD version for iPad and also the recently launched versions for Halloween. The Halloween variants for iPhone and iPad alone sold one million copies inside six days which puts the momentum of popularity gained by the developer in recent times into perspective.

Sometimes success can be a vicious cycle and one of the major reasons to Angry Birds success can be it being featured all along on the App Store. The app now has been rated by over 300,000 users and still manages a mind boggling 5-star.

What’s it about the Angry Birds game that you think makes it so addictive?

Free VoIP App For Android, iPhone, Blackberry & Windows Mobile From netTalk

There are a number of VoIP applications for the iOS and Android platforms now that you really don’t want one another service. But netTalk, whose apps for the mobile platform were only recently released, comes with a number of other features that really makes it an interesting service that you should check out.

As the title suggests, netTalk lets users make free VoIP calls to their friends and family. The free service is restricted to contacts inside USA and Canada though. These calls can be made either via 3G, EDGE or Wi-Fi networks. In addition to free VoIP calls, the netTalk app also includes support for conference calling, the ability to record conversations as well as contact import from the smartphone to the app. This will serve as a good way to backup your contacts in case you happen to lose them.

The team is already reported to be working on a future version that will include support for low-rate international calling and the ability to link to a netTalk DUO number that can be connected to a computer.

Winamp App For Android Platform Releases

Winamp, the desktop media player that a lot many of you probably grew up with is now becoming relevant once again. Nullsoft has announced the launch of a new Winamp Android app that will let users easily sync their desktop music files with their music library on the Android and render quality music playback. The features that are offered on the Android app include,

  • Sync with Winamp desktop library with USB or Wi-Fi
  • Play Queue Management
  • Widget Players & Shortcuts
  • Now Playing
  • Scrobbling with Android application

Besides this, the company has also announced that a number of new features like SHOUTcast streaming are still on the way. The Winamp app for Android is free to download. Use the QR code to download and install your favorite media player app from the 90s.

Winamp QR code

Logitech Revue Remote App For Android Releases

As you may have already heard by now, the new Logitech Revue with Google TV support was launched at Best Buy just this week. Now the device already ships with its own physical keyboard remote. Besides, the Logitech Revue is compatible with all of Logitech’s universal remotes released until now. But if you are looking for a more convenient option, you should probably checkout the company’s Remote control app for the Android platform. The app comes with a complete list of options that will let you navigate channels, adjust volume, record content, bring on a virtual keyboard for search, etc. The application is free to download and is so a must-have if you have already purchased the new Logitech Revue.

Logitech Harmony

You can download the Logitech Revue Harmony app by using the QR code below. If you own an iPhone or iPod Touch, do note that an iOS app is in the works and shall release soon.

Logitech Harmony Android app

Hacked U-Verse Android App For Non-AT&T Phones Released

A bad news for you if you have an AT&T U-verse subscription for viewing television at home and happen to sport a non-AT&T Android phone. The official AT&T U-verse app for Android phones is not compatible with handsets that are not carried by Ma Bell herself. However, the good news is that this is Android we are talking about which means a hack is always round the corner.

Folks at XDA have managed to hack the original .APK file of the official U-verse app which can now be used by U-verse customers to manage all the DVR programming from their Android phones on other carriers like Sprint, Verizon or T-Mobile. Apparently the application is not hard-wired to be accessible only on AT&T phones and so it is pretty much carrier agnostic. You can hit this link to read about it and possibly install the hacked APK file.