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Android 2.1 Update On All Android Handsets In Q2

Considering the pace of development happening on the Android OS front, it is no surprise that close to 80% of Android users are on outdated versions of the platform. However, that could change by the second quarter of this year when a pan-US update to Android 2.1 could be offered.

According to sources that folks at Android and Me spoke to, every Android phone on sale in the US could receive an upgrade in a few months from now. However, there is a likelihood of phones to require a wipe when the upgrade happens. This in effect, could mean that the upgrade shall happen over a tethered PC client rather than over-the-air as the former makes it possible to backup data and restore them post-update.

It is said that Nexus One and HTC myTouch 3G would be the first handsets to receive the update.

[via Android and Me]

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Sprint To Offer Samsung Moment OS Update Soon

Folks at Android Central have reported that the first wave of upgrade to Samsung Moment’s Android OS could begin next week. According to their sources, Samsung Moment, which currently runs on Android OS 1.5 could directly be upgraded to the Android 2.1 version.

However, the first wave of upgrade beginning February 22 could require users to manually visit a Sprint store to get the update. The second round, which is expected to roll out on March 8 could be an over-the-air update.

These rumors are not confirmed, so treat it with skepticism for now.

[via Android Central]

HTC Mobile

HTC myTouch 1.2 To Come With Expresso, Swype Input

I am not very sure about the credibility of this rumor, but folks at Android Community report “creditable sources” as revealing that the HTC myTouch 1.2 could be launching with Expresso and Swype Input.

You might have heard of Swype. It is an upcoming technology founded by the developer of the popular T9 dictionary that claims to improve the speed of typing on your mobile phone. Here is quick video that will give you a nice idea of how it works.

Expresso, as Android Community notes is HTC’s own version of Android 2.1 with more features like Sense UI. If these rumors are true, then myTouch 1.2 is definitely something to watch out for…though I still have my doubts on whether Swype is really that new-age technology that it is hyped to be.

[via Android Community]