Google Nexus S Vs. Apple iPhone 4 – Features & Pricing Compared

Google unveiled their new Nexus S smartphone yesterday. As expected, the phone will come equipped with the new Android 2.3 platform that has been dubbed Gingerbread. Like all other Google products, this one too is quite likely to be pitted against the iPhone 4. So which one is the better deal this season. We’ll take a look.

Nexus S Vs. iPhone 4

Tech Specs and Features

Dimensions : The iPhone 4 measures 4.5″ x 2.31″ x 0.37″ while the Nexus S measures 4.8″ x 2.48″ x 0.42″. So as you can see, while the Nexus S will come with a larger screen, you may also have to contend with a minor increase in thickness

Display : Apple has all along advertised the iPhone 4 for its best-in-the-industry retina display that packs 960×640 pixels. The Nexus S has a smaller display resolution at 800×480 pixels. But if you are talking about display size overall, Nexus S is better with a 4″ display compared to the 3.5″ multitouch display of iPhone 4

Hardware : Not much to choose from. Both the iPhone 4 and Nexus S are equipped with a 1GHz processor along with a 512MB RAM. The iPhone 4 comes with internal storage between 16GB and 32GB while the Nexus S has a built-in internal storage of 16GB. But unlike most other Android phones, the Nexus S does not have an external storage slot. That could quite surely be a deal-breaker for many.

Camera : Again, not much to choose from. Both phones come with a 5-Megapixel rear facing camera along with a VGA camera on the front for video chatting.

Battery : Apple wins here. One of the most advertised features on the iPhone 4 is the battery that is noted to offer up to 7 hours of talk time. While the Nexus One was noted to offer 10 hours of talk time, the new Nexus S on the contrary only gives 6 hours.

There are a lot of miscellaenous features that will be of interest on both phones. Google however has chosen to emphasize the new NFC technology on the Nexus S that will let users interact with RFID tags that you may find on t-shirts, movie posters, stickers, etc. You can quite surely expect a number of new apps and interactive ads that take advantage of this new feature to follow soon.

The Nexus S will be priced at $199 – the same as the 16GB iPhone 4. The device will be available from December 16 from Best Buy and T-Mobile stores in the US and from December 20 at Best Buy and Carphone Warehouse stores in the UK.

Personally, I do not find any big deal of advancement on the Nexus S that will make it my most-wanted phone. But that is not to say that Nexus S is a poorer choice than the iPhone 4 or any of the recent Android and Windows Phone 7 launches.

What are your views on this?

Android 2.3 Gingerbread Launch Today?

Interesting how we didn’t catch hold of this earlier. Notion Ink CEO Rohan Shravan may have just inadvertently given out the launch date for the highly anticipated launch of the upcoming 2.3 version of Android OS, Gingerbread. In his most recent post on the Notion Ink blog, Shravan had said,

“6th December is another big day for Android and you will find out how fast Notion Ink can work. (Eden is extremely compatible with 2.3)”

What makes this all the more credible is that it supports one of our earlier articles where we had pointed out the possibility of a December 6 release. Late last month, there were reports that Android co-founder Andy Rubin had confirmed his participation at the D:Dive Into Mobile event at San Francisco for December 6. We had soon speculated that Google could be taking the wraps off Gingerbread during the event.

Now with Shravan hinting at something similar, we know what to expect later today.

Google Nexus One Running Android 2.3 Spotted In Google Voice Search Demo Video

Gingerbread has really been taking a long time coming and with very little info available right now on what this next generation OS could look like, the anticipation level among Android users has been growing like crazy. Now thanks to a new Google video update, we seem to know about some features on this upcoming OS.

Google Hong Kong had recently made a video demonstration of the Google Voice Search application on an Android device – presumably a Nexus One. Eagle eyed viewers have pointed out that the demo could have been carried out on an Android 2.3 phone. Some new features that one may notice in the video are some new icons on the black status bar on the top of the screen, a modified launcher bar at the bottom and new options like ‘Related‘ and ‘Similar‘ on the app description page of Android market.

Interestingly, Google has pulled the video since these revelations came to light. Nevertheless, here’s a mirror video from Engadget that you can find embedded below.

New Google Nexus S Rumors Reveal OS, Carrier & More

Google Nexus S, the successor to the famed Nexus One has been doing the rounds for quite a while though we have not talked much about them in the past. Now a few pictures of the Nexus S are out in the wild that give us an idea about the phone’s features.

Firstly, the phone will indeed run on Gingerbread – aka Android 2.3 that is expected to roll out on December 6. Next is the fact that the phone will indeed be a Samsung make and will be tied to a T-Mobile network. Apart from this, the leaked Nexus S pictures also reveal a grey/black notification bar, a green highlights and a new squared-off launcher.

Apparently, the pictures were taken just a couple of days back and the word is that a launch is very much round the corner.

Google Nexus S pictures

Google Nexus S Pictures

Android Gingerbread Launch Date Set For December 6?

It has been quite some time since we last heard rumors about the Gingerbread. Eric Schmidt had said sometime back that Gingerbread will be available “in the coming weeks“.

While that itself does not give us a complete picture, we now hear that the tentative date of release could be December 6. Why? Because Andy Rubin, the founder of Android and now the vice president of engineering at Google has confirmed his participation at the D: Dive Into Mobile event to be held at San Francisco on that date.

The Dive Into Mobile conference could be a great platform for Google to unveil, if not launch, Gingerbread to the public. Considering that this is not a really major update (it’s 2.3 and not 3.0), we really do not expect Google to come out with an exclusive media event anytime soon. Nevertheless, let’s hope there are at least some interesting pieces that Google will come up with in this update.