Best Buy RocketFish Tablet To Feature Android 2.2 & Front Camera?

Best Buy has been serving its customers rebranded electronics under its Rocketfish brand. We now hear that the company could be launching a new Android tablet PC under the Rocketfish name. According to a report on CrunchGear, the Rocketfish Android tablet could look a lot like the upcoming HP Slate (tentatively called PalmPad) that will however run on WebOS or Windows 7.

There are not too many specs to discuss right now though. What we however know is that the device will feature a front-facing camera and Google’s latest Android 2.2 OS version. There is no word about the price and launch date either.

Here are some pictures of the new Rocketfish tablet shared by Best Buy CTO, Robert Stephens.

Rocketfish Tablet PC

Rocketfish Tablet

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Nationite MIDnite Tablet Review Of Specs And Price

So here we are with one more tablet computer. This time, it’s the MIDnite Android powered tablet PC from Nationite. The device is presently available for pre-order at MP4Nation and will start shipping from the 23rd of this month.

So this is what you can expect from this latest Android device. The Nationite MIDnite Android tablet comes with a 7-inch display that offers resistive touchscreen input on the 800×600 pixel resolution LCD screen. Specifications include a 600MHz ARM A8 Cortex processor, 256MB RAM, 2GB internal memory and a storage capacity enhanced by microSDHC to up to 16GB. The device is compatible with several formats of image, text and video and can work over Wi-Fi 802.11b/g network. The device runs on Android 2.2 OS and is supported by a 3000mAh battery.

Now if you are interested, make your pre-orders soon. The product page notes that price will stay at $199 till August 9 post-which it would rise to $209. 50. Wait until August 23 and you may end up paying $219.50 for this Android tablet.

Not convinced? Check out the video of the tablet in action below before you decide.

Viewsonic Android Tablet Launch Soon?

Over the past few months, everyone and his grandma is jumping into the tablet bandwagon. Viewsonic, who are pretty much known for the manufacture of computer monitors are learned to be working on launching a tablet computer of their own. As with many other OEMs, this one too loves open source and has reportedly picked Android as the platform of choice.

Viewsonic tablet

There is not much info on the specifications of this new tablet PC though it is speculated that the device will measure 7-inches and shall run on Android 2.2. The device is also expected to be equipped with a built-in camera, 3G connectivity and voice call support.

While there is no confirmed word on this, the device is expected to retail anywhere between $477 and $637 in the European market with no word on when it will become elsewhere.

How To Manually Update Motorola Droid To Android 2.2 [Updated]

Update: Apparently, the Android 2.2 manual update does not work on Motorola Milestone phones. So, please try the following only on your Motorola Droid handsets.

Motorola Droid  users have started receiving over the air updates of the new Android 2.2 OS to their mobile phones. But if you are somehow not been able to update using the OTA link or would prefer to manually update your Droid to Android 2.2, the following steps may help.

Please do note that this will not work if you have rooted your Droid.

1. Click here to download the update file to your computer.

2. Rename the file to UPDATE.ZIP (If the .zip extension is not present, then rename the file simply as UPDATE. The extension should be automatically taken care of)

3. Move the file to the root of your SDCard

4. Switch off your phone

5. Boot your phone into recovery mode by holding power button and X simultaneously

6. You will now see a triangle with an exclamation point displayed. At this point, release both the buttons

7. Press the Volume-Up button and Camera button simultaneously

8. Use your D-Pad to select the “apply” option. Press the gold button on the D-Pad to continue

9. The update file will now be run. Once this is done, use the D-Pad to reboot your Motorola Droid

10. The phone will now reboot with the new Android OS

The manual update process is complete. Enjoy Froyo on your Motorola Droid.

Rumored HTC Desire HD/HTC Ace Technical Specifications & Launch Date

There is not too much credibility to this news. However, according to a roadmap leaked from an unspecified UK carrier, the next generation HTC Desire – tipped to named HTC Desire HD or HTC Ace, could launch in October this year. The leaked roadmap has also delved into the technical specifications of the new device. If true, this could be pointing towards an excellent device with a very likeable form factor.

So here is what we know about the new HTC Ace. Firstly, HTC Desire HD could launch with a 4.3-inches WVGA touch screen display. The phone is expected to run on a 1GHz Qualcomm processor with 4GB internal memory. Also, the device will sport an impressive 8-Megapixel camera that will support 720p HD video capture. Other notable features include SRS Surround sound, aluminium unibody design and support for Adobe Flash 10. The HTC Ace is expected to run on Android OS 2.2.

As noted earlier, take this speculation with a pinch of salt for the moment.

Convert Nexus One Into USB Host

Have dozens of files stored up in USB drives? Sven Killig has hacked the new Android OS 2.2 on his Nexus One to transform his Android handsets into a USB hosting device. Using the new set up, Killig was able to watch movies from new accessory, connect a monitor using the DisplayLink USB-to-DVI adapter and several other things.

To do this, Killig says he first rooted the Android 2.2 on his Nexus One before keying in a bit of his own code to enable the set up. Killig says that though this was done on Android 2.2, it may as well work on Android 2.1.

You can download the whole set up from his website by clicking here. Please be forewarned that rooting your handset can permanently impair your device and please proceed only if you are convinced of the potential risks.

Here is a video of the whole set up in action

[via SlashGear]

Android 2.2 On HTC EVO 4G

You were waiting for this, weren’t you? Android 2.2 a.k.a Froyo has just been made available on the most awaited Android handset of recent times, HTC EVO 4G. This is according to reports on XDA Developers forum who have accomplished this feat.

The HTC EVO 4G has been in news lately, not only because it is hitting the stores later this week, but also because the device got rooted even before its official release.

If you are excited to watch Froyo in action on HTC EVO 4G, hit the play button on the video below

[via Gizmodo]

Via Android Tablet Price And Launch Revealed

Via, the Taiwan based manufacturer of IC chips and motherboards has expressed its intention to jump into the tablet game. According to Robert Brown, the VP of Marketing at Via, the company will be launching five Android based tablet PCs by the second half of this year.

If the iPad banked on classiness to succeed, Via will be banking on affordability. Brown has noted that the Via-powered Android tablets shall be priced in the range of $100-$150.

There is no word on the Android version that Via expects to deploy in the tablet though it is highly likely for the tablets to come with Android 2.2 – launched last week at the Google I/O Conference.

[via Bloomberg]

Android 2.2 vs. Android 2.1 – What’s New?

As you know, the Android OS 2.2 aka Froyo was officially unveiled yesterday at the Google I/O. So what’s new, and is it better than the perennial smartphone benchmark – the iPhone? Here are things to help you decide

What’s New

  • Modified navigation bar with shortcuts to mobile and web
  • Customized Google search to query inside contacts, apps and wbe
  • USB tethering and Wi-Fi hotspot functionality now available
  • Youtube videos in HQ resolution
  • Revamped car dock with shortcuts to music and lighting adjustments

There are several more. But here is a video that compares the speed of an app on Android 2.2 (far left in the video), Android 2.1 and the iPad (far right). You decide the performance speed on these devices. Do note that all the three devices run on a 1GHz processor

[via Engadget]

Automatic App Upgrading Coming On Android 2.2 Froyo

It is pretty unlikely that “trusted testers” of any product could actually be loitering around 4chan. But Phandroid writes of one “Android trusted tester” on 4chan who haas revealed screenshots of the soon to be launched Android 2.2 Froyo that could possibly include automatic app upgrades.

Faking such a stunt is not exactly hard. Photoshoppers do it all the time by creating elaborate photoshopped screens and opening the images on the handset of choice to make it look like it actually is real. Nevertheless, as Phandroid notes, an automatic app upgrade feature is very likely to be implemented as it has been awaited since version 1.5

Android OS 2.2 Froyo
[via Phandroid]