Is Augen GenTouch78 Tablet Using Pirated Android App?

I recently wrote about the new Augen GenTouch78 Android tablet that the company was releasing on KMart at a price of $149.99. One of the interesting features about the 7-inches display tablet running Android 2.1 is the availability of the Android market app. Interesting because, this is an application that is yet to be publicly announced for any Android tablet computer.

It now appears that the company may have obtained the Android market app via an unauthorized vendor. In a statement made to LaptopMag, a Google spokesperson has indicated that their company has not licensed the Android market app to Augen and hence this could be technically illegal. The spokesperson has said,

“Augen included proprietary Google software in their product via an unauthorized vendor. Google only licenses its software to partners and OHA [Open Handset Alliance] members directly.”

It is worth noting that while the Android operating system is itself an open source software, the Android market app is not and only licensed partners are allowed to offer this application on their devices. LaptopMag points out that the fact that this is illegal could then explain an issue noticed with the use of the application on GenTouch78. The website points out that the Android market app only lets users search for apps though downloading was not possible.

It will be interesting to see how Augen’s retail partner KMart decides to proceed in this regard. Considering that incorporation of unlicensed software amounts to piracy, it is likely that KMart may choose to stop selling Augen GenTouch78. There is no statement from the company in that effect so far, though.

GPad G10 Review Of Price And Features

Why do we still call devices with this form factor a tablet when every other manufacturer is intent on positioning it against the Apple tablet with the ‘pad‘ suffix? But truth be told, this one’s no pushover and does indeed carries some reasonable tech specs and price. So here we go.

The GPad G10 is an Android 2.1 tablet that draws its power from the 800MHz Telechips 8902 ARM 11-based processor. The tablet comes with a 7-inches touchscreen that renders content via an 800×600 pixel resolution display. Other features on this device include a 2GB internal memory, 256MB RAM, a VGA camera, HDMI output and a 2600mAh battery. I’m not convinced with the RAM part, but otherwise, these specs are exceptional for a device that sells at just $185.

I’m not sure if this one is going to come to the neighborhood retail stores, but for now, this one is going live on the Chinese wholestore eretailer For some strange reason, the GPad looks very much like the iPad.

GPad G10 Android tablet

Archos 32 Features And Price Leaked

Pre-orders for the generation 8 device from Archos, named the Archos 32 are now being accepted on the electronics etailer, The device is everything what you may have expected from Archos – good technical specifications along with an affordable price tag.

The Archos 32 features a relatively small 3.2-inches 400×240 pixel display, an 800MHz ARM Cortex A8 processor and a flash memory with a capacity of up to 8GB. The tablet is powered by Google Android 2.1 operating system and comes with all the regular connectivity features like USB ports, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. There is not much info about the camera sensor though the device is said to be capable of photo and video capture in VGA and MPEG4 resolutions. And yes, internet surfing is available too along with tap-to-zoom functionalities.

The Archos 32 is tagged at a price of $149.99. The availability date is not available though.

Smartbook Surfer Review Of Features And Price In Germany

The Smartbook Surfer is an Android tablet that is expected to create quite a wave in the German tech market in the next few days. Specs-wise, it is not too different from the recent GenTouch 78 that was debuted by Augen for the American customers. The Smartbook Surfer integrates a lineup of impressive hardware features with a price that is very much on the affordable side.

Let me elaborate more on the technical features. Firstly, this is an Android 2.1 tablet that comes equipped with a 7-inches large display that packs a good 800×400 pixels. The processor speed is not state-of-the-art but at 720MHz, the Telechips TTC8902 should work for most of the users. Other hardware specs include a 256MB DDR2 RAM, 2GB internal flash storage, 802.11 b/g Wi-Fi, miniSD card slot, webcam, GPS and USB ports. The Smartbook Surfer also contains a HDMI output for 1080p high definition video output. Battery life should be good, if not excellent.

The new Android tablet is already on sale in Germany at a price of €179. That’s about $234.

FlatPad A10 Review Of Specs, Price And Availability

Yet another pad-suffixed tablet computer is out in the market now. Flat Computing has launched its low-cost Android based tablet that brings some pretty impressive specs and features at at sub-$300 price point. First about the display. The new FlatPad A10 tablet comes with a 10.2-inches resistive touchscreen display that packs as much as 1024×600 pixels in the display area. The Android 2.1 based tablet computer is powered by a 1GHz ARM Cortex-A8 processor along with a 256MB RAM and contains 2GB of internal memory.

Other specifications on the tablet include accelerometer support, Wi-Fi, microSD card slot, USB port, headphone jack and stereo speakers. The tablet is capable of running 1080p HD video playback and comes with a power back up of up to 7 hours. The manufacturers have claimed that an Android 2.2 update shall be made available as early as August.

At $285 a piece, this device is competitively priced. If you are interested, go ahead, the device is available starting today in the US market.

Lumigon T1 Features Reviewed – Launch In October

Lumigon T1 – the Android 2.1 based handset is launching in October. This is according to a recent notification from the company on its Facebook page. In the message posted on the social networking site, Lumigon notes,

“Now finally our release date is set to 2010-2010-2010 meaning the 20 of october in the year 2010 at 20.10. Our updated website will open for preorders on 20 of september.

We will also post more detailed information on the the T1 which is the first phone we will release, later this week.”

Now the technical specifications of this new device has not been detailed, but from what we know, the new Lumigon T1 shall feature Android 2.1 OS along with a Freescale 1GHz i.MX51 processor, a multitouch display with capacitive input, 5-megapixel autofocus camera with flash along with 720p HD flash. Other features on the Lumigon could include Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, A-GPS and FM receiver/transmitter.

Price is not known as yet but stay tuned. We will get the details soon.

Price Of Dell Aero And Contract Subsidies Announced

The Streak is definitely one of the hottest gadgets to have come from the stables of Dell in quite some time. However, in the hype, do not forget the other big thing – the Dell Aero smarphone that comes equipped with a 3.5-inches display, a 624MHz Marvel processor, a Webkit browser with support for Flash Lite, etc. The device is expected to launch with Android 1.5 though you can expect an upgrade to Android 2.1 sometime after launch.

Now, news is in that the price and launch date of this beautiful thing from Dell is now announced. According to a Dell statement, the new Dell Aero shall become available on the 9th of August. And price? Okay, if you are a happy AT&T customer or would like to become one, you can pick up an Aero from their stores for $99.99. On the other hand, if you prefer to not be bound by the two year contract, feel free to shell out $299.99 for an Aero without contract.

Augen Tablet Price, Tech Specs Announced

The new Android tablet from Augen – the Augen tablet will be available at a price of $149.99 from KMart beginning this weekend.The tablet computer will come with a 7-inches display screen that will be powered by Android 2.1 enhanced by a 256MB RAM and a good 2GB of internal memory.

With the tablet being based out of the open sourced Android OS platform, users can also claim access to the third party applications available on the Android App Store. However, do remember that this tablet does not come integrated with a 3G network. So you are reliant on Wi-Fi connections. This also means, you may not get automatic OTA updates and have to rely on Wi-Fi networks to get your software updates.

This has been a busy month for Augen. The company recently released their eReader aptly named ‘The Book‘. The eReader is priced at $89 and offers a cost effective alternative to the pricey eReaders out in the market.

Are you impressed by the latest Augen Tablet?

Interpad Android Tablet Features And Price Announced

German tech manufacturer, E-Noa has announced Interpad – a new Android powered tablet device in the UK market. The device is expected to be launched later this year at a price of €399 which converts to $518 on the Forex market.

So what do you get for this price? Well, to begin with, this shall be a device with a 10-inches capacitive multitouch display, a 1GHz NVIDIA Tegra 2 T20 Cortex-A9 dual core processor, a 1GB DDR2 RAM and an internal flash storage with a capacity of 16GB. There is also support for microSD that will offer an additional 32GB of storage. Other features include 3900mAh battery with up to 12 hours of battery back up, a USB port, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, Android 2.1 OS and HDMI output.

No doubt that these are some impressive specifications. And while the price appears to be costlier than the iPad’s US price of $499, you have to remember that the device is priced much higher in the UK – at over $665 and hence this is still game on.

How To Root HTC Droid Incredible?

Unrevoked has been a popular smartphone rooting tool among HTC manufactured Android 2.1 devices. The team of hackers have now introduced a very simple One-Click solution to root your new HTC Droid Incredible Android handset. Of course, technically the whole procedure is more than one step. But this is definitely a lot simple than many other rooting solutions.

Rooting your device is pretty simple. Visit Unrevoked’s page for Droid Incredible here and install the appropriate application (depending on whether you are on Windows, Mac or Linux). Run the application after you have connected your Droid Incredible to the computer and this will root your device.

However, here is a caveat to note. Rooting may not actually pan out as planned and you may also end up bricking your phone. Also, it is not clear if this application is compatible with the latest version of OTA that was released only recently. Either way, proceed with caution.