Reasons Why the Samsung Galaxy S8 May Be The Smartphone You’ll Want This Year

With the upcoming release of the Samsung Galaxy S8 and the advanced features of the phone, there is only one thing on people’s minds: is it worth it? There is a lot of discussions about which smartphone will steal the crown this year, and the Samsung Galaxy is one of the top contenders.

Before we delve into that, though, let us review the roster of phones that is going to be released this year like the Apple iPhone 8, Google Pixel 2, HTC 11, Nokia 8, Sony Xperia XZ Premium, and the Samsung Galaxy S8 & Galaxy Note 8. These phones promise an improved performance, much faster than their predecessors and longer battery life. And this time, people know what to look for because other than those improvements, they are also expecting better graphics and a more intuitive and sleek design.

Which brings us back to the Samsung Galaxy S8. The flagship smartphone is highly anticipated and it is coming out before the iPhone 8 at tech stores like Harvey Norman –  and everywhere else. So here we list down the features of the Samsung Galaxy S8 which you might want to consider when looking at your options this year.

Intelligent digital assistant

If the Apple iPhone has Siri, the Samsung Galaxy S8 will have Bixby. It is also an AI, a voice-powered digital assistant that is reportedly more powerful than Siri. It has three main parts: Bixby Voice, Bixby Vision, and Bixby Home. You can trigger Bixby by pressing on button or calling with the Bixby Voice. The Bixby Vision will allow Bixby to “see” what you can see through the built-in camera and can do tasks like identifying objects or scanning QR codes. Wih Bixby Home, you can get access to various information by swiping right from the home screen like fitness activity or the weather.

Wireless charging

Yes, no more dangling and tangling wires. This is probably one of the biggest innovations in any smartphone flagship. The slap on battery pack offered by Samsung would mean that charging our phones will not be as frustrating, what with all the ruckus about using the right wire and whatnot. At the same time, this is a feature that the Apple iPhone has not yet adapted. There are rumours though, that initially, wireless charging will be featured on the iPhone 8 but is now being scrapped. We will never know for sure until the unboxing event of Apple, but right now, it is looking like the Samsung flagship phone has improved on it.

Headphone jack

Apple may think that they are being revolutionary with their earpods, and it is true, it is innovative; however, it is posing to be more of a problem for users than a feature they want to be excited about. No one wants to lose their headphones, whether they are expensive or cheap, it is such a hassle. So not only is Samsung providing cool new headphones with its purchase of Harman last year, it is also a 3.5mm jack. You can keep your Beats or Bose, because the 3.5mm connector is here to stay, at least for the S8.

Snapdragon 835

The Snapdragon exclusivity of Samsung may bode well for the S8. This time, the Samsung will be released with a Snapdragon 835 and the Exynos 8895 variant. However, a lot of people are excited about the Snapdragon variants. It promises a faster mobile performance, alternate reality exploration, machine learning capabilities, battery efficiency, and more.

Are you pumped for the new Samsung Galaxy S8? Well, we are, too! And to think, these are just a couple of its features that are keeping everyone at the edge of their seats.

Three Gardening Apps On Android

No matter whether you are a professional or just an amateur who has a fair bit of green patch in her backyard, gardening always gives you the kind of relaxation that no yoga or meditation ever can. Like everything else, there are Android apps to help you in your gardening as well. Listed below are three very useful Android apps that should help everyone – right from the gardning hobbyist to a pro.

Master Gardener Pocket Guide:

This is the app that is best suited for horticulture students or more generally to someone who is trying to learn the basics of gardening. The app contains a list of more than 675 gardening and horticulture related terms and concepts that you can learn through quizzes, flashcards and a dictionary. The app also includes hundreds of images that should provide a visual reference to the terms that makes learning much more simple. The ‘Master Gardener Pocket Guide’ is available for download at a price of $1.49. You can download the app by using the QR code below.


Garden Snob

If you are obsessed about gardening, as you should be if reading this post, this app is something you could consider. The app costs $1.5 and tells you everything right from the tips to keep your garden green to other landscaping tips like the right garden furniture to buy. You can purchase this app by using the code below.



Making A Rock Garden

Rock gardens are becoming increasingly popular across campuses and commercial establishments around the world as a form of landscaping. In the United Kingdom, there are a number of popular rock gardens such as the Royal Botanic Garden in Edinburg and f Kew. Now if you are looking to build your own rock garden, the ‘Making a Rock Garden’ Android app should come handy. It has separate chapters that will teach you everything about picking a construction site, working on the construction, planting the garden, the plants you should choose for a rock garden and setting it up. The app is priced at $1.37 and can be downloaded by using the QR code below.

app2What are your favorite gardening related apps? Tell us in the comments.

Android Hack To Prevent Data Throttling By Carriers

Most people signing up for unlimited data plans often miss out on the fine-print that legitimizes carriers to throttle your data speed when you breach a data cap. Such policies are quite evidently an annoyance given that most of us pay a premium for unlimited data plans just because we need to satisfy our mobile web requirements.

So if you are one of those Android users frustrated with such data throttling from carriers, you can now make use of a hack to ensure you do not have to suffer these slow internet speeds any longer. Folks at XDA Developers have this tutorial to take you through the process. As with any of the tutorials from this site, you must realize that the procedures can be risky and you may end up bricking your phone. Also, the carriers have other ways to ensure you don’t continue your voracious data consumption – they can suspend your contract, for instance.

In any case, should you try the method, don’t forget to tell us how it works in the comments below.

Create Photo Slideshows From Facebook Or iPhone With MediaStory App

Want to create slideshows of your Facebook photo albums? MediaStory is a nifty application that will help you with that. The app will allow users to upload pictures either from their Facebook album or upload them directly to the application while creating the slideshow.

MediaStory is available as both a web application on Facebook or as an iPhone app. Android users fret not. There is also an Android app to achieve the same. All you need to do is give the application the necessary permissions, upload the pics, style them and publish.

There is one step before you publish the pictures that is contentious. The app requires you to become a fan of the application. That’s understandable and if you are not the kind who is bothered by these, you can try out this application by visiting the app’s Facebook page or iPhone app ($1.99).

How To Root HTC Desire Android Phone

Paul from Modaco has released the full guide on steps to root HTC Desire. Unsurprisingly, the rooting tutorial guide comes with several caveats with the most important one being that rooting will completely wipe your phone off and that there is no way at present to backup your device ROM. You can follow the complete tutorial here

Here is a gist of how to go about it

Step 1 : Backup your microSD card and turn it to a goldcard (A GoldCard is a special SD card which, when inserted into your device, allows you to flash RUU files with a different CID to your own device.)
Step 2 : Download a copy of ‘rooted update‘ and copy it on to your SD card
Step 3 : Turn off your HTC Desire and turn it back on by pressing the back button down. The screen will now display ‘FASTBOOT
Step 4 : Download ‘Test Ruu‘ to your computer. Connect your phone to your PC and run the file. Wait for it to complete the upgrade
Step 5 : The phone will now be turned off. Unplug it and press the volume button down to power it back on. You will see ‘HBOOT‘ displayed on the screen. Use the volume and power buttons to navigate through the options and select ‘RECOVERY‘.
Step 6 : The phone will display a Red triangle. At this point, plug your phone to a Mac OS X or Linux computer
Step 7 : Download ‘Push Files‘ and extract them to a folder on the computer. Run the ‘‘ or ‘‘ file as is appropriate
Step 8 : Use the optical trackball to navigate through ‘Wipe -> Wipe data /factory reset‘ then ‘Flash zip from sdcard‘. Select the rooted update and confirm.
Step 9 : The update will begin. Once the flash is complete, reboot the phone and your are done.

Farmville On SMS Launching Soon? iPad And Android Apps Launching Too

Will you soon be able to hatch your mystery eggs on the go. There are speculations that Zynga, the company behind the popular Facebook game Farmville may be planning to expand their channels beyond Facebook. According to reports on JoyStiq, the company has recently purchased the domain names, and

While it is not explicitly known whether these domain names were indeed purchased by Zynga, they are at least under the ownership of the same third party that also manages the domain name.

iPad and Android are logical extensions. SMS? Not so much. What do you think?

[via JoyStiq]