New iPad Commercial Showcases AirPlay, AirPrint & Multitasking Features

Apple has started airing a new iPad commercial to audiences in the United States that showcases all the recent additions that the company has introduced to the iPad – including AirPrint, AirPlay and multitasking.

The iPad commercial begins with a demonstration of the iPad’s ability to “create” documents instead of being merely able to consume media. It further notes the other major introductions with iOS 4.2 including the ability to wireless print documents, stream media to television, multitask and be used as an education and productivity device.

You can check out the video embedded below.

Well, I have objections to the rosy picture painted by the commercial – to be fair, the iPad does not work well as a media creation tool, the Airplay and AirPrint features are pretty limited at the moment and it is really not a device you should buy if you are thinking of working on a lot of documents. But then, it’s after all an ad. So I shouldn’t be complaining.

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Free & Easy Hack To Enable AirPrint On Shared Printers With Mac Computers

Apple quite under-delivered on their promise when they scrapped highly anticipated features like wireless printing from iOS 4.2 for shared printers on Mac and Windows computers. As it eventually turned out, the feature has now been limited to a select few models of HP printers.

Nevertheless, if you are a Mac user, you now have a free utility that can enable AirPrint for shared printers in your computer’s network. Called the AirPrint Hactivator for Mac OS X, the application basically modifies just one file that is then backed up before the updated files are installed. Upon completion of the installation process, users have to simply remove and add the shared printers back to the computer in order to begin using AirPrint with these printers.

Netputing, the developers of the application, have carried the software through a number of iterations and you can download the latest v. 1.7 from the developers’ website here. As always, don’t forget to tell us your views on the software in the comments below.


AirPrint Wireless Printing For Mac & PC Connected Printers Cancelled?

Apple is all set to launch their new version of the iOS later this week. But the launch might see Apple clipping down most of the functionalities that their AirPrint wireless technology was supposed to originally offer. According to reports, Apple may have cancelled their plans to offer AirPrint for printers connected to a Mac or a PC.

AirPrint, as you may already know, is an easy to use wireless printing technology for iOS devices that lets users to wirelessly send documents to print from their iDevice to an HP ePrint Printer or any other printer connected to a Mac or a PC. Now, according to modified ReadMe files as well as literature on the company’s website, this functionality may now be limited to the HP ePrint Printer.

The reason behind this move is not known though it is believed that bugs detected in the system in the eleventh hour could have prompted this decision. Anyway, we will wait for an official statement in this regard. That is unlikely however considering the way Apple has sneakily modified the related documents.


AirPrint Wireless Printing Video Demo

Apple recently unveiled its new wireless printing technology for iOS called AirPrint. The new technology will be made available as part of the new iOS 4.2 update that is to be released in November this year. What AirPrint does is basically detect printers in the neighborhood that are compatible with wireless networks and pass on text, image or other documents to the printer wirelessly for these files to be printed on paper.

At this point, AirPrint can interact wirelessly with the HP ePrint printers. Apart from this, you can also connect to any printer that is connected to a Mac or a PC. AirPrint is designed to work with a wide range of printers and so the device at your home or office should most definitely be included in the list of supported devices.

Check out this video walk-through of AirPrint in action. The demo was made by folks at