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Verizon iPhone 4 Commercial Goes On Air

In case you didn’t know yet, Apple will be launching the first CDMA variant of their iPhone 4 next month. Starting February 10, customers in the United States will be able to purchase a Verizon iPhone 4 that will run on the new CDMA chip. This has been an amazingly long wait given that a Verizon iPhone has been speculated ever since the iPhone itself was launched back in 2007.

Incidentally, the commercial emphasizes on this very aspect. The ad shows a number of ticking clocks with people fidgeting hands and tapping their feet. It ends with the voiceover noting –

“To our millions of customers who never stopped believing this day would come: Thank you.”

You can check out the commercial video below.

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New iPad Commercial Showcases AirPlay, AirPrint & Multitasking Features

Apple has started airing a new iPad commercial to audiences in the United States that showcases all the recent additions that the company has introduced to the iPad – including AirPrint, AirPlay and multitasking.

The iPad commercial begins with a demonstration of the iPad’s ability to “create” documents instead of being merely able to consume media. It further notes the other major introductions with iOS 4.2 including the ability to wireless print documents, stream media to television, multitask and be used as an education and productivity device.

You can check out the video embedded below.

Well, I have objections to the rosy picture painted by the commercial – to be fair, the iPad does not work well as a media creation tool, the Airplay and AirPrint features are pretty limited at the moment and it is really not a device you should buy if you are thinking of working on a lot of documents. But then, it’s after all an ad. So I shouldn’t be complaining.

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NewsDay iPad App Commercial Pulled After Apple Objects

A commercial promoting the iPad app of a newspaper, Newsday is reported to have been pulled after Apple reportedly threatened the publication with a cease and desist letter besides vowing to remove all of their apps from the App Store if their orders were not followed.

The commercial itself was a humorous take on digital news apps taking over print newspapers. However Apple’s objection appears to have been targeted at the cracked iPad screen that didn’t quite show the iPad in the light that Apple would have liked to. Here’s a quote from a person claiming to be a Newsday employee.

“Newsday got a cease and desist letter threatening all of our apps, if we did not remove the commercial immediately. They took exception to the fact that the (iPad) glass shattered into large jagged pieces … Your instincts are correct.”

Anyway, thanks to the fact that the ad got pretty viral, you can still find several copies of the commercial on YouTube. Check it out below while it lasts.

[via CultofMac]

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Apple iPad Commercial Strips Flash-Bits From NYTimes Website

Remember how Apple liberally displayed Flash on the New York Times website in their initial promo video for the iPad? Cupertino was forced to modify the video after it came to light that the promo video gave the false impression that the iPad supported Flash when it actually didn’t.

Now, the device is launching next month and Apple just aired their first iPad commercial. And I was intently looking for the bit on NYTimes to see if Apple plays it fair this time. Oh well, they did. Quite.

The iPad commercial shows the homepage of as well as one interior page.  Both these pages have Flash content on them. On the NYTimes homepage, you have a Video section below the main fold which displays Flash content.

New York Times Home page

To be fair, the ad shows a blank space here; though it is not made very obvious on the screen.

New York Times Homepage ad

However, things are interesting on the second page where there is a prominent Flash based leaderboard ad on the website (click to enlarge)

iPad Commercial Flash portion missing

See the ad? Now check out the commercial

iPad Commercial Without Flash

Obviously, Apple has learnt from its past mistakes!