Adobe Flash 10.1 For Android Available For Download In Batches

Adobe has pulled out the beta out of their Flash 10.1 for Mobile devices making the public version of the multimedia platform now available for download from the Android market. The new update will allow any user with a handset running Android 2.2 to upgrade to the latest version.

But before you get all excited, here’s the disclaimer. The update is at present being made visible only to Nexus One owners. But in all probability, users of other handsets must also start seeing the update option becoming available on their handsets.

If you are wondering where to go looking for it, Adobe Flash 10.1 is available in APK format – that’s the Android app format. You can install these apps from Android market using Apps Installer.

Install Flash On iPhone 4 Using Frash Jailbreak Application

The tussle between Apple and Adobe will potentially never get resolved. That means Flash lovers will never be able to access Adobe Flash on their iDevices for quite some time to come. That’s if you are not willing to jailbreak your iPhone. Popular iPhone hacker, Comex, has announced that he has successfully ported Frash – […]

The tussle between Apple and Adobe will potentially never get resolved. That means Flash lovers will never be able to access Adobe Flash on their iDevices for quite some time to come. That’s if you are not willing to jailbreak your iPhone.

Popular iPhone hacker, Comex, has announced that he has successfully ported Frash – the jailbreak utility that lets users run Flash 10 on the iPad – to the new iPhone 4. Of course, as you guessed it, the process will require you to first jailbreak your iPhone. Do remember that though jailbreaking has been made legal in countries like the US, the procedure can still void your Apple warranty and can also potentially slow down your device performance.

Nevertheless, if you have made up your mind, you can first proceed to, the website that provides a browser-based jailbreaking utility to break into your iPhone OS. Once you are done with the jailbreak, you can follow these steps below

  • Launch Cydia and open the ‘Manage’ tab. Tap on the ‘Edit’ option
  • Add the following repository :
  • Now navigate to the the ‘Search‘ tab and key-in Frash. Tap on the Frash app and tap ‘Install‘ to install the application
  • Reboot the iPhone to complete the process

You are done. Flash content can now be accessed from the websites on Mobile Safari. If you need more help with the installation, watch the video below.

New Adobe Technology Seeks To Make Rich Media Applications Search Engine Friendly

It is common for publishers to choose textual presentation of content over rich media format simply to make their content more search engine friendly. A new patent application filed by Adobe Systems back in March of this year and made public only recently describes an annotation-based functionality that will make such content discoverable by search engines.

In the application, Adobe writes (text in bold for emphasis) ,

“According to embodiments of the invention, a developer annotates portions of the procedural code of a rich Internet application to facilitate exposing particular content to a search engine. Such annotations may comprise information describing the content to be identified by a Web crawler. Additionally or alternatively, such annotations may comprise a state name, or other identifier and/or information, facilitating direct, or semi-direct, access to the identified content.”

Embodiments of the invention provide a translation module for interfacing between a Web crawler and a rich Internet application annotated according to an embodiment of the invention. For example, a translation module may interact with a Web crawler to respond to Web crawler navigation instructions and access declarative code associated with different states of a rich Internet application, providing responsive information identifying content in a structure that is compatible with a search engine associated with the Web crawler. According to embodiments of the invention, the structure of the content provided by the translation module comprises declaratory code, such as HTML page code or pseudo HTML page code.”

Adobe RIA patent application

The patent application is interesting because a successful implementation of this technology will incentivize more publishers to take the RIA format to create beautiful websites that can consequently make Apple’s war against Flash all the more difficult.

Your thoughts?

Flash On iPhone And iTunes Syncing On Android Coming To Europe?

The European Union, it is learnt, is working on a “Digital Agenda” that is looking into US companies that have been breaking Europe’s anti-trust laws by keeping their proprietary systems closed. According to a recent post on the ReadWriteWeb, the proposals could force Apple to open up its closed iOS system to competitors and thereby allow Flash on the iPhone and allow competitors like Android and Palm to sync to iTunes.

A section on the Digital Agenda reads,

“The Commission will…propose legal measures on ICT interoperability by 2010 to reform the rules on implementation of ICT standards in Europe to allow use of certain ICT fora and consortia standards…Promote interoperability by adopting in 2010 a European Interoperability Strategy and European Interoperability Framework; Examine the feasibility of measures that could lead significant market players to license interoperability information to report by 2012.”

If the proposals are accepted, it could mean that Apple may have to open up its platform not just in Europe, but outside the continent as well. Steve Jobs has long argued that the company’s iOS platform may run sluggishly in the presence of a multimedia platform like Flash. He has also argued that such applications may drain the iPhone battery life and hence may affect user experience.

However, such battery hogging applications have been available on jailbroken iPhones for quite sometime and these users who broke the iOS wall have not experienced any major issue.

Now, if and when Flash becomes officially available in the European market, the performance of Flash on the iPhone may become more clearly evident and in the absence of any major issues, the user community may get more vociferous about accessing Flash applications on iPhone.

Flash Ads On iPhone Coming Soon

Steve Jobs may hate it, but Adobe may soon be able to bring Flash based advertisements to the iPhone. According to reports on IntoMobile, Adobe has partnered with rich media mobile ad network, Greystripe to allow developers to bring advertisements authored in Flash to the iPhone.

How will this work? The report notes that Greystripe’s technology will help in translating Flash content into HTML5 which is supported on the Apple devices. With several major advertising companies making use of Flash in their campaigns, it is definitely a shot in the arm for both the advertisers as well as Adobe.

Apple is closing in on the sale of the 100 millionth iOS device and these are some of the most sought after audiences among advertisers. Adobe’s parternship will thus greatly enhance advertisers’ ability to engage their audiences with their advertisements.

[via IntoMobile]

Adobe Flash On Android Tablet Video Demo Unveiled

The Web 2.0 expo is currently underway in San Francisco. As part of the event, Adobe has been demoing an Android OS based tablet running Flash and AIR applications. According to a report published on Zedomax, these applications run “flawlessly” on the Android 2.1 based tablet prototype. Max from the site writes,

“It runs Adobe’s Flash and Air apps flawlessly.  That was the first time I saw Adobe’s Air apps running on a tablet and totally impressed by how it ran.  And now I can understand why Apple wants to ban Flash and other Adobe products completely from their iPhones and iPads, because it’s rather incredible technology.”

There is no information on the Android tablet prototype on demo, but it is surely a more than worthy competitor to the iPad.

[Zedomax via Engadget]

Adobe Flash Support For Android OS 2.2

Full support to Adobe Flash could be coming with the next version of Android Operating System, codenamed Froyo. An indication towards this has been offered by Andy Rubin, Vice President for Engineering at Google.

In a recent interview to The New York Times, Rubin said that the move was necessary to keep the platform as open as possible. Taking a jab at Apple’s closed garden policies, Rubin said that being Open “means not being militant about the things consumer are actually enjoying”.

Unfortunately for us, there is no word on when Froyo shall be made available. If rumors doing the rounds are to be believed Google has been contemplating a delay in launch of future Android OS versions owing to the slowdown in sales effected due to the rate at which new platforms are being released.

[NY Times via BGR]

Adobe To Sue Apple Over Flash Fracas

If Apple’s stand on an ubiquitous platform like Flash was ridiculous enough, its recent modification of the iPhone license agreement to ban app developers from submitting apps compiled from Flash is definitely the heights of it. Quite evidently, Adobe is not happy with whatever is happening. While the official word has been measured, unofficially though Adobe has asked Apple to “screw” itself.

Following up on the word, Adobe is now reported to be contemplating a legal action against Cupertino. Folks at IT World have revealed from inside sources that the company might be filing a lawsuit against the company in a few weeks from now. The company has denied any official statements on this.

[via IT World]

Price Of HP Slate Upwards Of $500

HP Slate, the seemingly superior cousin of the much hyped iPad is rumored to launch in June. ClipSet, a popular Spanish website has revealed from its sources that the tablet devices from Hewlett Packard may have a late summer launch in Europe at a price of €400 ($546).

That does not necessarily mean that price will be higher than iPad. It is possible that the price of HP Slate is synced to iPad’s $499 starting price when it launches in US and to the corresponding price points in other markets. However considering superior hardware in the form of Atom CPU, USB connectivity, memory card reader, a back mounted webcam and support for Adobe Flash, it is also possible that HP launches the device at a premium.

Can’t wait to get hold of this one. Why bother about the iPad!

[via Engadget]

Apple iPad Commercial Strips Flash-Bits From NYTimes Website

Remember how Apple liberally displayed Flash on the New York Times website in their initial promo video for the iPad? Cupertino was forced to modify the video after it came to light that the promo video gave the false impression that the iPad supported Flash when it actually didn’t.

Now, the device is launching next month and Apple just aired their first iPad commercial. And I was intently looking for the bit on NYTimes to see if Apple plays it fair this time. Oh well, they did. Quite.

The iPad commercial shows the homepage of as well as one interior page.  Both these pages have Flash content on them. On the NYTimes homepage, you have a Video section below the main fold which displays Flash content.

New York Times Home page

To be fair, the ad shows a blank space here; though it is not made very obvious on the screen.

New York Times Homepage ad

However, things are interesting on the second page where there is a prominent Flash based leaderboard ad on the website (click to enlarge)

iPad Commercial Flash portion missing

See the ad? Now check out the commercial

iPad Commercial Without Flash

Obviously, Apple has learnt from its past mistakes!