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Adobe InMarket App Distribution Service Announced

Adobe’s AIR based applications are compatible on a number of different application marketplaces. But the sheer number of them has meant that developers will have a tough time updating each of these different app stores every time they make a change or announce an update.

Now Adobe has made it easy for developers by launching a new app distribution service called InMarket. With InMarket, developers now have only one place to go to while submitting an application. Adobe will take care of handling the app distribution across these various application stores. Developers will get the usual 70/30 cut on revenues and there will be no apparent change in the way these applications are downloaded from the users’ point of view.

Adobe InMarket

A pretty brilliant way to consolidate the marketplace while making money at the same time. Intel’s AppUp is said to be the first app store that will accomodate this new distribution service. Adobe is noted to start supporting close to 10 stores by the second half of 2011 and this will include app stores for mobile, desktop, tablet and television.

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Download Blackberry PlayBook SDK For Adobe AIR & Simulators Now

Last month Research In Motion unveiled their new tablet computer, named the PlayBook. Now though the device has not been launched as yet, there is a pretty high anticipation for the device that is expected to be priced under $350.

Now as RIM gets ready for the final launch, we are seeing minor progress on all the other aspects that go with the launch. The company has now released a beta version SDK of the Blackberry PlayBook that will let developers build applications using Adobe AIR. The release also includes a simulator for the developers to build the application from the Windows and Mac platforms.

On the product download page, RIM has also indicated that the support for app development using Adobe Flash and HTML 5 are on their way. Eager to check it out. Hit this link to download a copy to your computer.

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Check Out The Best Adobe AIR Apps For Android At AppBrain

Last week Adobe released their AIR application for the Android platform that will make it possible for developers to easily port their applications from other platforms to Android. Since its release, we already a pretty good number of AIR based applications released on the Android marketplace. If you are eager to check out these applications, AppBrain has now published a new section that outlines the various AIR based app for Android. Clearly, the first few apps are not too useful and you may not be launching them more than once. But the new section has also showcased quite a few interesting apps like SkyTunes that makes it easy for users to stream music from their PC to their phone.

You can check out the complete list on AppBrain here. Expect the number of apps showcased to grow considerably moving forward.


Adobe AIR For Android Released

Adobe has announced that their AIR application for Android is now available for download on the Android Marketplace. You may already know this, but it is worth noting that AIR is basically a cross-platform interface that lets developers build feature rich applications based on other platforms like HTML, AJAX, Flash and Flex. The latest release is just a runtime that you can install on your FroYo-running Android machine making it ready for other cross-platform applications.

The release of this new app will open up the possibilities for developers to build hundreds of new applications for the Android platform that will make use of the AIR integration. This basically simplifies the job of the developer since they may now develop one code base that can be viewed across several platforms. Want to check out a demo of such an application? Find it embedded below.