New Accelerometer Based Navigation In The Works For Google Maps Mobile App

Navigation through the Google maps app on your smartphone can get even more exciting as a new patent from Mountain View reveals. In this patent application titled “Navigation In a Three Dimensional Environment Using An Orientation Of A Mobile Device“, the company illustrates a 3D navigation system that does not require touch based input and instead makes use of the device’s accelerometer input to navigate.

There are some interesting input methodologies described.

Helicopter Module

The new helicopter module on Google Maps could offer a navigation from an altitude..Tilt your smartphone in the direction you want to navigate and the helicopter module will take you through in that direction

Google Maps Helicopter module navigation

The patent is not about accelerometer based navigation alone. Here are a few touch screen based methodologies described

Anchored Navigation

“With one free hand to navigate, several user interface gestures may use two fingers. This section describes two user interface gestures using two fingers–anchored look-around and anchored helicopter. Each user interface gesture has one finger initially stationary with the other moving. The stationary finger may touch the screen before the moving finger. The initial relative position of the stationary and moving fingers may determine whether the user enters an anchored look-around navigation mode or an anchored helicopter navigation mode.

Google maps anchored navigation

There are a lot more navigation methodologies described which you may check out from the patent application.