Apple’s A4 Chip Made From Intrinsity, Not PA Semi?

Has Apple acquired chip manufacturer Intrinsity? Was talent from Intrinsity used to develop the A4 processor for the iPad and not PA Semi’s? Has Apple’s acquisition of PA Semi for $278 million yielded nothing?

These are some questions that have been doing the rounds since we have been hearing that the original human resources from PA Semi have defected to various companies since the time Apple acquired the promising processor manufacturer.

In an article today, Computer World notes,

“It is unlikely that we’ll ever know exactly what happened but perhaps PA Semi’s talent wasn’t working out for Apple’s needs and needed to go elsewhere to get their iPAd product out the door.. “

So there goes the claims that Apple’s A4 was complely native. It’s just happened that Apple chose to acquire a company to whom they had outsourced all the processor chip works.

[via ComputerWorld]