What Is 8pen? Video Demo

Users on the Android 2.2 platform will today get a choice to try out a new keyboard layout called 8pen. 8pen is developed by 3qubits and aims to change the fundamental way in which users type on touchscreen mobile devices. It is pretty hard to explain how 8pen works. Here is a video demo of the application

While this is certainly cool, I have my doubts over the adoption of such a drastically different feature. Despite the reasons behind the QWERTY keyboard coming into vogue, there is no denying that this is the most preferred form of text input on keyboards or touchscreen devices. While earlier improvisations like Swype have seen a good adoption rate, it needs to be noted that these implementations built upon the basic QWERTY keyboard. 8pen on the other hand brings an entirely new perspective. While it will garner its own set of fans, it is too unlikely for 8pen to gain mass adoption. What do you think?