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Blackberry 4G Phone Launch Delayed Because Of Battery Issues?

There have been rumors in the past that Research In Motion could be working on a 4G LTE variant of their Blackberry models in order to gain greater foothold in the American market. However, those plans seem to have suffered some setback according to sources.

We hear that RIM has been having trouble keeping the cost of producing such a device under check. The high cost is being attributed particularly to LTE chips. However, that is just one concern.

There is word that regardless of the costs, the phone could still see delay because of the company’s trouble with developing a reliable battery that can work long enough. The company is expected to take some more time to sort out these issues which means a 4G LTE capable Blackberry handset is still a long time away.

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4G Network Support On HTC Droid Incredible Discovered

Droid Incredible users who complain about the non-availability of an EVO-like support to 4G network have something to cheer about. It appears that the Verizon phone may actually be capable of handling 4G networks even though it appears to have been hidden and disabled at present. The feature was discovered by a user with the help of the Google Gesture Search that allows users to search for content inside the phone by simply drawing gestures over the touchscreen. The 4G support is not only hidden but also collapses soon after being accessed.

Droid Incredible 4G Support

While this is something worth getting excited about, we are still unsure if the feature is deliberately introduced in the phone for a later release (very unlikely) or if the feature was brought to Droid Incredible by mistake since the HTC Sense UI on the phone is pretty similar to the one on EVO 4G. Either way, one thing is for sure. Droid Incredible users are not going to get 4G network support anytime soon.

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Sprint 4G Network In New York City & Los Angeles Soon?

ClearWire has opened up its 4G network connectivity in New York City and Los Angeles to select early adopters offering them a dual-mode 3G/4G network service. The 4G service, though it is not fully built, will be available to these early birds at a price of $35 for the initial two months that shall then be raised to $55 per month thereafter. While ClearWire has not indicated when the service is expected to be made publicly available, expect this to happen very soon.

Now, this also means Sprint 4G in NYC and LA should be coming soon. Sprint has been piggybacking on the ClearWire network for its 4G services and has traditionally opened up to 4G services a couple of months after ClearWire launches its own 4G network.

The news also corroborates to a report from earlier this year when we had written about Sprint testing out its WiMAX services in several areas of New York City and San Francisco. Many of the readers too had commented back then about having seen faster download speeds in certain areas. Now how long before this is made available for public consumption!


Clearwire Rover Pay-As-You-Go Internet Pricing Revealed

Clearwire has launched its new PAYG mobile internet service that will enable users to enjoy 4G internet connectivity of speeds between 3Mbps to 6Mbps with maximum burst speed reaching 10Mbps. The new service allows unlimited data usage at a price of $5 for a day’s subscription, $20 for a week and $50 for a month.

Users will however need to purchase one of the two Rover dongles to start browsing the 4G internet. The Rover Solo will be available at a price of $99 which Rover Puck – that allows up to 8 devices to be connected to the service – will sell at $149. Both the devices can now be purchased in the US market via Best Buy, Clearwire stores or from the Rover website.

With unlimited data usage plans, the Rover service is sure to find a lot of interested buyers. However, with monthly plans being offered at $50 a month, customers may find them a bit on the higher side since several network carriers offer data plans at much competitive rates.

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Sprint LTE 4G Service In The Works?

Sprint has been flaunting its WiMAX powered 4G technology for quite some time. With competitor carriers like Verizon looking at LTE as an alternate 4G option, it now looks like Sprint too may be interested in exploring the LTE service.

According to reports, the company has issued a RFP (Request for Proposal) over LTE. This is possibly an indication that the company is now ready to look at the alternate 4G technology. While this is no confirmation of the same, at least it is heartening that Sprint is looking to consolidate its position on the 4G front soon enough.

[via PhoneScoop]

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Samsung Tablet On Android OS With 4G Connectivity

Late last week, Philip Newton, the director of Samsung Australia’s IT division had hinted at the possibility of a Samsung Tablet PC launch later this year. While no specs were offered then, we are now hearing fresh rumors that the slate could be truly revolutionary with several interesting features on offer.

First thing : The Samsung tablet could run on Android OS powered by an ARM architecture. Also, there are possibilities that the new Samsung tablet device may come with a headset that supports calling via VoIP, 3G or even 4G technology.

Other details are sketchy though with whatever information is available, we think the game is on to out-do the iPad in every possible way.

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