Tablet Computer Market Research Shows Apple Brand Still On Top

The Samsung Galaxy Tab may not have created a dent large enough on Apple’s market share as yet. Also, with most of the other iPad rivals still being in a work-in-progress stage or in danger of becoming a vaporware, there is no doubt that the iPad is still THE tablet computer to go for. But a recent study by UK based VoucherCodes has revealed that Apple could be beaten in the tablet wars with the right branding and pricing of iPad rivals.

The study notes that despite the inane loathing reserved for Dell and RIM by geeks on tech forums, these devices continue to enjoy decent branding and trust among customers. An interesting revelation is with respect to the pricing though. The study shows that for a $160 saving, over a third of the market could move away from Apple iPad to rival devices – quite a lesson to learn for Samsung.

Check out this interesting infographic after the break. Tablet Market Research Study